Cruiser Complains Over Trivia Cheats

A Carnival Cruise Line customer has complained to Brand Ambassador John Heald about the number of guests cheating on the onboard trivia games.

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Many cruises host trivia games during regular itineraries. They may be general knowledge themed, or they can have a specific topic. Common examples include popular TV and movie franchises such as Friends or Harry Potter, or musicians like The Beatles.

Most quizzes are purely for fun, although some have a very basic prize on offer.

But a customer has recently made a complaint to John Heald over the number of guests cheating and getting perfect scores, even on very tough questions.

As the internet speeds on cruise lines improve, cheating is becoming easier – guests are able to use their phones to search for the answers in real-time.

Me and my wife lost the Harry Potter trivia because some kids were cheating using their phones. The staff did nothing. We complained. We got nothing. CHEATS. Carnival allows them to cruise. Cheating should mean a ban on being able to be on a cruise again with Carnival IMHO.

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While calls to ban guests from cruises for cheating on the trivia quizzes are likely to fall on deaf ears, Heald has confirmed that he has passed the feedback onto the entertainment department for the cruise line, to see if there are options to help stop cheats.

In the meantime, staff will be urged to keep asking guests to put phones away and to not cheat during the quizzes.

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6 thoughts on “Cruiser Complains Over Trivia Cheats”

  1. Who would get pleasure from cheating to win, They are very sad. Also, they should be banned from entering any more quizzes for the duration of the cruise.

  2. My hubs and I have won or nearly won progressive trivia (one was 12 successive nights) on several cruises and there are always cheats. Usually, it’s groups larger than “allowed” – they just say they’re sitting at the same table, but I have routinely seen groups of 6 or 8 (when the limit is 4) sharing answers as one “mega-team.”
    Banning people from the cruise line for cheating seems a bit extreme, but we have had quite a few activity staff (especially on MSC) lay it on the line that anyone caught using phones will immediately be disqualified. Some are QUITE stern!
    We just generally show up for most all of the trivia contests that fit in our schedule — that’s how you win, you go to quizzes about things you don’t know and learn. You also get a feel for the kind of questions that particular line and that particular activities staff will cover. We have also been known to study a little beforehand if we know what the category is going to be (world capitals, dog breeds, types of pasta, etc.) to spur our brains a little bit.
    It’s all in fun and generally now there are no prizes on most lines except for the progressive trivia – but we feel pretty good about our aging, geezer brains when we are able to get that elusive perfect score now & then.

  3. He he. Bit of an overreaction from Karen, still, if your a seasoned quizzer it will be frustrating to go to a for fun quiz!
    p.s. Source is broken.

  4. We are on the World Cruise on Coral Princess the same couple keep winning the entertainment staff know they are cheating but can’t do anything about it and we are talking an older couple here, I can’t see what they get out of cheating!

  5. What are your thoughts about MSC cruise line? Specifically, their drink package. I’m taking my elderly parents who don’t drink alcohol. I was told by MSC that we won’t be able to dine with them because my husband and I do have a drink package.

  6. My son and I were accused of cheating in a quiz during our list cruise.
    His tablet was on the table, switched off. ( He’d been reading) He’s a useless information geek.
    Our “team” of 2 beat the 6’s fairly & squarely BUT they didn’t like it.
    My comment to them was Get a life, it’s only a game….

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