Solo Cruise Demand Rising As Experts Reveal The Best Reasons To Book

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Cruise specialists Iglu Cruise have revealed that demand is rising for solo cruises, with many people eager to set out and explore the world on their own.

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Over the past 10 years, online searches for the term “solo travel” have increased by 400%, and then specifically in 2024 there’s been a 19% increase in demand for solo cruise cabins from January to April.

The team at Iglu Cruise have revealed five reasons why solo cruises should be considered by anyone who has a passion for cruise travel.

1. New experiences and destinations

Cruises offer a fantastic way to visit various exciting places in one trip.

With numerous itineraries available, you can explore bucket list destinations like the Norwegian Fjords or Greek islands without waiting for a travel partner. Solo cruises allow you to control your adventure and travel at your own pace.

Additionally, there are incredible shore excursions designed for solo travellers, enhancing your experience and helping you create memorable moments. You may even meet other solo cruisers during your journey, adding a social element to your travels.

2. Make new friends or have some quality time with yourself

A solo cruise provides the flexibility to be as social as you wish.

If you want to make new friends and immerse yourself in a new social environment, cruises offer many opportunities for self-growth and confidence building.

Alternatively, if you prefer solitude, a solo cruise is perfect for quality time with yourself, away from the daily grind. Onboard, you can enjoy lively bars, restaurants, and social events or find quiet spots to read a book or enjoy a drink alone.

3. Work from anywhere, ideal for digital nomads

For those who can work from anywhere, a solo cruise offers a refreshing change from the usual work environment.

Most cruise lines provide WiFi and internet access, though it’s usually at an extra cost, allowing you to keep up with work while exploring new destinations.

With the growing trend of flexible work schedules, cruise working is becoming more popular. Some cruise lines, like Virgin Voyages, offer special passes for flexible workers, combining work and leisure with amenities like fast WiFi, daily coffee credits, and laundry services.

4. Spacious solo cabins

The rise in solo travellers has led to more cruise lines offering solo cabins without extra charges.

Cruise lines like Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Virgin Voyages, and MSC Cruises cater to solo travellers with well-equipped cabins and itineraries worldwide.

These cabins provide ample space to relax and enjoy your voyage independently, making solo travel more comfortable and convenient.

5. A safer way to solo travel

Solo holidays can be daunting due to safety concerns, but cruises offer a secure alternative. Cruise ships have crew available 24/7, trained to ensure your safety both on and off the ship.

Whether you’re enjoying a drink, using the gym, relaxing on the deck, or dining out, crew are there to help you with anything you need.

Excursions booked through the cruise lines are also safe, allowing you to explore with an escorted group. No matter the destination or cruise line, your safety is always a priority.

Interested in learning more? The team at Iglu Cruise will be happy to help you explore your solo cruise options.

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