P&O Cruises Drinks Menus & Prices

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If you like to enjoy a drink or three on your cruise holiday, it’s a good idea to find out what drinks are available and how much they will cost before you embark, and preferably, before you book.

This article has pictures of P&O drinks menus with prices, so you can easily see the cost of drinks on P&O Cruises.

If you’re wondering whether the P&O Cruises drinks package is worth it, I have built a P&O drinks package calculator which will work it out for you, based on your individual drinking preferences.

Just enter your email address here and I’ll send it to you immediately.

You’ll also find more information about P&O drinks packages here: P&O drinks package: Is it worth it?

And if you’re interested in the food menus, you can see those here: P&O food menus.

How Much Are Drinks on P&O Cruises?

P&O Cruises Drinks Prices:

  • Pint of beer: £5.05 to £5.40
  • Bottle of beer: £4.85 to £5.15
  • Glass of wine: £5.75 to £9.25
  • Spirits: £4.45 to £7.10
  • Cocktail: £7.15 to £8.50
  • Mocktail: £3.75
  • Soft drinks: £2.55 to £3.60
  • Bottle of water: £2.00

Depending on where in the UK you live, you may find that P&O drink prices are similar to what you’d pay in your local pub.

Wherever in the world you cruise to, drinks on P&O Cruises’ ships are all priced in pounds sterling, so it’s easy to know how much you’re spending.

P&O Cruises Drinks Menus

Each P&O Cruises ship will have many different bars and restaurants onboard, and each venue will have different drinks available. The pub, for example, has lots of different beers but a smaller cocktail menu, whereas the cocktail bars have lots of cocktails and a smaller choice of beers.

The following menu is the standard P&O drinks menu and wine list which you’ll find in several places on board P&O Cruises’ ships, such as the poolside bars and the buffet restaurant. As you can see, P&O bar prices are quite reasonable.

P&O Cruises serve kosher and vegan wines. You can ask onboard for more information.

P&O Cruises Costa Coffee menu

Here’s the menu for the Costa Coffee shop on P&O Cruises’ ships. You can also get Costa speciality coffees in many of the other bars and lounges on your ship.

Brodies Pub Drinks Menu

Each ship in the P&O Cruises fleet has a traditional British pub, whether it’s The Rising Sun on Arcadia, Champions Bar on Aurora, The Yacht & Compass on Oceana, The Exchange on Ventura or Brodies on Azura, Britannia and Iona.

Each pub has its own unique character and charm, but all offer an extensive drinks menu and wine list. Below are photos of the drinks menus from Brodies on board Iona:

See Brodies Drinks Menu

P&O Cruises’ Wine List

Here is the P&O Cruises’ wine list. It’s available in each of the restaurants as well as selected bars and lounges on each ship.

P&O Cruises’ Wine List

Crow’s Next Drinks Menu

The Crow’s Nest is an elegant bar located at the very top of the ship. It has an extensive menu with a large choice of cocktails and spirits. The Crow’s Nest is a popular spot to enjoy a nightcap before bed. It’s also a lovely place to go for a pre-dinner drink, especially if you can admire the views before it goes dark.

See The Crow’s Nest Drinks Menu

Anderson’s Bar Drinks List

Iona has its very own gin distillery on board so you can enjoy Marabelle gin that was crafted onboard the ship. Marabelle gin is available in every bar, but here is the menu for Anderson’s Bar and Library which has the largest selection of gins.

Anderson’s Bar Menu

More Bar and Lounge Drinks Menus

The other bars and lounges including The 710 Club, The Glass House, Emerald Bar, The Keel and Cow and The Limelight Club each have their own drinks menus too.

I haven’t added them all here, but they’re of similar size to the other drinks menus so there are lots of different drinks to choose from.

Room Service Drinks List

If you’d like to enjoy a drink in your room or perhaps on your balcony, then the following menu lists the drinks that are available to order via room service:

If you have a drinks package, you should note that room service drinks aren’t included in your drinks package.

