9 Surefire Ways To Beat The Post-Cruise Blues

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Cruises are a fantastic way to enjoy a break from everyday life – so much so that, for some people, the transition back into normality can be tough.

Post cruise blues

The post-cruise blues are a real thing and can be tough to overcome, depending on your circumstances.

But experienced cruisers have some great tips on how to get past them, so that you aren’t wallowing at home, missing your ship and the crew who looked after you so well.

Let’s take a look.

1. Book another cruise

The number one tip that everyone recommends for beating the post-cruise blues is to book another one.

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And it makes sense, because the best way to stop thinking about your old cruise is to think about your next one. Having a cruise booked means you can start daydreaming about the ship and itinerary, thinking about what activities you want to try, where you’ll eat and more.

A common comeback is when people say they can’t afford another cruise, and I get that – especially if you’re still paying off the one that you’ve just sailed on!

But there are some great deals you can often find with low deposits. You might only need a nominal fee, and in some rare situations there may even be special offers with zero deposit required!

You don’t have to split your cruise into equal monthly payments, so if you want to book and then wait a couple of months before you start paying for it, that’s fine. And once you have that cruise booked, you’ll soon beat those blues and start getting the excited feeling again.

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Also, consider choosing a mini cruise, if you can’t afford a longer one. Even a short 2-night or 3-night getaway can be the ideal bridge to your next longer sailing, and give you something to look forward to.

Just make sure that, once you’ve booked, you put a countdown on your phone, or laptop, or even a good old-fashioned one hung on your wall or noticeboard at home. That way, you can enjoy seeing the days tick by as the cruise gets closer!

2. Plan another cruise

If you absolutely can’t afford to book another cruise yet, don’t worry. You can still plan one, even if you don’t end up actually booking it.

A man with a map laid out planning a trip.

The key is to make sure you have a firm idea in your head. Don’t just look at cruise deals wistfully, without at least trying to make concrete plans, because then you won’t get into it as a project and you’ll just end up feeling sad about the cruise you actually did go on.

Set a rough date and then start looking for deals that’ll work. Think about any pre-cruise hotels you might need to book, and read articles on the cruise line or ship to learn more about it.

Then, when your finances do improve, you can book the cruise quickly.


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3. Write a cruise review

One of the best ways to close the book on a cruise holiday and get yourself back into the ‘everyday’ frame of mind is to write a review about it.

Don’t worry if you aren’t the best at writing, you don’t have to be. Just let everything pour out – talk about the bits you loved, and try to think of anything you didn’t like too. Even the best cruises can have some quirks or niggles.

Cruise Mummy bundled up in a gray knit headband, green scarf, and blue puffer jacket smiles while pointing at a P&O cruise ship docked in a scenic fjord. Snow-capped mountains and quaint buildings create a picturesque background under a partly cloudy sky.

In fact, finding the little negatives can help you beat the blues, since you stop putting the time on the ship on a pedestal.

Plus, your review will help other people to find their perfect ship – whether they are like you, and would love to have a similar experience, or if they’re a different type of cruiser and your review steers them away from your style of cruise to something else.

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4. Share your holiday stories

Going straight from a cruise holiday back to work or just your usual schedule can feel very blunt, which is often why people feel like they have the blues.

With that in mind, make sure you keep the cruise feeling going just a little bit longer by scheduling some time with your friends and family for a catch up, and sharing your stories.

A vibrant group of friends enjoying breakfast together, with fresh fruit, pastries, and orange juice on the table, in a brightly lit room with a window showcasing a sunset or sunrise. Their laughter and the casual, cozy atmosphere suggest a happy start to the day.

Try to be mindful that you don’t sound too obsessed (it’s easily done!), but even people who aren’t normally a fan of cruises often like to hear the stories about them since they’re different to a regular holiday.

And by talking about how your cruise went, you’ll feel more reflective and that’ll help you get back into normal life. Or it’ll have you booking your next cruise, if you weren’t already. Either is good!

5. Add a little of the cruise lifestyle to your own

A lot of the discussions I’ve read online about post-cruise blues talk about how the biggest adjustment is losing all the little things that make a cruise special – easy access to amazing food, a room that’s constantly cleaned for you, fantastic cocktails, and a wealth of entertainment.

So, why not bring a little bit of the cruise lifestyle into your everyday? Maybe think back to your favourite meals you had onboard and try to recreate them using recipes you’ve found online?

Or spoil yourself with some cocktails at home at the end of the week. Many of the best cruise line cocktail recipes are available for people to try themselves.

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You can even think a little bigger and try to recreate some of the cruise entertainment by checking out comedy and theatre performances near you. Splash out on a couple of nice nights out at a West End-style show and book a meal beforehand.

It won’t be quite the same as having it all on-tap on a cruise ship, but it’ll help capture a bit of that cruise spirit on land.

6. Join Facebook groups and forums

Connecting with like-minded cruise enthusiasts can be a great way to beat the post-cruise blues.

Joining Facebook groups or online forums dedicated to cruising allows you to share experiences, swap tips, and even plan future trips with others who understand your passion.

I have a Facebook group called CRUISE CHAT and I’d love to see you there.

It’s a virtual community where you can relive your cruise memories, discuss upcoming itineraries, and stay engaged in the cruise lifestyle, all from the comfort of home.

Just be aware that you’re probably going to be chatting to people who are about to go on a cruise – try to control the jealousy!

7. Add some cruise décor to your home

Bringing a touch of your cruise experience into your everyday surroundings can work wonders in lifting your spirits.

cruise decor on a ship

Consider adding nautical-themed decorations or souvenirs around your house. Whether it’s a framed photograph or photo collage from your cruise, a model ship on a shelf, or even a sea-inspired colour scheme, these elements can serve as gentle reminders of your memorable voyage.

They don’t just help you to preserve the happy memories, but they also make for a fun, cosy atmosphere that you can enjoy all year round.

8. Distract yourself

Sometimes the best way to overcome the blues is by immersing yourself in activities that keep your mind occupied.

Dive into hobbies or interests that you enjoy but might have set aside during your cruise.

Whether it’s picking up a new book, starting a home improvement project, or even planning a weekend getaway, staying busy can prevent you from dwelling on the end of your cruise holiday.

If that doesn’t work, cycle back to number 2 on this list and see if planning a cruise will help to distract you from your last one.

Sometimes you can’t beat the cruise obsession even with your everyday distractions, so just go with the flow!

9. Get active

One of the last bits of advice on ways to beat the holiday blues is to stay active – get out and enjoy some walks, or go to the gym, or take up something sporty.

A family walking and pointing at which direction to go.

I understand that exercise releases all kinds of endorphins that should cheer you up, but also, how much are people giving out this advice just because they know you’ve likely over-indulged on your cruise? Haha.

If you have taken advantage of the buffet, and you felt your holiday outfits getting a little tighter as you got closer to disembarkation day, then you might feel a little better if you step up your exercise game once you’re home.

And it will help you to get past those sad feelings too as the natural reactions in your body boost your mood in general.


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Final word

Not everyone feels the post-cruise blues. Maybe your cruise wasn’t as good as you were hoping, because you picked the wrong ship or itinerary for you. Or maybe you were just excited to get home to see your cat or dog.

But some people love cruising so much that the blues hit hard once their cruise holiday is over – and hopefully, if you’re one of those, you’ll find that one of these tips helps you beat the funk.

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