Private Cruise Destination Off Limits – Cruise Line Pauses Visits Due To Unrest

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Royal Caribbean has announced that it is pausing all visits to its private resort destination of Labadee in Haiti, due to ongoing unrest and rising crime in the country.

Aerial view of Labadee, Haiti

The news comes just one day after the cruise line started cancelling excursion tours at the island, but until now the intention was to continue sailing to the destination.

Now, the cruise line has informed all guests onboard cruises due to call at Labadee that the itinerary will be changed, whilst reaching out to future cruise passengers to also notify them that, for now, Labadee will not be visited.

Port visits to Labadee will be suspended for 7 days originally, with 3 days advance notice due to be given if the suspension continues.

In many cases, Labadee is being swapped out for Perfect Day at CocoCay, Royal Caribbean’s other private destination in the Bahamas.

The changes are due to unrest in Haiti, including a recent prison break which saw around 4,000 prisoners escape into Haiti.

Labadee is some distance from those prison breaks – around 128 miles away on the northern side of the island country. And the resort is private, with security and fencing to keep it separate from the main country.

However, as the situation continues to escalate in Haiti, the cruise line has decided that it is safest to avoid the port in the short term, with a view to returning once the situation calms down.


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