The Best Luggage Storage Places Near Seattle Cruise Terminal

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For most of the world, Seattle is a little bit out of the way as a cruise departure port. And yet there are some fantastic options for cruises from Seattle, so a lot of people will still travel the distance to embark on a ship there.

Because most people are flying in, it’s good to know some places where you can leave your luggage near the terminal. After all, at the end of your cruise, you might have a full day before your flight home, and the city has some great attractions to explore. 

Aerial view of Seattle skyline featuring the iconic Space Needle with a cloudy sky backdrop, foreground showing dense urban architecture with various construction cranes, and Elliott Bay in the distance.

In this guide, I’ve listed the best luggage storage options near the two Seattle cruise terminals – some close to each terminal and others a little closer to some of the key attractions such as the Space Needle. 

Where To Store Luggage After a Cruise in Seattle

There are several places you can store luggage before or after a cruise in Seattle, including several stores and hotels. You should book in advance, otherwise there’s no guarantee there will be room for your cases. However, the free Port Valet service is the best option if it works for you.

Before you book luggage storage in Seattle, plan how you want to spend the day.

You might prefer to choose a storage option that’s en route to the airport, so you cut down on taxi expenses. Or if there are must-see attractions for you and your family, you may prefer to book there, so you don’t have far to travel once your luggage is dropped off.

It’s also worth checking which terminal you’ll be using, as there are two.

Bell Street Cruise Terminal

(Pier 66, 2225 Alaskan Way, South Seattle 98121)

Used by:

  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Oceania

Smith Cove Cruise Terminal

(Pier 91, 2001 West Garfield Street, Seattle 98119)

Used by:

  • Carnival
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Holland America Line
  • Princess Cruises
  • Royal Caribbean

Seattle Port Valet Service

The best option for luggage after a Seattle cruise is to use the Port Valet service. This is an amazing service offered by the Port of Seattle that makes your entire disembarkation and return flight a lot less stressful.

If you enroll for this service on the ship, you’ll receive boarding passes and luggage tags as normal in your stateroom. As usual, you’ll leave your bags outside your stateroom door on the last night, with the luggage tags attached.

However, they aren’t being picked up and dropped off at the cruise terminal – they’re instead transported directly to the airport and checked for you. So you’re free to just carry your hand luggage with you for the day once you disembark, and then head straight for security when you reach the airport.

The best thing? It’s a completely free service!

The only downside is that it works with only some of the cruise lines (though it does include most of the major ones), and some participating airlines.

You can use the Port Valet service if you’re cruising with:

  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Holland America
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Princess Cruises
  • Royal Caribbean

And if you’re flying with:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Horizon Air
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines
  • United Airlines

If you’re not cruising and flying with one of those combos, then read on as I have some more great options for you…

1. Mediterranean Inn

  • Address: 425 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109
  • Telephone: +1 206-428-4700
  • Opening Times: 24/7
  • Cost: $6.49 per bag

The best place to store your luggage in Seattle if you can’t use Port Valet is at the Mediterranean Inn. Prices aren’t the cheapest, but it’s also not super expensive, and the location is great – it’s only a short distance from the Belltown cruise terminal and only a little further from the Smith Cove terminal, and it’s right next to the Space Needle.

Also, because it’s a large inn, there is a lot of space for up to 50 bags at any time, and it’s really easy to find – something that’s helpful when you only have a few hours to enjoy in the city.

The biggest win is the opening hours, though – it’s available 24/7. So, if your flight is a really late one, you have time to go get dinner somewhere and then go grab your bags before your trip to the airport.

2. The Mailbox Seattle

An image of 'The Mailbox' storefront, a shipping and supplies center, featuring signage for UPS, FedEx, and postal services, nestled under an overhang in a commercial area with parking signs prominently displayed.
  • Address: 300 Lenora St, Seattle, WA 98121
  • Telephone: +1 206-728-1228
  • Opening Times: Mon to Fri – 8 am to 5 pm, Sat 10 am to 3pm, Closed Sunday
  • Cost: $6.49 per bag

Situated at the heart of Downtown Seattle, The Mailbox is a package distribution and copy store that is happy to store luggage for a relatively low fee.

