Gifts for cruise lovers

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves to cruise? Well, this list of the best gifts for cruise lovers should certainly give you some ideas.

cruise gifts

Whether you’re looking for cruise gifts for friends, mum and dad or the kids, I’ve done all the research for you to put together a list of interesting cruise-themed gifts. If you want a practical present for someone going on a cruise, or cruise ship-themed gifts for cruise addicts, I’ve got you covered.

What type of cruise gift are you looking for?

Nautical gifts for her

Looking for a gift for your mother, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend, friend or female colleague? Be inspired by this list of the best nautical-themed gifts for ladies.

1. Cruise face mask

Face masks are going to be needed on cruises for the foreseeable future, so a fashionable face mask is definitely something that you’ll need to pack. This one from Amazon has a nose wire, adjustable ear loops and a glittery anchor motif

Check the price of this nautical face mask on Amazon.

2. Silver anchor bracelet

Anchor jewellery has become a really popular trend. More than just symbolising a love of the ocean, it’s also a sign of strength and stability. This sterling silver bracelet is beautiful and would make a welcome addition to any Christmas stocking.

Check the price of this silver bracelet on Amazon.

3. Anchor tote bag

As we all do our bit for the environment, cotton shopping bags are a must for 2021. This anchor shopping bag is great quality so will last for years to come. It’s perfect to take on a cruise to use as a beach bag or a shopping bag to carry your haul of souvenirs back to the ship.

Check the price of this nautical tote on Amazon.

4. Nautical passport holder

With space for your passport, credit cards, and travel documents, this stylish passport holder is a really practical gift. It has a slim, lightweight design and is made of durable synthetic leather.

Check the price of this passport holder on Amazon.

5. Nautical cushion covers

These gorgeous pillow wraps fasten around your existing cushions and have velcro to keep them in place. They’re an idea way to spruce up your existing cushions with a nautical theme.

Check the price of these nautical pillow covers on Amazon.

6. Anchor nail transfers

These nautical nail stickers look amazing and they’re so easy to use. They come in a set of 72 and will last for as long as your nail varnish stays on so you can have nautical nails every day.

Check the price of these nail transfers on Amazon

Nautical gifts for him

If you’re looking for a present for your husband, brother, dad, son, boyfriend, friend or colleague, be inspired by this cool selection of the best nautical-themed gifts for gentlemen.

You’re sure to be the star of the show on formal nights with this set which includes an anchor-print bow tie, pocket square and cufflinks. Perfect for cruise addicts, this dazzling combo comes in a smart gift box.

Check the price of this formal night set on Amazon.

2. Eat, sleep, cruise, repeat t-shirt

The perfect t-shirt for people who like to cruise, this shirt is available in mens, womens and kids sizes and a choice of different colours. You could have matching ones for the whole family!

Check the price of this t-shirt on Amazon.

3. Port and starboard socks

Can you remember which is port and which is starboard? These socks should help. These men’s nautical socks are a fun stocking filler for any dads or grandads who like to cruise.

Check the price of these cruise socks on Amazon.

4. Cruise fund money box

This coin bank will make it easy to save for your next cruise. The porthole design is screen printed on to glass, making a fun gift for cruise lovers.

Check the price of the cruise fund money box on Amazon.

5. Men’s nautical bracelet

Made of the highest quality materials, this handmade bracelet is comfortable enough that you never need to take it off. It comes in many different colours and sizes.

Check the price of this nautical bracelet on Amazon.

6. Nautical cheese board

This clever cheese board is shaped like a ship’s wheel and comes with four cheese tools which fit into magnetic slots on each side. The board has a revolving base, making it easy for everyone to access the cheese and the knives.

Check the price of this nautical cheese board on Amazon.

Nautical gifts for kids

Boys and girls of all ages will love these thoughful nautical gifts, whether for Christmas, a birthday or to give before going on a cruise.

1. Top Trumps – World Famous Ships

I received this card game for Christmas last year and I absolutely love it – we played it for hours! This entertaining Top Trumps card game is great for kids and ship geek adults alike. It features all kinds of ships as well as cruise ships, but Allure of the Seas is the overall best card, beating the others in almost every category.

