TikTok Creator’s Cruise Claims – The Only Person On-Board?

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A TikTok content creator has gone viral this week after posting a video claiming to be the only passenger onboard a cruise ship.

Tiktokker alone on a cruise ship

Blake Rosier (@blakerosier24620) posted the video from the pool deck of an unnamed cruise ship where he said he was the only passenger on that cruise, and that all of the crew on the ship were just tending to him “hand and foot”.

He describes the cruise as “insane” and claimed that all of the shows were still going, and that he had enjoyed dinner in the main dining room with nobody else present.


I was the only guest on a cruise ship

♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

The timestamp on the video shows that he filmed it last year, and at a similar time he posted a video on YouTube showing him being the only person in the buffet restaurant. Based on the decor, it looks to be a Windjammer Buffet, meaning it’s a Royal Caribbean ship.

Rosier is a content creator who makes videos designed to entertain. He is not a travel blogger, and so it’s very unlikely that he’s telling the truth about being the only person on the ship.

There’s a good chance that he just knew the weather was cold and off-putting, so there wouldn’t be anyone relaxing in a hot tub, and took his chance to film the video as a fun stunt.

And with the buffet, he probably attended just as the buffet was winding down for the night, ready to close. Later at night, the buffet is often very quiet as guests have either gone to enjoy the entertainment or are having an early night.

The comments are interesting, though. Some people are describing it as their dream cruise, while others are saying it’s an introvert’s nightmare because of how much attention the crew would be paying to just one person.

What do you think?

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