Cruise Drinks Package Calculator

Should you buy the cruise drinks package or not? It’s a question that almost every cruiser has asked themselves.

To work out whether the drinks package is worth it or not, you’ll need to do a bit of maths – which is where this tool comes in!

It will add up the cost of your drinks for you, and let you know how much you would spend without a drinks package. Then, you can compare your potential bill to the drinks package price and work out which is the best value. Easy!

How to use this drinks package calculator

1. Select your cruise line below

2. Enter the number of each type of drink that you would like in an average day

Remember that on sea days you might drink twice as many drinks as a port day. Use the average.

3. Compare your daily bar bill to the cost of the drinks package

If you’d spend more without a package, you should get one!

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Something Else To Consider…

Some cruise lines allow you to bring your own drinks on board with you. You should definitely factor this in when considering whether the drinks package is worth it.

Read this article to find out which cruise lines allow you to bring your own drinks and how much alcohol you can bring.

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