Amsterdam Makes Bold Move To Slash Cruise Ship Visits And Relocate Terminal

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Amsterdam is set to drastically cut down on cruise ship visits and relocate its cruise terminal by 2026.

Amsterdam at night

The city will limit visits to no more than 100 per year and require ships to use shore power by 2027. The terminal may be moved to the Coenhaven area to reduce congestion and pollution.

The decision is driven by environmental concerns. Amsterdam aims to minimise pollutants and promote sustainability. Cruise ships contribute to air and water pollution, and the city hopes to reduce its carbon footprint by cutting down on visits.

Currently, the Passengers Terminal Amsterdam (PTA) receives about 190 cruise ship visits annually. This brings economic benefits but also leads to congestion and pollution. Starting in 2026, only one berth will be used at a time to reduce congestion. By 2027, ships will be required to use shore power.

Amsterdam’s canals are vulnerable to pollution from cruise ships and the city hopes to protect its canals and maintain their pristine condition.

The economic impact will be significant. Cruise tourism contributes approximately 105 million Euros annually to Amsterdam’s economy. With fewer ships, there will be a loss in tourist taxes, passenger spending, and payments from cruise lines.

The Passengers Terminal Amsterdam (PTA) is currently located in the heart of the city. Its central location contributes to congestion and pollution. The Coenhaven area, northwest of the current location, is being considered for the new terminal. Financial and legal feasibility studies must be completed before the relocation can proceed.

Other cities around the world, including Sitka in Alaska, Bar Harbor in Maine, and Valencia in Spain, are also considering similar measures. These cities are exploring ways to balance economic benefits with sustainability.

Amsterdam’s decision to reduce cruise ship visits and relocate its terminal is a bold move but one that the local government clearly think is necessary.


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