Captain Kate McCue Partners With Female-Owned Watch Brand – Exclusive Interview!

Abingdon Co., a female-owned watch brand renowned for creating timepieces for women in demanding professions, has announced a new partnership with one of cruises’ best-known captains, Kate McCue.

I was lucky enough to secure an exclusive interview with the duo, so read on to hear what makes them tick…

Captain Kate McCue has invested in Abingdon Co., a watch brand that makes durable, high-quality watches primarily aimed at women in the maritime, aviation, and transport industries.

Captain McCue was originally a customer of the brand, and has now decided to invest in the watch company to help it grow and to bring new customers to the business.

McCue is well known as the first female captain of a mega cruise ship, and she has curated her own online brand to become one of the real innovators in cruise – not only as a pioneer for women in senior officer positions but also as a content creator in the broader cruise industry.

She has amassed over 3.6 million followers on TikTok, along with over 950,000 followers on Instagram and 76,000 on YouTube, where she shares daily video clips from her life as a cruise captain.

Interview with Captain Kate McCue and Abingdon Mullin, the founder of Abingdon Co.

Kate, what was it about an Abingdon watch that caught your eye initially?

The first thing that caught my eye with Abingdon were the beautiful vibrant designs of watches made by a woman for women. They had all the features and automatic movement that I was looking for in a watch, without overwhelming my wrist, which is something I could never find with mass-produced watch companies.

After learning about the company, I was beyond impressed to find that it’s not about the decoration, but a much bigger purpose of providing tools, without compromise, for women doing extraordinary things in their hard work and play, while most importantly, paying it forward.

Captain Kate McCue at the helm

And navigating through your maritime career, what challenges have you conquered that made you resonate with Abingdon Co.’s mission?

When it comes to challenges while navigating my career, one that has always been prevalent is not having equipment tailored to or for women. Being in a male-dominated field means that something as simple as fitting into safety shoes, coveralls or firefighting gear has always been an obstacle because of the idea that one size fits all… men. 

As a firm believer in “if you can see it, you can be it”, Abingdon gives women a platform to do more and be more by providing the incredible tools to do so.

You’ve turned from a customer into an investor. Can you share that moment of decision?

Meeting Abingdon in person in 2021 made such a powerful impression that this is so much more than a watch company. I love the empowerment and community aspect. Not only because Abingdon is located in Las Vegas, where I proudly call home, but because Abingdon makes you part of the crew; strong adventurous women who push boundaries and want more out of life and their watch! 

Her “Crew Members” gain access to inspiring events which promote and support educational opportunities for girls and women around the world. We are aligned with the idea that the world needs strong women, who are brave, fierce and tender. We understand that success comes from lifting each other up. I believe in the company and it’s mission and that is why I want to be more involved in this incredible company.

Abingdon Mullin and Captain Kate McCue

Great, thanks! And Abingdon, what sparked the idea to create watches for women in demanding professions?

After obtaining my pilot’s certificate in 2006, I searched for a fashionable yet durable pilot’s watch to celebrate this milestone in my career. All of the watches I came across at the time were too bulky and masculine-looking.

Other women around me shared the same frustration and it inspired me to launch the brand in 2007 – taking on the watch market that predominantly serves the male consumer and providing women with stylish, purpose-built watches designed to withstand all.

Hearing that Captain Kate McCue became not just a supporter but an investor must have been thrilling. What does this mean for Abingdon Co.’s future?

Captain Kate’s leadership and dedication align perfectly with our mission to create opportunities for women to thrive and succeed. Her continuous support and investment open up exciting opportunities for the future and together we will continue empowering women in industries where they’ve been traditionally underrepresented. 

What’s a piece of advice you’d give to other female entrepreneurs looking to make waves in male-dominated industries?

In the realm of male-dominated industries, one piece of advice I’d impart is to embrace tenacity wholeheartedly. I’ve fought through many roadblocks throughout my career and have overcome them, fueled by an unwavering determination to carve my path in an industry often monopolized by men.

It’s about being bold, bouncing back from setbacks, and refusing to take no for an answer. When people doubt you because you’re a woman in a “man’s world,” use that doubt as fuel to prove ’em wrong. We’re all in this together, breaking barriers and making history.


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