You can order full 70cl bottles of spirits including whisky, vodka, gin and rum on room service. This is a good option for anyone doing a longer cruise such as a world cruise.

Read more: P&O Cruises Room Service Menu

Mini Bar Drinks

Each cabin also has a mini bar which is replenished daily. The following drinks menu and price list for the mini bar is from a couple of years ago, so the prices have increased slightly since then, but this will give you an idea.

P&O Cruises mini bar drinks price list

Mini bar drinks are also not included in the P&O Cruises drinks package.


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Can You Bring Your Own Alcohol OnBoard P&O Cruises Ships?

P&O Cruises allows each passenger aged 18 and over to bring up to 1 litre of wine or Champagne, and unlimited soft drinks, on board the ship when they embark. If you purchase any more alcohol, either whilst ashore or in the onboard duty-free shop, it will be held in storage until the end of your cruise.

The alcohol that you bring on board can be consumed in your stateroom without a charge, so if you enjoy a drink whilst getting ready to go out in the evening, or perhaps a nightcap, then bringing your own drinks on board can be a great way to save money on your cruise.

If you want to drink your wine elsewhere on the ship, there’s a £20 corkage fee to pay.

You used to be able to bring spirits onboard too but they’ve changed that policy now. On previous cruises, we saved over £400 by bringing our own drinks, compared to if we had bought the same spirits and mixers individually at bar prices. Plus, they were there in our fridge, which was so convenient. So it’s a shame that the policy has changed.

How to stop glass bottles breaking in your suitcase

Worried about your bottle of wine getting smashed in your case? You can get inflatable bottle protectors on Amazon to prevent that from happening. Sure, you could just wrap your bottles in clothes, but why take the risk?

Do P&O Cruises Offer All-Inclusive Drinks Packages?

In 2019, P&O Cruises introduced a drinks package that can turn your cruise from full-board to all-inclusive. P&O drinks packages are available on cruises of five nights or more and much be purchased for every day of the cruise.


Is the P&O Cruises Drinks Package Worth It?

Before you go ahead and buy a P&O drinks package, it’s vital that you work out whether it’s good value for money, and that will depend on what you drink and how much of it.

In my next article, I detail what’s included (and not included) in the P&O Cruises drinks package, and which drinks are always free.

Read more: Guide to P&O Cruises drinks packages

Alternatively, you can use my quick and easy drinks package calculator to do all the maths for you. Just pop your details in this form and I’ll send it to you.



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55 thoughts on “P&O Cruises Drinks Menus & Prices”

  1. Doing our first cruise in August this year, and considering the classic package. Can you use the package in all bars onboard, or just in the first three examples? For example, can it be used for certain drinks in the Emerald Bar?

    • Hi Rhys. Yes, you can use it in all bars, just only on certain drinks. Jenni

  2. Sorry if I’ve missed this in the info … can you buy large bottles of water and how much are they? I read some forum posts from 2019 saying you could order 6 to your room for about £10.

    We won’t get enough use from the drinks packages having read this. P&O site also seeming to want to charge us for our baby!


    • Yes you can buy large bottles of water. You can also drink the tap water and there are water refill stations on Iona and Arvia. When adults buy a drinks package kids get a free one, you don’t need to buy one for a baby. I hope that helps. Jenni

  3. If i buy the wine in the 6 or 12 bottles can I take them all over the ship or just drink them in the cabin on board the pno Britannia

    • You can receive your wine in the restaurant and then yes, you can take the bottle with you anywhere on the ship, or they can save it for you for the next night.

  4. Hi, Looking forward to our first cruise which is on the Azura in November/December when it’s our 40th wedding anniversary
    One of my favourite drinks is vodka and Red Bull. Is this available on the Classic package as one drink?

    Great website, thank you

      • Hi Jenni,
        Thanks for the update.
        In the exclusion section of the T&C’s it mentions Red Bull not allowed for under 18’s and those on soft drink packages.

