22 Fun Things To Do On A Marella Cruise

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A Marella cruise takes you to the heart of some of the best regions of the world. Because you fly out to meet the ship already in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Asia, the Canary Islands or elsewhere, you get more time to see the sights and explore.

Marella Cruises activities

But that doesn’t mean you won’t have time to unwind on the ship – there are still lots of opportunities for you to relax and have some fun while the ship is sailing.

And on a Marella ship, there’s plenty to choose from. Here’s a look at 22 different activities you can try on your cruise. Not all of these are available on every ship – and these aren’t the only activities available either – but you’re bound to find a lot of options that you’ll love.

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1. Grab a Snack

Marella Cruises Snack Shack

Starting with something simple, but remember you’re always able to just grab a snack when you’re feeling peckish on your cruise. You’ll be active enough with some of the other activities on this list, and you’re on holiday – so just say yes!

2. Watch a Movie (Indoors or Out)

Marella Cruises movies

A great way to unwind on your cruise is to watch a movie. Some ships have an indoor or outdoor cinema (or both!) and they show the latest blockbusters, along with some absolute classics. You’re sure to find a film that you love.

3. Test Your Knowledge in a Quiz

Marella Cruise quizzes

A bit of healthy competition between cruise passengers is always good, and there are regular trivia quizzes held in the bars on the ship. Why not see if you can claim bragging rights with your knowledge?

4. Enjoy a Drink

Marella Cruises drinks

A cruise is the perfect time to sip on your favourite cocktails, or try something new and exciting. If you don’t drink alcohol then that’s not an issue – there are some wonderful mocktails or speciality coffees you can try too.

5. Dance the Night Away

Marella Cruises nightclub

Get yourself in the party mood and swing by the nightclub on your cruise ship to dance to all those classics you love. There are also silent disco events held on some cruises, great if you want to try something a little different.

6. Work On Your Swing

Marella Cruises golf simulator

Whether you’re a passionate golfer or you just want to have some fun swinging a club, the golf simulator available on some ships is a really cool experience. All the thrill of hitting some drives without all the walking!

7. Play a Cruise Classic – Shuffleboard!

Marella Cruises shuffleboard

When you picture classical cruising, one of the activities that always seems to have been popular is shuffleboard. So why not learn how to play and see how high a score you can achieve?

8. Take in a West End-Style Show

West End style shows on Marella Cruises

In the evening, the place to be on a Marella cruise ship is the Broadway Show Lounge. Here, you’ll be dazzled by the incredible shows packed with amazing music and choreography.

9. Have a Dip in the Pool

Marella Cruises pool

Looking for something a little more leisurely? Why not enjoy a swim, or simply sit and unwind in the pool, or splash around with the kids if you’re on a family cruise.

10. Book a Salon or Spa Treatment

Marella Cruises spa treatments

You deserve to treat yourself on holiday, and so why not book yourself a massage, or get your hair and nails done before dinner so you can feel even more glamorous before your evening’s entertainment?

11. Clock Up a Mile or Two

Marella Cruises jogging track

Even if you hate running, it’s worth giving the jogging track a go on a cruise ship. The views you’ll enjoy as you get a few laps under your belt make it feel completely different from a normal run around the park at home. Plus, you might feel better for it if you’ve been indulging in the cocktails and desserts onboard.

12. Try Your Luck in the Casino

Marella Cruises casino

Casinos are always popular on cruise ships, so if you’re looking to have some fun with the table games or on the slot machines, you can look forward to it on a Marella cruise. Maybe you’ll get lucky and snag a jackpot?

13. Play a Round of Mini Golf

Marella Cruises mini golf

Another golfing option on your cruise, you can play a few holes of mini golf under the sun, with some hazard-lined holes to navigate. Perfect if your travelling group loves a bit of ‘friendly’ competition.

14. Work up a Sweat in the Gym

Marella Cruises gym

Who goes to the gym on holiday? Actually, a lot of people like to – it’s a great way to rejuvenate yourself and to make sure you enjoy something of a healthy balance on a cruise getaway. And with the ocean views, your exercise routine can be very inspiring.

15. Try the Latest Video Games (& Classic Ones Too)

Marella Cruises Gamer Zone

Not just for kids, the Gamer Zone on a Marella Cruises ship is home to some of the latest video game consoles and some retro classics. If you like gaming then try chasing some high scores or enjoying some multiplayer challenges with friends and family.

16. Escape From a Room (If You Can!)

Marella Cruises escape room

Escape rooms are very popular on land, and now you can try one on your next cruise holiday. Work together to solve the riddles and puzzles so that you can escape in time – will you make it?

17. Give VR a Go

Marella Cruises VR

Why not give virtual reality a try while you’re relaxing on your cruise ship? A variety of games and entertainment experiences can be enjoyed, whisking you even further away from the everyday.

18. Have a Professional Photoshoot

Marella Cruises Photo Shoot

Head to the photo studio on your cruise ship if you want to take home some beautiful souvenirs of you and your family. You’ll feel fabulous following a professional photo shoot, and have some great pics to remind you of your wonderful cruise.

19. Hit the Shops

Marella Cruises shops

A little bit of retail therapy can be the perfect tonic for relaxation on a cruise. Shop luxury items in the stores on your ship and take home some mementoes of a fantastic cruise holiday.

20. Climb the Wall

Marella Cruises climbing wall

Challenge your limits and enjoy a heck of a view by taking on the climbing wall. If you’re a thrill-seeker you’ll love seeing just how high you can manage to get.

21. Just Relax

Marella Cruises relaxation sun deck

Sometimes you don’t need to ‘do’ anything to really enjoy your cruise. Lie back and take it easy – let those everyday stresses simply melt away as your ship slowly sails the oceans. Bliss.

22. Book Another Cruise!

Marella Cruises onboard bookings

The worst part of a cruise is when it’s over… So why not temper that disappointment by booking another one while you’re already onboard? That way, you’ll have something to look forward to, knowing it won’t be too long until you’re back onboard.

Final Word

These are just some of the ways you can enjoy yourself on a Marella cruise, but I’m sure you can see that boredom really isn’t an option.

Again, not all of these activities are available on each ship, so if something specific intrigues you, make sure you check that your chosen ship has it onboard.

All of the ships in the Marella fleet offer a fun-packed experience, so regardless of your choice, you’re in for an incredible cruise getaway.

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