Cruise Drama As Employee Error Bumps Guest, Unable To Rebook Them

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A cruise guest put Carnival Cruise Line on blast after an admin error threatened to derail a wedding cruise.

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Writing on the Carnival VIFP Club Members Facebook group (as well as other Facebook groups), the guest explained that the cruise line had accidentally removed someone from their booking.

It happened when the guest called the cruise line to ask them to switch someone in their group booking from one cabin to another. However, an error on the agent’s behalf meant that the individual was removed, and then their place onboard was taken by someone on the ship’s waiting list.

Even though the passenger removed was booked to share a cabin with other passengers, they could not be re-added to the booking, because the ship was at capacity for safety reasons.

To make things even worse, the cruise guest making the request was still charged a penalty fee for the late admin change.

And with the cruise departing in just two weeks, the situation was understandably urgent and stressful for the guest – made even more so by the fact that it was part of a wedding cruise.

They took to various social media to raise awareness of the issue and to find the best contact details to get her case heard by the Carnival higher-ups.

Several Facebook commenters recommended that the passenger contact John Heald, as he has significant sway and could have helped to resolve the issue.

A few hours after posting, the passenger provided an update to say that their complaint reached the right person, and that the individual who’d lost their space was re-added to the cruise and the penalty fees removed.

In the end, everything was resolved, but it was clearly a very stressful time for the passenger, all caused by a mistake at the cruise line’s end!


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