When Port Visits Go Wrong: Guest Rescued After Being Lost In A Rainforest For 2 Nights

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A cruise passenger has been rescued after wandering into the rainforest in Grenada and getting lost for two nights.

Costa Fortuna cruise ship

Heyse Celine, a French national, was enjoying a cruise on the Costa Cruises ship Costa Fortuna. The ship docked at the Caribbean island of Grenada on 18th December, and Celine decided to head off in search of a popular waterfall.

Instead of booking a cruise excursion, Celine rode a local bus and then journeyed alone into the Grand Etang Forest. While it’s not uncommon for people to travel into this rainforest, they typically travel with a guide.

Celine was unable to find the waterfall, but then in trying to retrace her steps she became lost. She slept in the mountainous region, and the next day she was able to call her daughter to provide an update.

The police had issues a missing person report and started to conduct a search of the forest. She wasn’t found until the next day again – two nights after initially getting lost – when she was spotted by a drone near the edges of the reserve.

She had some cuts and bruises when she was discovered, and she was suffering from exhaustion, but she was otherwise OK.

It’s likely that the misadventure would have been very costly for Celine – she now will have to pay to fly to meet the ship for the last day of the cruise, or have her belongings shipped home.

And her insurance, assuming she has it, will be unlikely to pay out, considering the situation was caused by her own decisions to wander off.

It serves as a reminder that guests should either stick to safe public areas when travelling in unknown ports, or choose excursions that handle all the travelling for you.


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