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Cruising has become much more popular with families over the last 10-20 years. What used to be a holiday aimed exclusively at older adults is now something that all ages can enjoy, at least if you choose the right cruise line and ship.

Marella Family Cruises

Marella caters for everyone. It has some ships and sailings that are adults-only (because not everyone wants to cruise with a louder, younger crowd) and some that are really well suited to family groups.

In this guide, I’m going to focus on the family-friendly cruises that Marella offers, so you can start planning your next dream getaway with the whole clan.

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Family Life Onboard

Four of the ships in the Marella Cruises fleet offer family cruise itineraries, and they have some great onboard facilities to keep kids (and big kids) entertained for hours even during sea days.

The specific facilities vary so it’s good to check your specific ship for information, but some of the things you could enjoy include mini golf courses; a gamer zone stocked with the latest games consoles as well as some retro machines; a cinema (either indoor or outdoor), a sports court for basketball, football and more; table tennis tables and even a climbing wall.

Each ship has swimming pool options too, including some with a dedicated kids pool for splashing around without annoying the other grown-ups onboard, so everyone can have some fun while taking a dip.

Marella Cruises Kids Pool

And it’s worth noting that every restaurant across these ships has a kids’ menu, so you don’t have to be worried about the picky eaters in your troop struggling to find something they’ll like. The buffet in particular has a wide range of kid-friendly options that they’ll love.

Kids Clubs

Each of the family-friendly cruise ships for Marella has kids clubs onboard. There are different spaces for different age groups, so everyone can enjoy activities suited to them (while parents enjoy some peaceful R&R at a bar or by the poolside).

The M Club is the main kids club for children, accepting all kids from 3 to 11 years old. Here, guests will enjoy a wide range of fun activities including quizzes, discos, arts and crafts activities, movies, and even the chance to pop up to the bridge of the ship to say hello to the Captain.

Marella Cruises M Club

Teens aren’t left in the cold – they have their own space called The Hideout, which has plenty of games consoles and seating areas, and during popular seasons hosts an extensive range of age-appropriate activities that will get even the grumpiest teens having fun.

There’s also a Mini M Club for under-3s, though these require parents to stick around too, while the ships also have dedicated spaces for babies including a selection of suitable toys and baby-changing facilities.

Accommodation Options

Family accommodation options with Marella offer comfortable, spacious cabins so that you aren’t always getting under each other’s feet, particularly in those mornings when everyone wants to get ready.

Several cabins have space for up to three people, with either a double or twin bed configuration and then a sofa bed or fold-down bed.

But bigger families needn’t worry, since there are Family Cabins that can accommodate up to five guests, including a regular double bed separated by a partition, a double sofa bed and a fold down bed as well.

Marella Cruises Family Cabin

You can even opt for a Family Balcony Cabin with Suite Service if you want to splash out a little and treat yourselves. Not only do you get a spacious cabin with balcony, but you get all the perks of the Suite Service, including extra amenities in the room and a free continental breakfast in bed to enjoy on one day of your cruise (or more if you cruise for over a week).

That’s perfect when you’ve had an adventure-filled day and you just want to spend the next morning having a lazy family start.

Destinations & Excursions

Your cruise isn’t just about the time you’ll spend on the ship, but also the destinations you’ll visit – and many are absolutely perfect for families.

If your kids love the beach, then a Caribbean getaway could be ideal. You’ll have ample time to have fun on the sands, not just relaxing and building sandcastles with your youngest, but taking part in different sports or activities too. There are even some islands that offer white-water rafting for those thrill-seeking kids.

Or, if you are travelling with an adventurous group, why not head to the Mediterranean for a cruise packed with exciting destinations, including the chance to visit the incredible Portaventura Theme Parks from Tarragona.

PortAventura theme park in Spain

In fact, in every destination Marella cruises to – be it the Canary Islands, Caribbean, Asia or Mediterranean – there are always plenty of excursion options to suit everyone in the family and provide memories to last a lifetime.

Why Marella For Family Cruises?

The whole Marella cruise experience is perfectly suited to families too. There are loads of reasons to choose Marella for your next family holiday.

For a start, your flights are always packaged in with the cruise, with departures from airports all over the UK – no need to drive for hours upon hours just to start your journey.

And because the flights are managed by TUI, who owns Marella, the trip is seamless. No need to stress about whether the flights will land on time because, even in the very rare instances they don’t, the ship will wait for you. You won’t get that with other cruise lines.

Drinks and tips are already included too, including plenty of soft drink options for your kids.

And of course, Marella’s crew offer amazing service to every guest and will have each member of your family feeling truly spoiled.

Final Word

Marella is not a cruise line for families only. Indeed, there are some fantastic sailings for adults only, so don’t worry if all of these amazing family features make it sound like every ship will be packed with kids.

However, if you want a great-value family cruise holiday then Marella is definitely an option you should seriously consider – for the price, the destinations on offer, and the excellent onboard experience from the moment you step onboard to your departure.

Enjoy amazing all-inclusive cruise deals with Marella Cruises

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