Embark on a Grand Adventure: Princess Cruises Announces Epic 114-Day World Voyage for 2026

Experience the journey of a lifetime with Princess Cruises, as the cruise line has revealed its most captivating world cruise to date, slated for early 2026.

Guests can set sail on Coral Princess, covering 35,000 nautical miles through stunning landscapes and diverse cultures.

This extensive 114-day odyssey begins in Fort Lauderdale on January 5, 2026, with another departure from Los Angeles on January 21, giving you the option to start from the port that best fits your plans.

This carefully planned voyage is designed to provide an unparalleled exploration of 52 ports across 28 countries, making it the most destination-rich itinerary in the history of Princess Cruises.

From the lively streets of Singapore and the historical charm of Sydney to the tranquil beauty of Honolulu, the 2026 World Cruise aims to provide late-night stays in 13 key ports and an overnight visit in the lively city of Hong Kong.

These ports of call give guests the chance to delve deeper into each destination with enough time to explore cultural and historical jewels, from UNESCO World Heritage Sites to the engaging rhythms of local life.

Each segment of the journey offers unique encounters and vistas.

Starting in Fort Lauderdale, your initial major stops include the architectural marvels of Cartagena, Colombia, followed by a scenic journey through the engineering feat that is the Panama Canal.

The trip then proceeds along the Pacific coastline of Latin America including stops in Costa Rica and several captivating Mexican ports before reaching Los Angeles.

Crossing the equator, you’ll visit picturesque islands in Hawaii and Samoa, capturing the spirit of the Pacific. In February, the ship docks in New Zealand and Australia, offering days filled with exploration in Fjordland National Park, Sydney, and Brisbane. Next, Asia awaits with its dynamic cultures and historical landmarks, including a first-time stop in exotic Boracay, Philippines.

The educational and entertainment offerings aboard the Coral Princess are exceptional. Guests will be able to engage with destination ambassadors and guest lecturers who bring each location to life through engaging stories and insights.

Authentic folkloric shows and themed festivities will immerse you in the cultural fabric of the regions visited, enriching your experience and deepening your understanding of the world’s diverse cultural heritage.

The Coral Princess, accommodating nearly 2,000 passengers and supported by 900 attentive crew members, offers a comfortable and intimate setting, delivering personalised service and meticulous attention to detail.

The world cruise is now available for bookings.


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