Guests’ Travel Plans Put At Risk By Cruise Line For Photo Opportunity

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Silversea Cruises has risked causing upset with the guests onboard by changing the docking time for disembarkation day once guests had already boarded, because of a photo opportunity for the ship.

Silverseas Silver Nova

The current 10-night cruise on the newest ship in the fleet, Silver Nova, is due to finish on 15th March 2024, but the ship will now only dock at Fort Lauderdale at 11am, 4 hours after the original docking time.

The reason for this is because Silverseas’ parent company, the Royal Caribbean Group, has made plans for the ship to make a slight diversion so that she can be photographed alongside two other new cruise ships.

Royal Caribbean International’s Icon of the Seas, and Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Ascent, are both near the Silver Nova on 13th March and so the decision has been made to set up a shoot so that the three newest ships in their respective fleets can be seen alongside each other.

However, Silversea only announced this to guests once they had already boarded their cruise, acknowledging that some guests may now need to make changes to their travel plans as they may miss flights or other transfers once the cruise ends.

The cruise line has said that any guests who booked their onward travel through Silversea will have the schedules reviewed automatically, and that any changes will be arranged by the cruise line.

For guests who made their own travel arrangements, the cruise line as agreed to reimburse “reasonable” out-of-pocket expenses if they need to change or cancel their travel.

The letter that informed guests of the change did invite guests to the meeting of the ships, welcoming them to stand on the pool deck during the drone photography session.

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3 thoughts on “Guests’ Travel Plans Put At Risk By Cruise Line For Photo Opportunity”

  1. We have over 100 days and three more cruises booked on SSC. They have definitely gone downhill since RCL took over, but so has Seabourn since Carnival took over. Covid and the days of past luxury cruising I am afraid is over as we knew it. I can only imagine how it has affected the 3 and 4 star cruise lines. SS has been notorious for sending out generic letters such as the guests on the Silver Nova received. And not just for tis cruise. I believe the relatively new CEO Barbara Muckermann has her hands tied with RCL management. She got her wings under the founder of SS, Manfredi, now in the C-Site at the once defunct Crstal cruise lines.

    We will be looking at other lines in the future as I can only see it getting worse.

  2. all the more reason to not cruise Silversea since they are not a luxury liner any more. shame RCL has taken a remarkable line and ruined the service and cruise experiences.

  3. Disgusting way to treat customers on a luxury line. The majority will need to rebook flights – and possibly hotels. Mind you I’m not surprised only last month people were allowed to join the voyage Cape Town to Dubai only to be thrown off at the Seychelles.
    RCCL has ruined Silversea.

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