Check the price of this game on Amazon.

2. P&O Cruises colouring book

This is another gift which I’ve put in the list of cruise gifts for kids, but actually, many adults would love too. This beautiful colouring book celebrates the history of P&O Cruises with interiors and exteriors of ships past and present to colour in. There’s also a Cunard version.

Check the price of the P&O Cruises colouring book on Amazon.

3. Cruise ship jigsaw puzzle

As a kid I used to love doing jigsaws in the Christmas holidays. I’d always get one for Christmas and it would keep me busy until January. This 1500-piece puzzle is fun for kids and adults alike. I wouldn’t fancy being on that ship much though!

Check the price of this cruise ship jigsaw puzzle on Amazon.

4. Polly Pocket cruise ship

I let out a squeal of delight when I saw this, and I’m sure your daughter will too! Polly Pocket compacts are so much fun for kids aged four and up and this cruise ship version comes with two Polly dolls and a jet ski! Polly Pockets are even better now than they were the first time around in the 90s as Polly now sticks to the surfaces.

Check the price of the cruise ship Polly Pocket on Amazon.

5. Littlest Pet Shop cruise ship

Kids who are into ‘Littlest Pet Shop’ will love this cruise ship toy. Just like a real ship, it comes with a side on the top deck, but unlike a real ship, it comes with three pets who can have fun exploring the various rooms inside.

Check the price of the Littlest Pet Shop cruise ship on Amazon.

6. Playmobil cruise ship

Playmobil is a classic favourite toy and the figurines from this cruise ship set can be used with other Playmobil sets. Children can have hours of fun using their imagination with this brilliant cruise ship toy.

Check the price of the Playmobil cruise ship on Amazon.

Cruise accessories

If you’re wondering ‘What is a good gift to give someone going on a cruise?’, then you should think about the practical things that will make their cruise less stressful and more fun.

Here are some ideas…

There are lots of cruise gadgets and gizmos which are really practical to have. Even the most regular cruisers might not have seen some of these, but they’re all really useful gifts. Take a look at these cruise essential gifts.

1. Hanging toiletry bag

Space can be limited in a cruise ship cabin, so this wash bag is perfect to take on a cruise thanks to the hook and space-saving design. It has loads of compartments which are all easy to access with the bag hanging from the towel rail or coat hook in your cabin bathroom. Plus, it comes in lots of different colours and designs.

Check the price of this hanging toiletry bag on Amazon.

2. The Cruise Planner

This planner is jam-packed full of info to help you to plan your cruise to a tee. It has space for you to add all your own details so that you can take it with you when you travel. I have a copy of this and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone going on a cruise.

Check the price of The Cruise Planner on Amazon.

3. Full face snorkel mask

If you’re buying a present for someone going on a Caribbean cruise then this is ideal. For the price of hiring a mask and snorkel, you can get them this full face snorkel mask which is not only more comfortable than a traditional snorkel set, it also gives 180-degree views. There’s a even a mount to attach an underwater camera, should you desire.

Check the price of this snorkel mask on Amazon.

4. Towel clips

Sometimes, it can be really windy at sea so towel clips are a must for any cruiser. There are some really cool novelty ones available, which also makes finding your sunbed much easier when everyone has the same cruise ship towel.

But, before you go ahead and buy the pineapple ones, you might want to read this article: What do pineapples mean on a cruise?

Check the price of these towel clips on Amazon.

5. Waterproof phone pouch

This is a brilliant invention. Not only does this waterproof case protect your phone from water and sand, but you can also use your phone while it’s in the case. Safe for depths of up to 30 metres, you can turn your phone into an underwater camera. It comes with a handy lanyard so you can’t lose it in deep water.

Check the price of this waterproof phone pouch on Amazon.

6. Mini binoculars

A pair of binoculars are great to take on a cruise so that you can admiring the distant scenery from your balcony. Or, when you spot another ship in the distance and want to know which it is. These binoculars are small enough that you can take them everywhere easily and cheap enough that you won’t mind letting the kids have a go.

Check the price of these binoculars on Amazon.

