Cabin Steward For One Of The World’s Biggest Cruise Lines Arrested After Guest Made A Shocking Discovery

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Royal Caribbean has confirmed that one of the male stateroom attendants onboard Symphony of the Seas was arrested this week, after he was found to have placed hidden cameras in guests’ rooms.

The former attendant (he was fired immediately) has admitted the crimes and is now being detained while he awaits a trial for federal charges.

Arvin Joseph Mirasol, a 34-year-old stateroom attendant from the Phillippines, was arrested when the cruise ship returned to Fort Lauderdale on Sunday 3rd March.

It’s alleged that Mirasol had placed cameras in several staterooms and had adjusted them depending on the guests staying in the room. The reports also state that he filmed “younger passengers” though it’s unclear whether this included children.

Mirasol has also admitted that he had, on “several occasions”, hidden under the beds in the staterooms while guests were showering.

A female guest discovered one of Mirasol’s cameras. She was cruising with two other female members of her family. She reported the camera to the security team, who quickly took action and detained Mirasol.

A search of his belongings found several videos, including some which showed him installing the cameras. He’s been working on the cruise ship since December 2023 but no further information has been released on how many videos he filmed during his three months on the ship.

It comes almost a year after a guest was arrested on sister ship Harmony of the Seas for installing a hidden camera in a public bathroom.

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  1. I recently cruised with Norwegian in the Far East using an inside cabin – my preferred way of travelling. Throughout the cruise – two weeks- work was carried out daily on the air con system next to my cabin. Loud drilling, hammering, sawing etc. every single day 8am to 6pm. Norwegian have offered me £300 off my next cruise with them. They are attesting that I was offered another cabin- true – it was smaller and two cabins away ! But at least my fridge worked and my toilet didn’t overflow like other passengers! I would never cruise with them again.

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