Serenade of the Seas Cabins to Avoid

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Serenade of the Seas might be significantly smaller than the Oasis-class and Icon-class ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet, and she might not have all the latest tech that you’ll find on Quantum-class ships, but she still has a very loyal fanbase.

The Serenade of the Seas

She’s been cruising for over 20 years now and in that time, hundreds of thousands of guests have sailed to exotic destinations, dined on great food, and hopefully had a good rest away from day-to-day life.

But there may be some guests who chose the wrong cabin for them, and so didn’t get quite the peaceful cruise they were hoping for. To help you avoid making that mistake, I’ve put together this guide on the cabins to avoid on Serenade of the Seas.

How to Choose the Best Cabin

Some things to look out for are specific to a ship, while others are tips for all cruise ships. To help, I’ve made a free checklist of everything to look out for when booking a cabin, regardless of the ship you’re on. Leave your details here if you want a copy, and I’ll send it right over.

The Different Rooms on Serenade of the Seas

To understand the best rooms and the cabins to avoid on Serenade of the Seas, it’s best to start by looking at all the cabins onboard. There are 1,074 rooms in total, which includes 61 Suites.

Of all the rooms on the ship, 54% have a balcony, which is pretty consistent with most of the ships in the fleet – the smaller and older Vision-class ships stand out for having a much lower percentage, though.

In total, Serenade of the Seas has 19 different cabin types, although some of these are only marginal differences. Here’s the list in full, including sizes and where you’ll find them:

RoomTypeMax. guestsDecksAverage Size (sq ft)Average Balcony Size (sq ft)
InteriorInside42-4, 7-10170N/A
Interior AccessibleInside33-4258N/A
Studio InteriorInside14108N/A
Ocean ViewOcean View42-4170N/A
Ocean View AccessibleOcean View42-4276N/A
Connecting OceanviewOcean View43-4, 7170N/A
Spacious Ocean ViewOcean View27-8170N/A
Ultra Spacious Ocean ViewOcean View67-8265N/A
Ocean View BalconyBalcony47-1017920-41
Ocean View Balcony AccessibleBalcony27-10271131
Connecting Ocean View BalconyBalcony27-1017941
Spacious Ocean View BalconyBalcony57-1020441
Junior SuiteSuite41029966
Junior Suite AccessibleSuite41036286
Grand Suite – 1 BedroomSuite410385106
Owner’s Suite – 1 BedroomSuite41053257
Owner’s Suite – 2 BedroomSuite87-9584151
Ocean View Suite – No BalconySuite810592N/A
Royal SuiteSuite410952172

Serenade of the Seas Room Sizes

One thing that’s important to note is that the room sizes in the table above are averages. While most rooms will be right, there may be some that are a little larger than others.

It’s a good idea to browse the Serenade of the Seas deck plans on the Royal Caribbean website, because then you can see all of the rooms to scale – and maybe grab yourself a room with a little more space.

Accessible Cabins on Serenade of the Seas

The Accessible cabins on Serenade of the Seas are those that have been adapted for wheelchair users. This means they’ll have slightly wider doors, and a wet room instead of a traditional bathroom, with supports.

There are plenty of options available, including the cheapest interior rooms and suites, too. So whatever your budget, if you need an adapted room then you’ll be able to pick one that’s in your price range and has the amenities you want.

Serenade of the Seas Cabins to Avoid

While there are no real ‘bad’ rooms on Serenade of the Seas, there are some that might be best avoided, depending on your personal preferences. So this is a list of the cabins you might want to avoid on the ship.

1. Obstructed View Balcony Cabins

Balcony Cabins 7050 to 7090, 7550 to 7590, 7110 to 7150, 7610 to 7650

On many cruise ships, some of the ocean view or balcony cabins that you can book will be advertised as having a restricted view. It is often the lifeboats that are the cause, but it can also be steel railings (due to high winds) or other objects in your view.

Typically, to make up for the partially ruined view, you pay less for these rooms – so it’s a good value option for cruisers who don’t mind not having an unspoilt balcony or window view.

Serenade of the Seas, officially, doesn’t have any obstructed view cabins. However, those Balcony Staterooms I’ve listed all have a partially-blocked view due to an overhang that covers the lifeboats on the deck below.

Obstructed view balcony on Serenade of the Seas

What’s weird is that, on sister ship Jewel of the Seas (with the same layout), the deck plans make a note that the view is obstructed. And on Brilliance of the Seas, another sister ship, the cabins are officially labelled as having an obstructed view (and so you pay less!).

So, don’t book these cabins if you can avoid it on Serenade of the Seas. You’ll pay the same as you would for an unobstructed view, which is a bit cheeky of the cruise line.

2. Cabins Below the Pool Deck

1028 to 1052, 1528 to 1552

A common problem on cruise ships is the noise that can carry through the floor or the ceiling. And one of those problematic spaces is on Deck 10, situated right underneath the pool deck.

