Cruise Passenger Shocked By £9.50 Packet of Crisps

Cruises are typically praised for their all-inclusive nature, offering meals, accommodation, and transport at seemingly reasonable rates.

However, a recent incident involving “exorbitantly priced” snacks has left a passenger questioning the value of their cruise.

An Australian mother, Dana, called her four-day P&O Cruise “the cruise from hell” after encountering a pricing shock that disrupted her already compromised holiday.

Struck by gastroenteritis on the first night, Dana was sidelined for two days. When she finally felt better, she was flabbergasted to find a small packet of Red Rock Deli chips priced at $18.50.

That’s around £9.50, to us Brits.

The cruise line, however, clarified that this was a labelling error. A spokesperson from P&O Cruises Australia explained to Yahoo News Australia that an accidental ‘1’ was added before ‘8.50,’ which is the actual price of the chips on board. The company has apologised for the confusion caused by this error.

Despite the correction, the incident sparked a flurry of reactions from the cruise community, with many sharing their strategies to avoid such costly surprises. Regular cruisers recommended bringing snacks from home to manage expenses, a tip that aligns with P&O’s policy of allowing passengers to bring their own food on board.

This story underscores the need for vigilance when it comes to additional expenses on cruises. Even with all-inclusive packages, it’s wise to prepare for extra costs, whether from a genuine pricing policy or a simple error.


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