Carnival Cruise VIPs Asked Not To Abuse Their Privileges

If you’re a frequent traveller with Carnival, you’ll be thrilled with some of the exclusive boarding day benefits. 

John Heald, the renowned Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador, recently highlighted one of the most sought-after perks for the brand’s loyal VIFP cruisers, suite guests, and those who have purchased the Faster to the Fun (FTTF) pass – immediate access to your cabin upon boarding.

Aerial view of a Carnival cruise ship docked at a bustling port, with the ship's distinctive red funnel standing out against the sprawling industrial backdrop and calm blue waters.

But, this handy advantage comes with some misunderstandings that need clearing up. So, let’s see what John has said…

Drop Off Your Bags, But Don’t Hang Around

The idea of stepping onto the ship and directly into your cabin is a dream for many cruisers. And for Diamond and Platinum members of Carnival’s Very Important Fun Person (VIFP) club, those who’ve booked suites, and FTTF pass holders, it becomes a reality – with a minor catch.

This privilege lets you drop off your carry-on luggage in your stateroom “until your room is ready,” allowing you to begin your lunch adventures, complete the safety drill, and immerse yourself in the onboard experience without the burden of your bags. A truly appealing deal, right?

John Heald noted that some misunderstandings have led to issues, with guests remaining in their cabins rather than using this time to enjoy the ship’s facilities.

John Heald
John Heald

Heald’s advice was concise: “You can go directly to your cabin to drop off your carry-on bags. Please can you leave straight away.”

This enables the crew to perfect your stateroom, ensuring it’s pristine for your vacation.

Such is the extent of the problem, that John said he is ‘dealing with five different guests who have all had some kind of confrontation with the crew regarding this’.

He also said that he puts out a reminder ‘almost monthly’, yet still, some people are demanding that housekeeping staff leave the cabin before they have had time to complete their work.

Welcome aboard sign on a Carnival cruise ship showing when staterooms will be ready.

A Bit of Consideration Makes a Huge Difference

Imagine the challenge of preparing the room – fluffing pillows, restocking towels, making everything perfect – with an excited guest observing every move. Awkward, isn’t it?

Heald mentioned instances of guests trying to unpack, shower, or even nap while housekeeping was present! Such behaviour, although probably not intentionally rude, can slow down the crew’s ability to prepare your stateroom.

When taking advantage of this early access, it’s wise to limit cabin visits to one or two people from your group just to place bags – ideally in the closet, under the bed, or tidily in a corner.

After leaving your luggage, the ship is yours to enjoy! From indulging in a meal, visiting your muster station, to diving into the pool, your adventure starts now.

The True Value of This Perk

This special access reflects Carnival’s dedication to improving your cruise experience from the moment you board. But with such privileges comes the responsibility to use them correctly. John Heald’s reminder encourages thoughtful use of this benefit to keep it as a cherished part of the Carnival cruise experience.

Rumours of a VIFP program overhaul are circulating, yet details remain unconfirmed. While immediate cabin access is safe for now, its continuation relies on responsible and respectful use by everyone.

Cruise enthusiasts, take to heart John’s advice, and let’s embark with a shared sense of respect and camaraderie.

Cheers to calm waters and the excitement of cruising with Carnival – where every guest is a valued Very Important Fun Person.


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