Carnival Denies Abandoning Towel Animals

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Carnival Cruise Line has been forced to release a statement denying rumours that the cruise line will no longer be making towel animals in guests’ cabins.

Carnival Cruise Line Towel Animal

The rumour was driven by a story that was circulating online among cruise forums and social media groups, which claimed that from 1st November 2023 there was a new policy which would end the practice of room stewards turning towels into fun animals.

The information quoted “Carnival corporate policy” and stated that it had come from a cruise guest’s own room attendant, although no official announcement had been made.

The cruise line’s popular ambassador John Heald made a statement calling the story “100% false, ridiculous, nonsensical information” and said that towels animals would always remain an iconic part of the cruise line’s guest experience.

The rumour had claimed that towel animals were to be discontinued due to the time it took to make them, and the pressures that cabin attendants were under to do other jobs in the room instead.

However, attendants are highly experienced at making towel animals very quickly, and so the time saved would be negligible anyway.

It’s not the only rumour that Heald has had to dispel recently. Another story that kept resurfacing was a claim that gratuities were being used to pay crew member salaries, which Heald had to deny multiple times.

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