Scottish Cruise Passenger Missing From MSC Cruise – Believed To Have Jumped Overboard

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A Scottish cruise passenger is missing from an MSC cruise ship, with reports from family members on Facebook that he has jumped from the ship.

MSC Euribia

Liam Jones, 23 and from Dundee, was cruising on MSC Euribia when he went missing on 17th March, as the ship sailed from Hamburg to Rotterdam.

He was cruising with his family, with extended family members on the Cruise Law News Facebook page confirming that his mum and sister were on the ship at the same time.

Those same extended family members have stated that MSC Cruises has informed them of CCTV footage which shows Liam jumping from the ship and that he is now presumed dead.

This is the sixth guest to go overboard from an MSC cruise within the last four months from December 2023 to March 2024.

Many cruise ships are equipped with sensors to alert the crew when someone goes overboard, and will stop the ship to search for someone in the ocean for at least a few hours in most cases.

But the sensors don’t always catch everything, and so if the crew aren’t alerted to a passenger going overboard, it will often be too late for anything to be done.

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  1. Looking for a smaller ship sailing from Dubai for a solo passenger in January 2025 without single supplement 7 nights.

  2. What a disappointment that as a frequent cruiser( 45 when my husband was alive and another 12 as a solo) that for the first time ever Marella Explorer 2 will only give me oceanview or inside. When I booked last year I did this online and then phoned to ask for a balcony as it wasn’t offered. There were balconies available as when I checked if I had to book for 2 people there was availability.
    I was advised to wait till nearer the time and try again. I’m due to sail 29th March and have spent endless hours in the phone Each person has sent an email request to dear knows who and asks me to phone back in 72 hours. Each time I’ve been given yet another ref number
    This morning with 5 days to go I tried yet again and was cut off twice and had to go back through security again
    This is my 3rd Marella cruise and the previous 2 were balcony cabins
    I said I knew I’d have to pay extra and that’s ok
    I’m 75 and like to chill out in a quiet balcony reading and watching the scenery but obviously not this cruise
    Solo travellers beware
    Fiona Cumming

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