Oceania Cruise Ships Compared By Size, Age & Class

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Oceania Cruises is one of the leading luxury cruise lines on the globe, offering luxurious, destination-focused voyages on board elegant, small and mid-sized ships. 

A large white cruise ship named "Sirena" sails on calm waters during a picturesque sunset, with a vibrant sky blending shades of blue, orange, and yellow.

An emphasis on fine dining and immersive travel experiences means it’s become a staple among discerning travellers who enjoy the finer things in life and want to enjoy a spectacular holiday they’ll never forget.

The Oceania Cruises fleet is varied, with some ships built nearly 30 years ago, as well as several much more recently built ships; all of them providing the now signature Oceania luxury.

Which one is right for you though?  Let’s dive in and have a look…

There are 7 ships, with one more on the way…

Oceania Cruises currently operates a fleet of seven ships, divided into three classes: Allura, Oceania, and Regatta. 

The three classes of Oceania Cruise Ships

Each class offers unique features and experiences, and caters to different tastes and preferences, so it’s worth understanding what each class offers, so you can decide which is right for you and your preferences. 

In 2025, an eighth ship, Allura, with a 1,200 guest capacity will be added to the fleet – her inaugural voyages are now available to book.

Here’s a breakdown of Oceania Cruise ships by size:

Ship NameGuestsCrewGross TonnageDecksLength (ft)

The biggest ship is Vista

A large white cruise ship named "Oceania Vista" sails through a narrow fjord surrounded by steep, forested cliffs and a cloudy sky. Snow-capped mountains are visible in the background, creating a dramatic and serene landscape.

The largest ship in Oceania Cruises’ fleet is the Vista, which can accommodate up to 1,200 guests and has a gross tonnage of 67,000.

Vista is the newest ship currently sailing in the Oceania fleet, and really is a work of art, showcasing the line’s commitment to luxury and innovation.

None of the ships are considered ‘large’

The maximum number of guests an Oceania Cruises ship can accommodate is 1,250, which applies to both Riviera and Marina, with the Vista just behind with a guest capacity of 1,200.  

These three ships are significantly larger than the others in the fleet, making them perfect for guests looking for a high level of comfort and luxury, while still desiring a spacious ship with plenty to do on board.

Regatta-class ships are half the size!

Oceania Insignia cruising the sea

The smallest ships in Oceania’s fleet are those of the Regatta class, which includes Regatta, Insignia, Nautica, and Sirena, each accommodating 684 guests. 

These ships provide a more intimate and personalised cruising experience. Although they offer slightly less in terms of on-board entertainment and variety, if you’re looking for a smaller, quieter and more intimate cruise, they’re well worth considering.

A side angle shot of the Oceania Nautica calmly floating on the ocean with a clear sky backdrop

Here’s a look at Oceania Cruise ships based on when they were originally built and launched, and when they were last refurbished, giving you a clear picture of how up-to-date you can expect them to be.

Ship NameLaunch Date for OceaniaBuild DateLast Refurbished

Vista’s the newest ship, for now

A large cruise ship sails on a calm blue ocean under a bright, clear sky. In the background, a coastal city lies at the base of green mountains, with scattered clouds adding texture to the sky.

The newest ship in the Oceania fleet is the Vista, which launched in 2023. 

As part of the Allura class, Vista introduces a range of modern amenities and design features that set a new standard for luxury cruising, and is extremely sought after by cruisers who want to experience the true pinnacle of luxury.

Sister ship, Allura, was floated out in July 2024 and will set sail with guests in July 2025.

Regatta and Insignia are older

A white cruise ship named "Regatta" is docked near a coastal area with buildings featuring orange rooftops. The sky is partly cloudy, and red flowers in the foreground add a touch of color to the scene.

The oldest ships in the Oceania fleet are part of the Regatta class. The Regatta and Insignia were both originally built in 1998, making them the senior members of the fleet. 

Despite their age, they have been meticulously refurbished to offer contemporary comforts, with the Regatta last refurbished in 2019, and the Insignia in 2018.

Allura Class

A large cruise ship, the "Allura," illuminated at night, sails away from a coastal city. The ship's lights reflect on the calm waters as the silhouette of mountains frames the horizon under a deep blue sky.

The Allura class represents the newest and most luxurious ships in the Oceania fleet.

Here are some key stats:

  • Vista
    • Guests: 1,200
    • Crew: 800
    • Gross Tonnage: 67,000
    • Decks: 15
    • Length: 791 ft

In 2025, Allura will join this class when she launches.

Oceania Class

Oceania Riviera sails along the picturesque Amalfi Coast, with rugged mountains covered in greenery and quaint coastal towns visible in the background. The deep blue sea is dotted with small boats under a clear sky, adding to the serene and scenic landscape.

