Planning a Family Yachting Holiday? Here’s What You Need to Consider

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Are you seeking a luxurious getaway that will leave your family with lasting memories? With its elegance and adventure, a yachting holiday can be the perfect way to bond with your loved ones. 

family on board a yach

However, a memorable yacht cruise with the whole family requires careful planning and attention to detail.

But don’t worry because this blog is here to offer a five-step guide to organising the perfect family sailing trip. Here’s everything you need to know before you cast off into the horizon with the kids.

Selecting the right yacht for your family vacation involves several factors… 

Types of yachts 

Yachts come in various types, each offering different features and amenities. When choosing a yacht, consider your family’s needs and preferences. 

For instance, if you’re bringing along young kids, you might opt for a catamaran or motor yacht with a stable ride. On the other hand, a sailing yacht may be ideal for an adventurous vacation with teenagers

The most luxurious options are large motor yachts. These have luxurious cabins with ensuite bathrooms, a full kitchen for family meals, and sometimes even a jacuzzi for stargazing. 

Yacht sizes   

Another crucial consideration is the yacht’s overall dimensions. Yachts can range from small and intimate to large and luxurious. Think about how much space you’ll need for everyone to relax and enjoy their time onboard. 

Smaller yachts offer a cosy experience, while larger ones often come with more amenities. You’ll need to have the right number of cabins and bathrooms to accommodate your family comfortably.  

Larghe motor yacht

Crewed or not?  

Decide on whether you prefer a crewed or bareboat yacht charter. A crewed yacht’s professional crew handles sailing and cooking, letting you relax during your holiday.

The bareboat option requires you to sail and operate the boat. So, choose the crew option based on your boating experience and desire for a stress-free vacation. 

Weighing these factors will make it easier to trim down your choices and pick the perfect yacht for your family vacation. To find one, research the search engine and find numerous luxury yacht charter companies like YACHTZOO. They offer options tailored to your family’s needs, ensuring you find the perfect yacht for your dream vacation.  

Another aspect of planning a family-friendly yachting vacation is choosing the destination. You’ll need to think about the following factors…  


Choosing the right weather destination is crucial for a comfortable family vacation. Consider the prevailing winds and temperature ranges of your desired location.   

Tropical destinations like the Caribbean or Mediterranean offer sun, sand, and blue skies for families. If you prefer cooler temperatures, consider destinations like Alaska or northern Europe.

yachting in Europe in the winter


Picture cruising through breathtaking landscapes and capturing lifelong memories. Think about destinations with unique and beautiful scenery your family will appreciate. For instance, take the Maldives’ turquoise waters and white sandy beaches or Norway’s dramatic cliffs and fjords. 

Yacht in Mykonos at sunset


Consider the high and low seasons of the destination to determine the best yachting vacation time. This can affect the availability of charter options, pricing, and the number of tourists, so choose a time that suits your preferences.   

For instance, the high season in the Caribbean is from December to April, with ideal yachting weather. However, peak tourist season may raise prices and crowd popular destinations. If you prefer a quieter experience, visiting during the low season is best, preferably between May and November.  

By carefully choosing the destination, you can ensure your family enjoys a well-rounded yachting experience. 

Next, it’s vital to factor in the duration of your yacht trip, which will depend on your preferences and availability. Consider these options…  

Weekend Getaways 

A short weekend getaway can be a perfect way to relax and recharge. You can sail off to a nearby coastal town or island for a quick escape from day-to-day responsibilities. Depending on where you live, there may be plenty of charming destinations within a few hours’ sail.

a family enjoying a yachting weekend

Week-Long Adventures  

Envision taking your family on a week-long yacht holiday in the French Riviera. You can spend a few days in Cannes and St. Tropez, where you can indulge in fine dining in top restaurants and enjoy a vibrant nightlife. Then, you can sail to Corsica and Sardinia, known for their stunning beaches and rich culture. Sounds good?

St Tropez yachts

Extended Holiday  

Explore your destination’s charm and way of life on a two-week trip. The longer duration allows your family ample time to enjoy all the experiences at a slower pace. 

Some people even opt to take off for the whole summer, exploring multiple ports of call across the Mediterranean or Caribbean.

Next, plan various family-friendly activities to entertain your family. There are countless options for toddlers, seniors, and everyone in between. Here are some suggestions…  


Imagine paddling along calm, turquoise waters while enjoying breathtaking views of your surroundings. It offers an active way to explore the coastline, navigate hidden coves, and spot marine life.


Snorkelling is a must-do on a yachting holiday in clear waters. Discover coral reefs, swim among exotic fish, and spot turtles or rays with your family.



Fishing is a wonderful option for those who enjoy a more leisurely activity. Teach your children the art of casting a line and patiently waiting for a bite. While you certainly cannot fish from a cruise ship, you can most definitely fish from a private yacht.

Water Sports  

Yachting vacations offer many exciting water sports, from skiing to canyoning. These adrenaline-packed activities are great for older kids and teens. 

Beach Exploration and Picnics  

While on your yachting vacation, visit the beautiful beaches you come across. Anchor your yacht near a secluded beach and spend quality time relaxing with your family. 

beach in Bahamas

Movie Nights Under the Stars   

After an exciting day, end it on a cosy note with a movie night under the stars. Snuggle up with blankets, grab popcorn, and enjoy a family-friendly movie together.  

The options for family-friendly yachting vacation activities are endless. The key is to choose ones that satisfy everyone and balance excitement and relaxation. By planning various activities, you can give your family an unforgettable adventure on board. 

Lastly, ensuring family safety is paramount during a yachting vacation. Before starting your adventure, think about these safety measures… 

  • Get acquainted with the yacht’s emergency protocols and safety tools. Don’t forget to inform your loved ones, too.
  • Check the availability and condition of life jackets and safety gear on the yacht to ensure there are adequate supplies for each family member. 
  • Learn the local laws and regulations of your destination to safeguard your family. For instance, swimming and marine life interaction may be restricted in some areas. 
  • Have a conversation with the yacht crew about dietary restrictions and allergies so they can prepare suitable meals and snacks.
  • Keep a supply of bandages, painkillers, antiseptic ointment, and prescription medications. 

These safety measures will give you peace of mind that your family’s safety is a top priority during your yachting excursion. 

Yacht in Portishead Marina

Ultimately, a memorable family yachting holiday requires careful consideration of the above factors. With meticulous planning, you can create a family-friendly vacation that everyone will remember for years. 

Remember, the real magic of a yachting vacation lies in the liberty to explore at your own leisure. So, what are you waiting for? Start organising your family’s dream yachting adventure today.

me and the kids with yachts in Germany

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