Cruising Made Even Easier As Princess Launches A Brand New App

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Princess Cruises has launched a brand-new app for smart devices that aims to take the MedallionClass experience to whole new heights.

Princess Cruises App

The new app, simply named ‘Princess Cruises’, replaces the existing Princess Medallion app and offers a host of improvements so that guests can enjoy an even easier time both before and during their cruise.

Available now in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, the app has a completely new interface with enhanced personalisation, so guests can easily find the information they need for their own cruise.

It also has improved accessibility features, including faster access to various tools and fonts that are easier to read.

From a technical perspective, the app also uses less memory than its predecessor and consumes less power, meaning it should run faster and won’t cause guests to need to charge their phone as often when onboard.

The app keeps all of the features of the MedallionClass app, including OceanReady, which lets guests check-in with ease by adding all their travel documentation before they travel.

It will also allow guests to use the OceanNow delivery services onboard, make dining reservations, and get help from the Guest Services team.

Delivering highly personalised and hassle-free service is foundational to the exceptional Princess guest experience. We will continue to leverage our industry-leading and patented technology to deliver small ship service on our large ship platforms yielding an unmatched value proposition for all guests.

John Padgett, president of Princess Cruises

The new app can be downloaded now, but the old MedallionClass app will be supported until 1st February 2024, and guests who have already been using the older app ahead of their cruise can continue to do so.

Any guests that switch to the new app will find all their information, including any travel documents they’ve already uploaded, transferred across automatically.


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  3. Doesn’t keep my login details like the old app. Have to log in every time I open it

  4. let’s hope that the new app is better than the existing – in fairness that wouldn’t take a great leap forward!

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