The Most Adventurous Cruise Yet? Luxury Cruise Line Announces Mystery Cruise 2025

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Windstar Cruises, a small-ship cruise line known for its outstanding luxury and adventurous spirit, has announced the first ever “President’s Mystery Cruise”.

Star Legend

The cruise will embark from Athens on 19th April 2025, but the itinerary will remain a secret – guests will only learn which ports they are visiting while on the cruise, with each destination announced 24 hours before arriving.

The annual President’s Cruise is always attended by the cruise line’s president Chris Prelog, and even he is being kept in the dark on the itinerary.

The team is keeping the itinerary secret even from me. They know I get excited about things and can’t help sharing; I’m looking forward to the anticipation of finding out where we’re going along with the guests on board.

Chris Prelog, Windstar President

The cruise is taking place on Star Legend, a ship with a capacity of just 312. She was extensively renovated in 2021, including new dining venues, a revamped spa and significant upgrades to each suite onboard.

Interestingly, the idea of a mystery cruise was inspired by a recent cruise that didn’t go to plan. Sister ship Star Breeze was due to sail an 11-day cruise around French Polynesia, but had to be re-routed due to a tropical cyclone.

At short notice, the captain of the ship instead sailed her to the Marquesas Islands, and the three unique ports of call (including a beach party on Hiva Oa) struck a chord with passengers, leading to the decision to make the 2025 President’s Cruise a more mysterious one.

Prelog said “It’s sort of awakening the sense of adventure again, which is what travel should do. It’s a cruise for guests who like adventure, and who don’t want to plan everything out.”

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