Explore Europe This Summer With An All-Inclusive Marella Cruise

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While we often dream of enjoying the summer months, especially during the colder seasons when the weather is grey and miserable, the reality is that you often need to travel if you want to enjoy the best that the summer has to offer – the UK doesn’t exactly guarantee glorious sunshine.

Barcelona with La Sagrada Familia during christmas season

Taking a summer cruise is a wonderful way to enjoy not just a fantastic climate, but to also explore fascinating cities packed with culture and history, whilst taking the time to sample delicious food and plenty of cocktails as you are whisked between destinations.

And with Marella’s cruise options, your summer getaway couldn’t be easier, with a host of great itineraries, included flights to get you to the heart of Europe faster, and all-inclusive fares too.

Let’s take a look.

Enjoy amazing all-inclusive cruise deals with Marella Cruises

Flights, drinks, tips and more included!

Marella Summer Itineraries

Most of the cruises offered during the peak summer months for Marella are in the Mediterranean – but it’s so much more than just one region. The ships are deployed all across the Med, with some fantastic itineraries for you to choose from.

Discover Iberia

Monkey at Gibraltar

Explore the southern coast of Spain on this charming Iberian itinerary, sailing from Palma in Majorca. This cruise is packed with exciting destinations, and only one sea day as you travel to your first port of call in Gibraltar. Here you can tour the Rock, see the Barbary Apes, or hop on a dolphin-spotting cruise around the bay.

From here it’s onto Cadiz, which has stunning gothic architecture and also acts as a gateway to Seville, and then Malaga which has stunning caves, a beautiful cathedral, and some fantastic wines to sample.

You’ll also visit Melilla on the Moroccan coast, with an incredible 15th-century fort and a mish-mash of European and African buildings, before visiting Cartagena, where you can tour the town or head to the local beaches for a relaxing sunbathing day.

Coastal Gems

Embark on a captivating journey along the Mediterranean with the “Coastal Gems” cruise, commencing from the sunny shores of Palma in Majorca. Begin your adventure in the bustling city of Palma, where sun-drenched beaches and historical marvels like the Moorish palace and Gothic Cathedral await.

After a leisurely day at sea, arrive in Florence/Pisa via La Spezia, a gateway to Italy’s breathtaking Le Cinque Terre region. Next, discover the charming harbour town of Propriano in Corsica, brimming with quaint cafes and traditional Corsican cuisine.

Cannes, with its glitzy marina and luxurious ambience, offers a glimpse into the jet-set lifestyle, while still retaining its authentic French charm. In Marseille, be enchanted by a city steeped in history and famed for its exquisite seafood.

Your final stop before returning to Palma is Tarragona, a treasure trove of Roman history, offers a perfect blend of historical intrigue and Mediterranean beauty.

Ancient Icons

Looking for something a little different? The Eastern Mediterranean offers a treasure trove of history and culture, along with beautiful sunshine and beaches. With the Ancient Icons itinerary, you’ll set sail from Marmaris in Turkey and explore some of the best ports that Greece and Turkey have to offer.

Your journey then takes you to Limassol, Cyprus, the island’s largest seaside town, where age-old sights meet vibrant contemporary life​​. In Alanya, Turkey, explore the city’s dual identity as an ancient Seljuk city and a modern beach resort, famously associated with Queen Cleopatra​​.

Rhodes Town, Greece, known for its abundant sunshine and fascinating history, offers a mix of cosmopolitan charm and sandy beaches​​. Bodrum, Turkey, is often likened to St-Tropez but with belly dancers. The port is renowned for its smart waterfront restaurants and yachts​​, and you’ll love just soaking up the atmosphere.

Your final stop before returning to Marmaris is Heraklion, Crete’s capital. Here, old meets new with a vibrant atmosphere, bustling cafes, bars, and sleek boutiques, alongside historical treasures​​.

Highlights of the Mediterranean

If you want to tick off the biggest cities of the Med, then this Highlights cruise is ideal – Barcelona and Rome await, each packed with world-famous sites to enjoy.

Before that, though, your cruise begins in Palma, and then takes you to Ajaccio on Corsica, an island of rugged peaks and emerald countryside. Here, explore the rich green maquis, the deep Prunelli Gorge, or visit Europe’s only tortoise protection centre at Cupulatta Park​​.

Next is Civitavecchia, your gateway to Rome. This city is an overwhelming blend of historical wonders, artistic splendor, and culinary delights. From the Colosseum to the Vatican City, Rome is a feast for the senses​​.

Then, Livorno ushers you into the heart of Renaissance – Florence and Pisa. Marvel at Florence’s art, architecture, and the famous Ponte Vecchio, or visit Pisa’s iconic Leaning Tower and the bustling Borgo Stretto​​.

St Raphael, known for its unspoilt coastline and natural beauty, offers access to the glamorous St Tropez and the glitzy Cannes, where luxury and elegance reign supreme​​.

Your final stop before returning to Palma is Barcelona. This city is a blend of cutting-edge architecture, fashion, and art. Wander through the Gothic quarter, enjoy tapas, or visit the iconic Nou Camp, home of Barcelona Football Club​.

Adriatic Affair

The seascape of Dubrovnik

Set sail on the “Adriatic Affair” cruise, starting from the enchanting city of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site brimming with history.

After a tranquil day at sea, your next port of call is Koper, a medieval Slovenian town nestled in a horseshoe-shaped bay. Koper seamlessly blends the old with the new, offering a delightful mix of historical sights and modern boutiques.

Your journey continues in Rijeka, a bustling port city in Croatia, where peach and lemon-colored buildings line pedestrian streets, leading to beautiful islands in the Kvarner Gulf, known for their serene coves and beaches.

In Ancona, Italy, you are greeted by the town’s bustling harbor and historic landmarks. The skyline is dotted with Gothic, Roman, and Greek architecture, while the streets buzz with lively cafes and museums.

Split, Croatia’s second-largest city, offers a blend of ancient history and modern charm. Not to be missed is the Diocletian’s Palace, a stunning fortress built in 305 AD, set against a backdrop of lush green forests.

Your final destination before returning to Dubrovnik is Bar, Montenegro, a town framed by the Adriatic Sea and a picturesque mountain range. Discover the historic remnants in Stari Bar and the vast Lake Skadar, just a short journey away.

This cruise is available on Marella Explorer 2, and is ideal for anyone who wants an adults-only ship to avoid the noise of younger guests during summer holidays.

Why Marella Cruises?

Choosing Marella for your summer cruise is a fantastic idea, as the cruise line makes everything so easy.

You’ll fly to a convenient port to begin your cruise – you don’t have to waste a few days at sea sailing around northern Spain and Portugal in order to get to the Mediterranean waters. And with Marella, regional flights are available from across the UK, making it even more convenient.

It’s also easy to add a pre- or post-cruise stay, so you can extend your getaway with a relaxing few days in a quality TUI hotel resort too.

And when on the ship, you’ll enjoy an all-inclusive experience. There are no separate tips to pay and most drinks are included in the fare too, along with your food and entertainment.

Final Word

These summer Mediterranean cruises with Marella offer a wonderful way of guaranteeing great weather and even better experiences. But these itineraries are very popular and ships do sell out, so make sure you secure your cabin onboard as soon as you can!

Enjoy amazing all-inclusive cruise deals with Marella Cruises

Flights, drinks, tips and more included!

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