        No problem. I’ll ask when I’m on the cruise to see if it’ll come as one drink.
        I still think the drinks package is a definite, especially if there is Jam Shed Shiraz at the Glass House 🙂

        Thanks again

  5. Compare the P&O drinks package with the Princess Plus package… roughly the same price but…
    Princess includes all your tips (P&O are included in the cruise cost), two premium desserts a day, all your drinks (up to $15 each and 15 drinks per day) and two fitness classes.
    P&O 15 drinks per day, no fitness classes, special desserts in certain cafes have to be paid for, drinks delivered to your cabin are charged for.
    Can you believe they are both part of the same group!

  6. Are there any other cocktails available? the selection of cocktails shown on the bar menus look very limited, or if you have the deluxe drinks package can you have any cocktail or drink that you want?

  7. I saw a message from last year that said if me and my partner are goin on p n o cruise I’m a drinker hes not but we cant av 1 drinks package and 1 not drinks package is that correct

    • That’s correct, you would have to both have it. It’s better to pay for drinks individually in this case.

  8. Hi Jenni, If you order a Gin, do you pay for the tonic, if it’s draught. Thanks

  9. Just booked our first cruise for the Canary Islands in September 2024. And this page has been a blessing. So thank you so much for all the great information.

    • So happy that you found it helpful, thanks for the feedback, enjoy your cruise! Jenni

  10. If you bring a litre of vodka on board for example, can you order a coke at the bar, and put your own vodka in?

    • Hi Loz. Any drinks that you bring on board are meant to be consumed in your room only. Jenni

  11. Hi…if we had the ultimate drinks package are you able to confirm what tonic my wife would get for her gin and what ginger ale I would get with my whisky, ie are these mixers from a draught pump, poured from a Britvic tin/bottle or given as a tin/bottle? And if slimline tonic was required is this any different? Thanks

    • These are small bottles e.g. Britvic or similar.

  12. Hi we are going on Ventura 7-11 Feb, 4 nights. Can we purchase an all drinks package on board?

    • Sorry Paqula, the package is only available on cruises of five nights or more.

  13. Does wine come with you evening meal or would it be part of your drinks package

    • Hi Pete. Wine isn’t included in the cruise fare. You can buy it by the glass, by the bottle or with your drinks package.

  14. Have to say that this is putting me off P&O completely, even a base level G&T such as Tanquarey must only be mixed with Fever Tree or you might as well drink a cheap lemonade instead and that pops it over the magic number so you have to pay the full price. I agree with other comments that the cocktails are less than inspiring except for one of the bars. All I want to do is order whatever I fancy without having to think about how much it costs, having already paid the fee for the “ultimate’ drinks package and that is obviously not the case so I’ll not bother with P&O

  15. Hi, I am cruising with my wife on the new Arvia by P&O in January to the Caribbean. I am a first-time cruiser and I would drink maybe four beers per day. Would a drink package be worth it? My wife usually only drinks tap water.
    Also, the cruise includes a three meal a day package. I presume it includes tea/coffee/water. Does this happen in selected restaurants and how do you know where they are?
    Finally, if I bring my own bottle of wine aboard, will I be charged a corkage fee?

    • Hi. The drinks package wouldn’t be worth it as you’d need to drink at least 8 pints of beer each per day to break even. Tea, coffee and water is included for free in every restaurant. You can bring wine to drink in your room for free and will only be charged corkage if you wish to drink it in a bar or restaurant. I hope that helps. Jenni

  16. Can I buy drambuie from the duty free list
    On a p&o Iona cruise

  17. Is tonic (to accompany gin) included in the ultimate drinks package?

    • Yes, you can get a single G&T in the package.