It’s quite far from the Smith Cove Terminal, but it’s en route to the airport, so it acts as a good mid-point drop-off for your bags.

The best feature is the helpful staff – reviews say that they’re happy to help you get your bags into place, so you aren’t the only one dragging them around. Spaces are limited to around 10 bags so be sure to book in advance. 

3. Passportology Office

  • Address: 600 1st Avenue, Ste 102, Seattle, WA 98104
  • Telephone: +1 833-600-8862
  • Opening Times: Mon to Fri – 9 am to 5 pm, Closed Weekends
  • Cost: $5.90 per bag

The Passportology option is an office building in Downtown Seattle. This does immediately have a drawback where it isn’t available at the weekend – so if your cruise ends on a Saturday or Sunday, you can rule this one out.

It’s also a little tricky to find once you get there – you need to buzz the correct office.

But I’ve still included it because once you do find the right place, the staff are really friendly and helpful and it’s a really secure storage option. Plus, you’re then in a great location for exploring Seattle, just a short distance form the Great Wheel and the world-famous Pike Place Market.

4. UPS Store – Interbay Storage Spot

The exterior of The UPS Store with large storefront windows and the distinctive UPS logo, situated in a modern strip mall on a sunny day, showcasing its location for shipping, printing, and business services.
  • Address: 1570 W Armory Way Ste 101, Seattle, WA 98119
  • Telephone: +1 206-432-9198
  • Opening Times: Mon to Fri – 8.30 am to 7 pm, Sat 10 am to 4 pm, Sun 10 am to 3 pm
  • Cost: $5.90 per bag

If you’re sailing from the Smith Cove Cruise Terminal, the closest luggage storage option is this UPS Store in Interbay.

Don’t use this if you’re sailing into the other terminal, though – it will be completely in the wrong direction for you.

Low prices and helpful staff make this a good option, but if you’re heading towards Downtown Seattle anyway then you might prefer something more central, otherwise, you have to double back for your bags before heading to the airport.

5. Busy Shoes

A shoe repair shop with a visible sign reading "Shoe Repair" is nestled between buildings, showcasing a variety of shoes in its window display on a cloudy day, suggesting a local business offering footwear services.
  • Address: 2523 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121
  • Telephone: +1 206-441-7241
  • Opening Times: Tues to Sat – 10 am to 6 pm, Closed Sunday & Monday
  • Cost: $5.90 per bag

Busy Shoes is a retail store that’s also one of the closest luggage storage options to the Bell Street Cruise Terminal – just a 9-minute walk away. 

However, this is the less popular terminal, and the store is closed on Sunday and Monday, so you need to rely on it being available for the day your cruise ends.

The store is independent, but the owner is careful with bags. Reviews are mainly positive even if the bags aren’t left in a hidden place – they’re still kept safe.

6. The Purple Store

  • Address: 92 Stewart Street, Seattle, WA 98101
  • Telephone: Unavailable, but you can email [email protected]
  • Opening Times: Thurs – 10 am to 6.30 pm, Fri to Mon 10 am to 6 pm, Closed Mon & Tues
  • Cost: $8 per bag

The Purple Store is another option in Downtown Seattle, not too far from the Bell Street cruise terminal.

While it’s a little more expensive than other options on this list, the small store is staffed by a caring team and while luggage storage is a secondary business for them, they take it very seriously (and reviews are excellent).

Plus you can browse the fun, wide range of purple items they sell!

Final Word

If you can, you should absolutely make use of the Port Valet service when cruising to/from Seattle. It’s amazing to get free luggage transfers to the airport, I wish this was offered everywhere!

But depending on your cruise line, your airline and your plans, it might not work – but any of these luggage storage options will be affordable and relatively easy to use. Just make sure you book your place – don’t try to wing it on the day or you might find everywhere full, and you could be dragging your bags around Downtown Seattle with you.

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