Passenger Overboard On Mariner Of The Seas – Successfully Rescued

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A female passenger sailing on Mariner of the Seas has been rescued from the waters after going overboard. The dramatic incident happened on Sunday, 25th June 2023 during a day at sea.

Mariner of the Seas

While details of the incident haven’t been formally confirmed, it’s believed that the guest went overboard accidentally, after sitting on a railing for a photograph. She is then rumoured to have slipped and fell into the water.

The crew were alerted and were able to take quick action. A smoke flare was tossed into the water to mark the passenger’s position, while the cruise ship turned around.

The pilot boat then was able to get into the water and find the passenger, bringing her back onboard safely.

Tweets about a guest falling overboard on Mariner of the Seas

The cruise line hasn’t confirmed the identity of the passenger or the full circumstances around the incident, and we don’t know which deck she fell from.

However, we can at least be relieved to know that the passenger survived, and it’s an important reminder to never climb the railing on a cruise ship, as you could accidentally fall over the side with any small slip.

The ship’s itinerary was not impacted, and guests were able to enjoy their visits to the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic as normal.

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