7 Best Beaches In St. Kitts Near The Cruise Port

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A wonderful cruise port to visit, St. Kitts offers a perfect blend of beach vibes and mountain backdrops. Found in the eastern Caribbean, close to Antigua and Barbuda, one of the biggest highlights of a cruise to St. Kitts is the choice of beautiful beaches to visit.

From Frigate Bay on the south side, across to Half Moon Bay on the eastern coastline, there are many to choose from if you’re planning a cruise to St. Kitts.

St Kitts

Below, I’ve listed the seven closest beaches to St. Kitts cruise port to help plan your day ashore. For each one, I’ve also included map to show you exactly how to get there.

Where Do Cruise Ships Dock in St Kitts?

Cruise ships calling at St. Kitts dock at Port Zante in Basseterre, St. Kitts’ capital. The port is north of the most popular beaches and is close to the major road which circles the island.

In Basseterre, you can find open-air markets, stalls, museums and eateries, so there’s much to explore. But, if you want to visit the beach, you’ll need to venture a little further afield.

Can You Walk to the Beach From St. Kitts Cruise Port?

It’s possible to walk from St. Kitts cruise port to the beach in around an hour. The nearest beach within walking distance is Half Moon Bay which is 3.3 miles away. Both South and North Frigate Bay beaches are not far away either at just over an hour to walk.

The Best Beaches Near St. Kitts Cruise Port

Here are the best St. Kitts beaches near the cruise port, listed nearest to farthest. Any taxi prices quotes are approximate, and it’s recommended to confirm your fare with the driver beforehand.

1. Half Moon Bay

Best for: Beach days, visiting the capital and sports activities

Half Moon Bay is the closest beach to St. Kitts cruise port by walking. It provides a tranquil escape on St. Kitts’ Atlantic side, with soft sands and views of ocean scenery.

With the beach close to the island’s capital – Basseterre – it’s a good one to pair with a day of shopping and dining there too.

How To Get There:

Driving to Half Moon Bay from St. Kitts cruise port will take 15 minutes, though walking will take just over an hour. A taxi for 15 minutes would be around $10.

What To Expect:

Half Moon Bay is one of the best beaches in St. Kitts, with plenty to see and do. If you’re looking to relax, the beach has soft sands and stunning views to enjoy from your lounger.

For activities, the Royal St. Kitts golf course is nearby, where some of the course’s greens lead right down to the water’s edge. There are also water sports such as swimming, body-boarding and body-surfing.

2. North Frigate Bay (Marriott Beach Resort)

Best for: Walking along the coast, private stretches of sand and snorkelling

North Frigate Bay is only 10 minutes from St. Kitts cruise port by taxi. It’s the longest beach in St. Kitts at a mile long and the place where the exclusive Marriott Resort is situated.

If you’re looking for the nicest beach on the island, this is the one that cruise ship staff often recommend to visit. It’s all part of the Marriott Beach Resort, but anyone is allowed to enjoy the beach.

How To Get There:

You can reach North Frigate Bay from St. Kitts cruise port by taxi. The cost is approximately $10. Alternatively, walking would take 1 hour and 15 minutes.

What To Expect:

North Frigate Bay is quiet and doesn’t offer many facilities, meaning it’s a great option for relaxing downtime.

One of the biggest draws to this beach is the Marriott Resort. You can purchase a day pass from the hotel during your stay for exclusive access to their beach. This has amenities such as lounge chairs, umbrellas and beach cabanas, as well as the use of resort facilities, including swimming pools, WiFi and discounts on food, beverages and spa treatments!

There are toilet facilities within the Marriott Resort but there aren’t other options on the North Frigate Bay.

3. South Frigate Bay

Best for: Water sports, dining, nightclubs and marine life.

South Frigate Bay is one of the closest beaches by car to St. Kitts port, approximately 10 minutes from the cruise port by taxi. It has various places to eat and drink, as well as swimming, wind-surfing, water-skiing and snorkelling.

How To Get There:

You can reach South Frigate Bay from Port Zante in 15 minutes by car, with taxis available from the port for approximately $10. Walking would take 1 hour and 20 minutes.

What To Expect:

The beach is one of the best snorkelling spots on the island, so expect to spot plenty of marine life, including sea turtles! There are various places to enjoy food and drinks, from shacks to restaurants, bars to nightclubs. There are toilet facilities in all these venues too.

At only a quarter-mile long, South Frigate Bay is a small beach to visit but offers plenty to keep you entertained. It’s situated at the island’s most narrow point, meaning you can walk from here to North Frigate Bay – on the opposite side of the island – in just under 20 minutes.

Why not get a taxi here and then spend a couple of hours on each beach?

4. South Friar’s Bay

Best for: Snorkelling, calm waters and marine life

South Friar’s Bay is another great choice as it’s a quick ride from Port Zante in a taxi and has plenty of water activities such as swimming or snorkelling.

How To Get There:

You can reach South Friar’s Bay by taxi from St. Kitts cruise port in approximately 15 minutes. These can be found near your ship and will charge around $10. To walk here it would take 1 hour 45 minutes.

