Carnival Cruise Guests Hit By Price Hikes – Speciality Dining Charges Quietly Increased

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Carnival has raised the prices of many of its speciality dining venues across the fleet, without announcing it publically.

Carnival Cruise Line Snacks

The new prices were implemented on 1st December 2023 and apply to a wide range of venues across the entire fleet of ships. While most of the price increases are minor, there are potential shocks in store for guests of the Chef’s Table.

That’s because the maximum price for this venue has increased from $99 to $150 – an increase of 52% on the old price.

Chef’s Table is unique in the fleet in that it does not have a set price. Instead, the price can vary depending on the ship and the sailing – with special events and peak times seeing a higher price, though this is often reflected in the menu.

Previously, Chef’s Table would cost between $80 and $99 per person, but that price band has moved to between $90 and $150.

These prices also don’t include the 18% gratuity that is charged automatically, meaning the most expensive Chef’s Table visits will cost individual guests $177.

Other price increases across the fleet are as follows:

  • Bonsai Teppanyaki – $38 lunch ($3 increase), $42 dinner ($3 increase)
  • Cucina del Capitano* – $24 ($6 increase)
  • JiJi Asian Kitchen – $24 ($6 increase)
  • Rudi’s Seagrill – $49 ($1 increase)
  • Steakhouse – $49 ($1 increase)

*The Cucina del Capitano venues on the Excel-class ships (Mardi Gras, Carnival Celebration and Carnival Jubilee) are different – they offer one complimentary dinner and then each meal afterwards costs just $8

Usually, Carnival is pretty good for warning guests about price increases, but these dining hikes weren’t warned about. It could be that they’re a temporary test, although the fact they’ve pushed the prices out across the fleet suggests otherwise.

The cruise line has announced that WiFi prices are increasing, which makes the secretive dining price increases even more strange. WiFi prices are increasing as follows:

  • Social Plan – $15.30 per day when bought in advance , $18 per day when bought on the ship
  • Value Plan – $19.55 per day when bought in advance, $23 per day when bought on the ship
  • Premium Plan – $21.25 per day when bought in advance , $25 per day when bought on the ship

All of the packages have risen by $2.55 per day when bought in advance, or $3 per day when bought on the ship.


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