Princess Improves Plus And Premier Packages

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Princess Cruises has added some new perks to both the Princess Plus and Princess Premier packages, without increasing the cost.

Princess Cruises room service

The new perks offer more choices for dining, make embarkation a smoother process and make room service that little bit cheaper too.

Beginning on sailings from 12th August 2023, guests can now enjoy:

  • OceanNow dining options, worth $14.99 per guest
  • Express ‘Green Lane’ access for embarkation
  • Free room service delivery, worth $5 per delivery

OceanNow is Princess Cruises’ on-demand, location-based delivery service. In a nutshell, it means that guests can order a range of food items for delivery, wherever they are on the ship – by the pool, sat in a lounge etc.

Normally this has a one-off activation fee of $14.99 per guest, but now Plus and Premier cruisers can enjoy this for no extra charge.

The Green Lane embarkation is a service that allows guests to use the Princess smartphone app to check in before they sail, providing all their travel documents.

With the Ocean Medallion now being sent to Plus and Premier guests’ homes in advance too, it means guests can walk straight onto the ship when they embark.

And the final new benefit is free room service delivery. Guests can order as frequently as they want without paying the usual $5 for delivery.

Princess Plus and Princess Premier are optional packages that guests can choose when booking their cruise.

They include drinks packages, WiFi internet access, and gratuities. The packages were also upgraded earlier in 2023 to include premium desserts, fitness classes, juice bar access, and more.

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2 thoughts on “Princess Improves Plus And Premier Packages”

  1. There was no ‘usual’ $5 room service before it was free for everyone so this is actually a new charge for most it a benefit!!

  2. Sadly not, Jenni. What the press release doesn’t say is that the charges for room service, Ocean Now activation and casual restaurant dining are all being introduced along with the “upgrades”. So if you’ve bought Premier, you no worse off with the new changes; if you’ve bought Plus, you’re a bit worse off (can only use casual dining twice, after that the new kicks in for each visit); if you don’t get a package, you incur the new charges even for cruises booked before they were announced.

    I understand that Princess like all cruise companies sometimes has to raise prices or add new charges, especially after the pandemic. But to claim a raft of new charges are additional benefits is dishonest in my view. How they’ve done this has damaged the company’s reputation in my eyes.

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