What To Expect:

South Friar’s Bay is one of the smaller beaches on St. Kitts and Nevis at just a quarter-mile long. With soft sands, a wide range of dining venues, and some of the best snorkelling on St. Kitts, it’s a popular choice.

The far west side is where you will find the Carambola Beach Club, a fine dining restaurant perfect for a special treat. For something more casual, the other end of the beach is home to the Shipwreck Beach Bar.

Both venues offer umbrellas, lounge chairs, toilets and additional options for hire such as water sporting equipment. There’s also free wifi here, the only beach that offers this on the island!

5. White House Bay

Best for: Adventurers, snorkelling and great food 

White House Bay has a rocky reef, sunken tugboats and excess marine life, making it the perfect place for adventures above and below the surface.

Put on the map thanks to the enchanting Salt Plage restaurant, the beach offers a different experience of St. Kitts altogether.

How To Get There:

It takes around 15 minutes in a car to reach White House Bay from the cruise port. This costs about $20 for a taxi for four people. Walking isn’t recommended as it’s 7 miles away so would take around 2 hours and 30 minutes.

What To Expect:

The beach at White House Bay is rocky, so you aren’t likely to find sand here, however, you will find plenty of reefs that make it ideal snorkelling territory. 

One of the best things you can find is a recently discovered 18th-century British troop ship as well as other sunken objects. It’s highly recommended to bring your snorkel gear – or hire some from nearby – and visit these treasure troves for yourself to spot marine life.

The snorkelling spot is also joined by the Salt Plage Restaurant and Bar – listed in the ‘Top 8 Beachside Cafes in the World’ by Conde Nast. Here, enjoy custom cocktails and picture-perfect sunsets. With an open-air design that makes the destination the focus, it’s a beautiful place to visit.

6. Sandy Bank Bay

Best for: Romantic retreat with white sands

Only recently accessible to the public, the natural beauty of Sandy Bank Bay can now be enjoyed by all. It’s around 20 minutes from the cruise port in a taxi and offers a quiet, narrow beach perfect for unwinding on its soft sands.

The beach has minimal facilities compared to others, making it ideal for a romantic retreat or a quiet sanctuary to enjoy alone.

How To Get There:

A taxi to Sandy Bank Bay from St. Kitts cruise port costs around $25 and takes around 20 minutes. You can find a taxi easily from the cruise port. Walking takes a long time and public transport is limited around the island so a taxi is your best option to reach this beach.

What To Expect:

Sandy Bank Bay beach is secluded from the rough sea, so the calm waters provide a sanctuary for swimming and wading. The beach was only opened to the public recently, making it a hidden gem to those not in the know, and means you won’t be scrambling for a spot. 

The beach is ideal for nature lovers, couples and low-maintenance cruisers as the facilities are rather minimal with no commercial activity and limited access to toilets.

Surrounded by the views of the cove and calming sounds of the waves, it provides a private beach that feels like you have it all to yourself.

7. Cockleshell Bay

Best for: Incredible views, great food and a quiet beach

Cockleshell Bay Beach is found at the tip of the southern peninsula of St. Kitts. It’s worth the trip simply for the views of the neighbouring island – Nevis – and the calm waters for swimming.

It’s also one of the longest beaches on the island, stretching three-quarters of a mile long, and offering plenty of options for food and drink on either end. With it being so far from the cruise port, it’s also much quieter, so it’s a great option for those seeking peace and quiet!

How To Get There:

A taxi is the best option for visiting Cockleshell Bay from the cruise port, which will take about 20 minutes at roughly $25.  A walk here would take well over three hours and there are no public buses, so a taxi is the best option to visit.

What To Expect:

The sand on Cockleshell Bay’s beach is made up of tiny shell pieces, hence the name. It’s one of the longest beaches and offers great views of Nevis.

The beach is also home to the world-famous Reggae Beach Bar & Grill which has a relaxing, casual atmosphere. Specialising in seafood and barbeque dishes, this venue is perfect for some authentic Caribbean dishes. If you’re looking for a more upscale dining experience the Spice Mill Restaurant offers a fine dining venue where Caribbean flavours are mixed with global influences, all enjoyed with views of Mount Nevis.

As well as restaurants, there are plenty of other amenities such as toilets, plus beach chairs and umbrellas to rent.

Which St Kitts Beach To Choose?

As well as these seven, there are plenty more beaches to visit up and down the island of St. Kitts.

For adventurers and snorkelers, the White House Bay offers shipwrecks and marine life aplenty, while the quieter shores of Sandy Bank Bay are better suited for couples and visitors seeking a relaxing day at the beach.

The best all-around beach to visit on a cruise to St. Kitts is South Frigate Bay Beach. Not only is it one of the closest to the port, but it offers plenty of facilities for couples, friends and family alike, and is active from morning until night.

South Frigate Bay Beach
South Frigate Bay Beach

Final Word

If you’re looking for St Kitts beaches near cruise port walking range, you might be a little disappointed. The St Kitts cruise port is at least an hour’s walk from the best beaches, so a taxi is recommended.

As for the best beach in St Kitts? It’s subjective, but Half Moon Bay will always get a lot of recommendations.

You can’t go wrong with any on this list, though.

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