The Best Marella Excursions in the Caribbean

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The Caribbean is the perfect place to unwind on a cruise. The tropical scenery, the white sands, the beating sun… It really does offer a piece of paradise for anyone who cruises there.

Marella Excursions in the Caribbean

But maybe you aren’t one of those people who is content just hitting the beach to soak up the sun’s rays? If you live for a little bit of adventure, or you just like to get out and explore the regions you visit, then you’ll want to try some of the available excursions through your cruise line too.

And if you’re sailing on a Marella cruise, there are some incredible excursion options in the Caribbean. In this guide, I’ve picked out just a handful of the most exciting, but there are so many more to try. So why not get yourself booked onto a Caribbean Marella cruise now and give these a whirl?

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Wild West Kayak Adventure – King’s Wharf, Bermuda

Marella Cruises Wild West Kayak Adventure

Embark on a unique journey as you explore the enchanting Bermuda coastline from the perspective of a glass-bottomed kayak. Your day starts with a scenic shuttle bus ride through the picturesque western parishes, leading you to a serene beach with calm waters to begin your kayak experience.

Unlike conventional tours, the kayak itinerary remains flexible, adapting to the day’s conditions. Your guide will navigate you to the most captivating spots, promising encounters with uninhabited islands and secluded beaches untouched by human presence for months.

As you paddle through the waves, you’ll enjoy spotting the diverse wildlife, with hotspots for longtails, egrets, and herons. The transparent bottom of your kayak offers a mesmerizing view of local crabs, and if luck is on your side, the possibility of spotting a turtle or two.

Atlantis Submarine – Oranjestad, Aruba

Marella Cruises Atlantis Submarine

Embark on an amazing underwater journey starting with a short ride on the shuttle vessel, SubSeeker, to reach the Atlantis VI Submarine along the southeast shores of Aruba. Step aboard this cool submarine, Atlantis VI, designed to take you down to 130 feet with comfy air-conditioned luxury. Get ready for a fantastic voyage as you explore schools of colourful tropical fish, sponge gardens, and gorgeous coral fields – a real dive into an undiscovered world.

Besides the awesome marine life, the experienced crew will share stories about two sunken ships, the Danish sailboat ‘M Dushi I’ and the recently sunk coaster ‘The Morgenster,’ now resting on the ocean floor. Spend forty-five minutes discovering these underwater wonders and the tales behind these submerged relics.

Beach Break & Snorkel – Fort De France, Martinique

Marella Cruises Beach Break & Snorkel

A fantastic excursion for those eager to delve into the mysteries beneath the waves, this experience sets anchor at two phenomenal snorkeling havens.

The first is Anse-Dufour, where the panoramic vista of the beach unfolds, adorned with pristine white sands and embraced by swaying palms. The attentive crew is at your service, assisting with the fitting of your snorkeling gear and providing insightful briefings on the fascinating sea creatures you’re likely to encounter. You’ll enjoy around 40 minutes of underwater exploration before returning to the vessel and setting sail for the next gem – the Bat Cave.

Immerse yourself in a thriving underwater world at the Bat Cave, brimming with an abundance of tropical fish. Picture it as snorkeling within a living aquarium, surrounded by the vibrant hues of angelfish and parrot-fish. Another enchanting 40-minute session awaits before it’s time to head back to the ship.

Sea Trek Helmet Dive – St Maarten, Philipsburg

Marella Cruises Sea Trek Helmet Dive

Embark on a half-day adventure tailored for those without scuba diving expertise but who would love to discover the wonders beneath the ocean’s surface. The Sea Trek is a unique excursion that invites you to don a specialized helmet and stroll along the sea floor, providing a captivating glimpse into underwater life. The innovative helmets ensure you breathe effortlessly, allowing you to wear glasses and preserve your hairstyle – not a drop of water touches your head.

Guided by an experienced instructor, you’ll descend 20 feet below the surface for an immersive half-hour journey. Marvel at St. Maarten’s mesmerizing underwater landscapes, featuring a sunken submarine, a helicopter, vibrant shoals of tropical fish, and carpets of pastel-colored coral. Following this underwater odyssey, indulge in some leisure time on the beach, take a refreshing swim in the sea, and unwind before returning to the ship.

Catamaran Cruise & Lobster Lunch – St John’s, Antigua

Marella Cruises Catamaran Cruise & Lobster Lunch

Indulge in the epitome of luxury with a lobster lunch savoured aboard a stylish catamaran. Embark on this morning cruise along the island’s west coast, tracing a picturesque route to the idyllic Deep Bay Beach. Enjoy leisure time for a refreshing dip or basking on the pristine, ice-white sands. Aboard the catamaran once again, the journey continues to Morris Bay, where the anchor drops for another round of swimming and sun-soaked relaxation.

Prepare your taste buds for a delicious lobster buffet lunch, elegantly complemented by a glass of bubbly. You’ll then enjoy a relaxing sail back to your original destination accompanied by two of the best words on any excursion – “open bar”!

Wacky River Tubing – Roseau, Dominica

Marella Cruises Wacky River Tubing

Get ready for an exciting aquatic adventure along the winding currents of Dominica’s longest and most expansive river. Settle into a sturdy rubber tube, ready to tackle the challenges of the Layou River – a journey that guarantees a wet and wild experience.

Navigate through the unpredictable currents, manoeuvre around rocks, and conquer the rapids, all while enjoying the refreshing mountain breeze as you drift downstream, captivated by the ever-changing scenery of this stunning valley.

Throughout this adrenaline-pumping experience, a seasoned guide will be with you, ensuring your safety and adding to the excitement of the ride.

Caribbean Pirates Sailaway – Bequia, Grenadines

Marella Cruises Caribbean Pirates Sailaway

Step aboard the classic island schooner, Scaramouche, for a captivating journey along the scenic coast of Bequia. Glide past the renowned Moonhole cave-home area and venture towards a diminutive, uninhabited rocky island that once served as the local whaling station.

The boat drops anchor in this historic locale for approximately 30 minutes, offering you the choice to snorkel directly from the ship, explore the shoreline, or simply unwind on the shaded decks of the schooner.

As you set sail once more, your next destination awaits in the stunning turquoise waters. Revel in some leisure time for a refreshing swim at a pristine white-sand beach before the schooner gracefully returns you to your cruise ship.

Throughout the voyage, the ambience is set by Caribbean music, and the friendly local pirate crew ensures an unforgettable experience with servings of rum punch and soft drinks.

Final Word

Marella’s Caribbean cruises visit a fantastic range of ports, and within each, you’ll discover a selection of memorable excursion options.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a foodie, someone with a passion for history, or you just want to try something different, there will always be excursion options to suit.

And, of course, you’ll be enjoying the wonderful experience of an all-inclusive Marella cruise ship as you sail between each destination.

What could be better?

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