  18. First time cruiser here and your articles have been a godsend, thank you!

    We’re not big drinkers so will probably only have a tipple or two in our rooms in the evening. I noticed you said you packed 1 litre of spirit as well as some bottles of lemonade. Just wanted to check, does this mean that there’s no limit on the amount of non-alcoholic drink you can take on board? I’ve checked the P&O website but am struggling to find out.

    Also, I’m assuming these need to be packed in the suitcases rather than the hand luggage? Thank you in advance!

    • Ignore me, seems I don’t know how to read:
      “You can also bring an unlimited amount of water and soft drinks at the start of your cruise and at each port of call.”

      • Glad you’re sorted Tash 🙂 As for the hand luggage/suitcase question, you’ll probably be best putting them in your suitcase if you’re planning on taking a lot of soft drinks on-board with you.

        • Are you allowed to take soft drinks you’ve packed pool side/to restaurants?
          Thanks in advance, Angela.

          • Hi Angela. You’re only allowed to drink your own drinks in your room. Jenni

  19. Hi 🙂 If I don’t drink alcohol or fizzy drinks- and probably would just want a costa coffee every morning- is it worth getting a package? Thank you xx

  20. we have booked to go on the Iona next April, Will the drinks prices have risen again by then please?

    • Hi Anjie, I couldn’t tell you I’m afraid, they don’t publish that sort of information in advance. I’d speak to the cruise line to see if they have any more info on that.

    • Hi
      Looking at cruise September, going in blind really.
      Read previous comments and replies which is very helpful and as both of us would have to have alcohol package it really isn’t doable for us with the little I drink.

      We have 2 children, 1 teen, not big drinkers in general. If we brought soft drinks in our luggage is this only to be drank in the room too? Or would it be worth the kids package for them both.
      Just trying to include these prices in with the holiday cost I am seeing to decide best.
      Many thanks

  21. I think the cocktail menu is very poor to other cruises I’ve been on 👎

  22. Is Red Bull cans included in the soft drink package or is it always chargeable and if you have the soft drink package are all the coke/ pepsi/seven up from a fountain rather than being given a can?

    • Hi Angela, the soft drinks package only includes draught soft drinks, not cans, so Red Bull won’t be included and any colas or other soft drinks will be fountain only.

  23. If I have a Bacardi & D Coke that would be £4.00 +£2.15 = £6.15 per glass, would it be cheaper to buy a soft drinks package then I would not need the mixer every time

    • Hey Lisa, so the Soft Drinks Package costs £19.95 per day and doesn’t include room service or the mini bar. So if you think you’ll order 10 or more Bacardi & Diet Cokes every day from the bars around the ship or in the restaurants, then yes it would work out as being cheaper to get the package. It should be allowed – I’ve checked the terms and conditions and there’s nothing to say you can’t use it for mixers. Hope that helps!

  24. is a vodka and coke for example one drink or is the spirit and mixer 2 separate drinks please

    • If you have the drink package that’s one drink.

  25. There is a very poor selection of Cocktails on P&O that available in the Package which is disappointing. The limit on number of alcoholic of 15 is not really a problem for most. However saying you can have any drink up to £6.65 then saying all spirits are served as single measures – a very small 25ml is a bit of a swizz when a double – only 50ml, are mostly under £6.95.

  26. I don’t drink alcohol. Can 1 person purchase the non-alcohol and the other the alcohol package?

    • No you can’t sorry, although if you have a medical or religious reason they may make an exception if you call.

  27. I’m by no means a heavy drinker, but I feel the ultimate drinks package is too limited & is more like a standard alcoholic drinks package.
    How can it be the Ultimate drinks package if it only covers a handful of basic on board cocktails? The majority seem to be over.
    Do they enforce the cost for cocktail that costs £7.95?

    • I agree the name doesn’t quite fit. And yes they do as the orders are all taken on an iPad so it’s automatic.

    • Totally agree cocktail selection is miserable and that is most of the fun when on a cruise!

  28. Are the p&o drinks menus 2022 menus?
    Thanks x

    • Yes, they’re from February 2022 on Iona.

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