Serenade of the Seas pool

Specifically, it’s the sound of deck chairs being scraped across the wooden deck that can often wake guests in the early hours. If you enjoy a lie-in, consider avoiding this part of the ship directly underneath the pool areas.

3. Cabins Above the Theatre & Bars

Most of Deck 7

Another potentially noisy spot is Deck 7, since on the deck below you’ve got the Theatre and several of the ship’s bars. So this is less of a problem if your priority is a lie-in, but if you like an early night, you might find the evening noise runs a little long and is a little loud.

That’s my second recommendation for avoiding rooms on Deck 7 – if you want a good balcony view and a peaceful night, then definitely skip these rooms.

4. Small Studio Interior Cabins

While it’s great that Serenade of the Seas offers single cabins for solo travellers, think carefully before you book one. The size of these cabins is pretty small and even on your own, they can feel a bit cramped.

If the price is good and it removes all single supplement fares, then it’s probably worth it. If not, consider booking a regular interior cabin and paying a little extra – you’ll get almost double the space.

5. Connecting Cabins

There are plenty of options for connected cabins on the Serenade of the Seas, but if you’re not planning to book both of the linked cabins, it might be a good idea to steer clear of them.

The door that connects these cabins is thinner than a regular cabin wall. So, even when it’s shut and locked, you might catch some of the sounds from the neighbouring room.

connecting cabins

Typically, this isn’t much of an issue unless your neighbours are being loud. But if they are, especially when you’re attempting to catch some shut-eye, it can get pretty annoying – and let’s face it, who wants their sleep disrupted?

6. Smaller Cabins for Families

A lot of the Interior and Ocean View cabins can sleep up to four guests, but when those sofa beds and pull-down beds are in use, they become very cramped, very quickly.

If you’re travelling with more than three people on Serenade of the Seas, I would recommend you either book an Ultra Spacious Ocean View, or choose a suite and enjoy the extra perks that come with it.

Best Rooms on Serenade of the Seas

1. Aft-View Spacious Balcony Staterooms

The balcony staterooms on Serenade of the Seas are already good choices, since they’re pretty roomy, but the Spacious Balcony Staterooms just feel that bit more special with the extra square footage.

And the best of those are at the rear of the ship with an aft view. Aft views are always popular on cruise ships – you’re sheltered from any wind and being able to look out over the ship’s wake is pleasant.

These rooms do cost a bit more than a regular Balcony Stateroom but if you want to make the most of your balcony, they’re a great choice. Take a look at this video of a Spacious room to help you decide…

2. Interior Staterooms

Serenade of the Seas is a little dated in places, and she is an older ship. So when I recommend the Interior Staterooms as some of the best on the ship, it’s not because they’re stunning, or because they’re packed with the latest tech like you might find in modern Royal Caribbean interior rooms.

But, they are a decent size – not big, but there are many smaller cabins on other cruise ships. And they’re a good price too. If you’re on a budget then the interior rooms are a really solid choice, especially if you want a good sleep – being in total darkness with no window can be very soothing.

3. Royal Suite

The Royal Suite is expensive, and for most people, it’ll be well outside their budget. But you can’t mention the best staterooms and suites on Serenade of the Seas and not include it.

Compared to the rest of the rooms on the ship, it’s huge, and yet it isn’t designed to be crammed full of people. It’s all about enjoying luxurious space, with a balcony that’s bigger than hundreds of the actual staterooms on the rest of the ship!

Plus you can take advantage of some great suite perks too.

What is the Best Deck on Serenade of the Seas?

The best decks on Serenade of the Seas are decks 8 and 9. Here you’ll find some of the better accommodation options, and you’ll be surrounded by cabins above and below, which helps to minimise the noise levels.

Read more: The Best Deck on a Cruise Ship (to Avoid Seasickness and Noise)

What is the Best Room on Serenade of the Seas?

The best room on Serenade of the Seas is the Royal Suite – it’s huge and has a very large balcony. The Owner’s Suites, the Ocean View Suite, and Grand Suites are other good options. For guests who can’t afford a suite, the Spacious Balcony Staterooms are the best choice.

Choose Your Own Room or Go For the ‘Guarantee’ Option?

When you book a Royal Caribbean cruise, you’re typically presented with two options – let the cruise line decide your room for you, or pay an extra fee to select your exact room. You’ll be shown two prices:

choose room

If you are happy for Royal Caribbean to choose your room then you still get to decide what type of room you want – Inside, Ocean View etc. – but the cruise line picks exactly which one. This is called a ‘guarantee’ cabin.

Benefits of choosing your cabin number:

  • Choose your preferred location on the ship
  • Book two cabins next to each other
  • Avoid undesirable cabins

If you don’t really mind which cabin you’re assigned to, then just pay the lower fee and let Royal Caribbean decide where to put you. But if you want to avoid those noisy locations, it’s best to pay a bit more and choose your cabin number.

Find More Information About Serenade of the Seas Cabins

I’ve spent a lot of time researching this guide, using Facebook groups and forums. If you want to spend a bit more time digging even deeper, then check these out:

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