7. GoPro HERO9 action camera

I love my Go Pro and take it on every cruise. It’s pocket-sized, tough and waterproof. The photo and video quality are both amazing. I use mine for filming cruise ship tours, as even if you have a shaky hand, the image looks smooth thanks to revolutionary self-stabilising technology.

Check the price of the GoPro HERO9 camera on Amazon.

8. Cruise luggage tag holders

If you’ve ever faffed around trying to fold a cruise luggage tag into the right shape and staple it to your luggage with only two hands, you’ll know what a challenge it can be. These cruise luggage tags are a game-changer. Not only do they make affixing the labels so much easier; they’re also more secure and weatherproof.

Tip: Different cruise lines have different sized luggage labels, so be sure to get the right one for your cruise.

Check the price of these luggage tags on Amazon.

9. Berlitz Cruising & Cruise Ships Guide 2020

This best-selling book is the cruise industry bible, giving lots of advice and information to help you to choose the right cruise for you. It’s full of tips on how to save money and how to make the most of your time on board. It also contains reviews of over 300 cruise ships, grading them on service, food, entertainment and facilities.

Check the price of the Berlitz Cruise Ships Guide on Amazon.

10. Travel alarm clock

Cruise cabins have no clocks in them, and the time zone can often change overnight as you sail into different time zones. Relying on your phone can be problematic as sometimes they update the time themselves and sometimes they don’t, so you can never be sure. That’s why I recommend taking a travel alarm clock.

This small travel alarm clock also tells you the temperature and what day it is, as that’s another thing that’s easy to forget on a cruise!

Check the price of this travel alarm clock on Amazon.

11. Luggage set

A new set of luggage would make a wonderful gift for someone going on a cruise and what could be better than this three-piece anchor-patterned set? Theis luggage include small, medium and large wheeled suitcases.

Check the price of this nautical luggage set on Amazon.

12. Packing cubes

Anyone who’s tried packing cubes swears by them and would never go back to packing everything together. These cubes are thicker than most packing cubes that you’ll find and are waterproof. Say hello to being organised when you pack for your cruise.

Check the price of these packing cubes on Amazon.

Cruise gift cards

If you want to get a really special gift, you could gift someone a cruise. Cruise gift cards are available to buy, so that they can choose their own dates and itinerary for their trip.

1. Carnival Cruises gift cards

Carnival gift cards are available to buy. US residents can purchase physical gift cards, and international customers can purchase online gift cards with a value of $100 to $1000.

See Carnival gift cards

2. Princess Cruises gift cards

Princess Cruises gift cards come as traditional plastic gift cards or e-gift cards which are sent by email. You can choose any value between $25 and $2000.

See Princess Cruises gift cards

3. Celebrity Cruises gift cards

Celebrity cruises gift certificates are available only for on-board credit in multiples of $25, or a speciality restaurant credit which costs $45.

See Celebrity Cruises shipboard credit certificates

Whilst giving the gift of a cruise can seem like a nice idea, cruise gift cards and vouchers can have pitfalls which come with being tied to a particular cruise line and their terms and conditions.

If you want to gift a cruise, you could instead opt for a handmade card or gift certificate detailing your promise. Or instead of on-board credit, you could gift dollars or Euros in cash which could be used to pay a balance on board, or be used to spend in ports of call.

To wrap up…

Once you’ve chosen your perfect cruise gift, continue with the theme with some nautical gift wrap or a cute cruise ship greetings card.

1. Nautical gift bag

This set of lovely nautical gift bags has classic blue and white stripes and is embossed with a gold foil anchor motif. It’s the perfect gift bag for any occasion.

Check the price of these nautical gift bags on Amazon.

2. Nautical gift wrap

This cute ocean-themed gift wrapping paper has various designs including anchors, whales, ships, ships wheels, stars and waves. It’s of premium quality so it’s not easy to rip.

Check the price of this nautical gift wrap on Amazon.

3. Pop-up cruise ship greeting card

If you’re looking for a greeting card with the wow-factor, then this one is guaranteed to cause a splash. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, anniversary or any other special occasion, this handmade card has an intricate pop-up cruise ship.

Check the price of this pop-up card on Amazon.

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