Carnival Quietly Removes VIFP Perk – Unrelated To VIFP Renovation

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Carnival Cruise Line has removed a casino-related perk from the top tiers of its VIFP loyalty program, but has done so without notice.

Carnival Casino

Guests on the Diamond and Platinum tiers were able to enjoy a $25 FunPlay credit in the casino, but this has now been removed, with no replacement perk announced.

The $25 credit was always advertised as a temporary benefit to replace the paused tournaments, but when it was introduced guests were informed that it was being added.

Its removal had gone under the radar until John Heald, the Brand Ambassador for Carnival, was forced to address the issue due to questions from guests on his Facebook page.

The $25 FunPlay casino credit was one of our temporary offers to our top tier VIFP guests. With a full suite of casino promotions and activities, we are sunsetting this credit and continue to look for other ways to make sure our loyal guests have a great time while cruising with us.

John Heald

He told Carnival fans that the removal had come at the request of the casino management team, and that it was not related to a planned renovation of the VIFP program.

The VIFP program is being looked at by the senior Carnival management team with an overhaul planned for this year.

Guests are disappointed to lose the perk, and in the way that Carnival has removed it without telling guests, leaving them to find out when they arrive at the casino to claim it.


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