Oceania class ships are known for their elegance and spacious design. Key stats:

  • Riviera
    • Guests: 1,250
    • Crew: 800
    • Gross Tonnage: 66,084
    • Decks: 11
    • Length: 785 ft
  • Marina
    • Guests: 1,250
    • Crew: 800
    • Gross Tonnage: 66,084
    • Decks: 11
    • Length: 785 ft

Regatta Class

A close-up view of the cruise ship "Regatta" sailing on a calm sea. The ship's sleek white hull contrasts against the blue water and sky, with distant mountains visible in the background. The name "Regatta" is clearly displayed on the side of the ship.

The Regatta class offers a more intimate cruising experience with smaller ships that still provide luxurious amenities. Key stats:

  • Regatta
    • Guests: 684
    • Crew: 400
    • Gross Tonnage: 30,277
    • Decks: 9
    • Length: 593 ft
  • Insignia
    • Guests: 684
    • Crew: 400
    • Gross Tonnage: 30,277
    • Decks: 9
    • Length: 593 ft
  • Nautica
    • Guests: 684
    • Crew: 400
    • Gross Tonnage: 30,277
    • Decks: 9
    • Length: 593 ft
  • Sirena
    • Guests: 684
    • Crew: 400
    • Gross Tonnage: 30,277
    • Decks: 9
    • Length: 593 ft

So… Which is the best?

The answer to this question entirely depends on who you are and what you’re looking for from your cruise – every single ship in the Oceania fleet has been honed and detailed to perfection, and every single one goes to some of the most breathtaking destinations on Planet Earth.

The best way to understand what the best Oceania Cruises ship is for you is to instead answer this question:

What are you looking for from your Oceania Cruise?

Newer vs. Older Ships

The image shows the front view Oceania Sirena cruise ship sailing on the open sea under a clear blue sky. The ship is white with multiple decks and windows, and a colorful crest is visible on the bow.

Newer ships like the Vista (and the Allura from 2025 onwards) offer the very latest in design and technology, modern amenities and state-of-the-art facilities. They’re perfect for you if you appreciate contemporary luxury and new experiences.

Older ships, such as those in the Regatta class (Regatta, Insignia, Nautica and Sirena) have a classic charm and character that comes with age, but if you’re concerned that they’ll look tired, think again: they’re enhanced by frequent refurbishments. 

Ships in the Regatta class often suit guests who prefer a more intimate and classic cruising experience, so if that’s you, you’ve got your answer.

Bigger vs. Smaller Ships

The cruise ship "Marina" glides through calm waters near a shoreline, with a backdrop of puffy white clouds and a bright sky. The ship's numerous decks and balconies are filled with passengers enjoying the scenic view. Green foliage in the foreground adds a touch of nature to the scene.

Bigger ships like Riviera, Marina and Vista (and Allura from 2025) offer a wide range of dining options, entertainment venues, and activities. They are ideal for those who enjoy a bustling atmosphere with plenty of things to do on board.

Smaller ships provide a more relaxed and intimate setting, with fewer passengers and a more personalised service. They are great for those who value tranquillity and a close-knit community feel during their voyage.

Don’t forget about the itinerary!

Clearly, the ship you opt for will play a significant role in your cruise experience, but it goes without saying that the itinerary is just as important. 

Oceania Cruises is known for its diverse and immersive itineraries, which offer unique ports of call and extended stays that you’re unable to get from any other cruise line.

Whether you’re interested in exploring the historic cities of Europe, the vibrant cultures of Asia, or the stunning landscapes of the Caribbean, Oceania’s itineraries are designed to provide enriching travel experiences.

Understanding exactly what itinerary options you have available, in conjunction with choosing the ship that suits you best will ensure you experience the best possible cruise for you.

The best way to book an Oceania cruise

Want expert help to plan your perfect cruise?

Final word

When comparing Oceania Cruise ships, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. 

The best ship for you depends on your personal preferences and what you want to get out of your cruise. 

Whether you prefer the modern luxury of the Vista and you’re excited by the potential of Allura, or you like the idea of the spacious elegance onboard Riviera and Marina, or you favour the classic charm offered by the Regatta class ships, what’s certain is that Oceania Cruises will offer a ship that suits your needs.

And remember, don’t forget about the itinerary. With Oceania Cruises, you’re not just choosing a ship – you’re choosing a journey filled with unforgettable destinations and experiences.

If you’d like some help with planning your Oceania cruise, I recommend that you contact Panache Cruises. Their team of expert cruise connoisseurs will be delighted to help with your booking.

The best way to book an Oceania cruise

Want expert help to plan your perfect cruise?

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