Luxury Residence Ship Delayed Again – Delays Now Almost One Month

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The luxury residence ship Odyssey, due to set sail for Villa Vie Residences, has suffered a second delay within a week.

Initially scheduled to set sail on 21 May 2024, the ship’s debut has now been delayed three times.

The first delay pushed the launch to 30th May, and the second delay has moved it to early June. Now, the ship is not scheduled to depart until 15th June.

The latest delay is due to the rudder stocks needing to be replaced before the ship sets sail, which are an important part for the movement of the rudder.

The delays have impacted passengers who had booked trips. Many have had to rearrange their travel plans. Villa Vie Residences has been proactive in communicating with passengers, helping those who are waiting to depart to find alternative accommodation options.

Passengers have had mixed reactions to the delays. Some have expressed frustration, while others have shown understanding and patience – after all, the ship needs to be ready. But with several delays in a row now, it’s not a surprise that some are unhappy with the wait.

The renovation process for the Odyssey has been extensive. Upgrading the ship’s interiors and ensuring all safety protocols are in place have been priorities. This meticulous work is essential for delivering the luxurious experience passengers expect.

Hopefully everything will be ready for the new departure date, and this epic three-year cruise can finally begin.


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