November Cruising With Marella – How To Secure A Great Deal

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Right now, there are some excellent deals you can enjoy when you book a November cruise with Marella.

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But is November a good month to cruise? And why are these prices such good value? Is there a catch?

Spoilers – there isn’t, and these deals are absolutely worth booking. Let me explain why.

Secure your Marella November cruise now, with big discounts available

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November Itineraries

There are some great options for cruises in November with Marella – many of them repositioning cruises.

Whereas most cruises start and end in the same port, a repositioning cruise is exactly what it sounds like – a sailing where the ship is re-positioned elsewhere in the world, ready to begin a new season of sailings.

With other cruise lines, repositioning cruises can be cheap, but you have to work out flights to and from different destinations. Not so with Marella – they take care of all the flight details for you, including regional options from your local airport.

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So there’s no downside to choosing a repositioning cruise – just the benefits of seeing a variety of destinations and enjoying a great-value fare.

Here’s a quick look at some of the itineraries you could try:

A Taste of the Mediterranean

Enjoy a relaxing adults-only cruise from Malaga to Limassol in Cyprus. This is a 6-night itinerary that includes a trip to the beautiful port of Valletta in Malta, along with plenty of time to unwind and enjoy all the features the ship has to offer.

Ancient Treasures

Set sail from Marmaris in Turkey for a relaxing 6-night cruise that visits two gems of the Mediterranean. You’ll first stop at Piraeus, your gateway to the stunning city of Athens, before heading to the Maltese capital of Valletta en route to your final destination of Palma in Majorca.

Mediterranean Flavours

Another 6-night cruise itinerary, this sailing departs from Corfu Town and includes exciting ports in Spain, including Valencia and Cartagena. Before that, though, you’ll stop off at Cagliari on the island of Sardinia. The cruise ends in Malaga.

What’s the Weather Like?

Surprisingly good!

November in the Mediterranean is never going to reach the peaks of the summer months, and you might experience a bit more rain and some cloudy days.

But it’s almost guaranteed to be a darn-sight nicer than if you stayed at home – temperatures across the Med in November can reach highs of 20°C, with an average between 12°C and 14°C.

Compare that to the UK, where the average is always in the single digits, and you will definitely be treating yourself to a significantly warmer climate should you opt for one of these cruises.

Can you get better weather elsewhere at that time of the year? Sure – the Canary Islands or the Caribbean are great choices for winter sun. But if you’re cruising on a budget, November in the Med is an ideal compromise between price and sunshine.

Fare Breakdown

When comparing Marella’s cruise fares to other cruise lines, you have to bear in mind how much is included.

Marella’s fares may seem a little higher at first glance – even in the November months when the prices aren’t super high – but when you then think about everything you get with that fare, you realise just how good value they are.

For example – say your cruise fare is £800pp for 6 nights (and there are several that are cheaper than this by some distance). Within that, you’re not just getting your cruise accommodation and food, but you’re also getting:

  • Your return flights and overseas transfers
  • All your gratuities
  • A wide range of drinks, including alcoholic options

You could easily spend at least £300 on those three with other cruise lines for a 6-night cruise. Often a lot more – drinks packages with some other British cruise lines start at £45 per day for those that cover a selection of alcoholic drinks. That’s £270 extra for your 6 nights already!

Never look at just the price – always consider what’s included, and how much extra you’d spend on other cruise lines to match that, and you’ll realise just how great these prices are.

Final Word

These Marella cruise deals are a great way to escape the cold and dreary weather of Britain’s November, at a fantastic price when you consider everything you get in your fare.

But when prices are discounted to this level, they don’t last long – meaning you need to be eagle-eyed to catch them before the cruises sell out.

If you fancy getting away for a relaxing, mild-weather cruise in November, get your Marella cruise booked ASAP.

Secure your Marella November cruise now, with big discounts available

Pay just £100pp deposit today to reserve your place!

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