New Residential Cruise Ship Will Have A School For Kids Living Onboard

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Living permanently on a cruise ship with kids is now possible!

Storylines and IndySchool Consultancy have joined forces to create the world’s first accredited school on a residential cruise ship, the MV Narrative.

MV Narrative

This innovative partnership will allow children to explore the world while receiving a top-notch education, making it a dream come true for adventurous families with a passion for learning.

How school at sea will work

Storylines’ private residence ship, MV Narrative, will provide a unique educational experience for children as they explore the world. They’ll not only learn through traditional classroom settings but also through authentic learning experiences at each port of call.

This innovative approach will allow students to be fully immersed in the rich history, culture, and language of each destination. What’s more exciting is that the school will be accredited, ensuring that students receive proper credit for their education.

This groundbreaking partnership between Storylines and IndySchool Consultancy will revolutionize remote working and education for families with children.

Offering high-speed WiFi, dedicated workspaces, and conference rooms, the MV Narrative will transform the concept of ‘working from home’ to ‘working from sea.’

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balcony room on MV Narrative

A new opportunity for digital nomad families

The excitement around this project is palpable and for a good reason! This innovative educational model will give children an unparalleled opportunity to learn and grow while exploring the world. And it will mean that digital nomad parents who don’t have the time to homeschool their kids have an exciting new option.

For families with a passion for exploration, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide their children with a truly global education while maintaining work, family, and home life.

The school, set to open in 2025, will also emphasize ‘doing good’ by teaching students to collaborate, develop, and implement service projects across the globe.

MV Narrative Pool

Alister Punton, CEO of Storylines, shares: “Having a home aboard our inaugural residential ship MV Narrative guarantees exclusive access to this groundbreaking youth education model in which students learn anywhere and everywhere around the world.”

Storylines and IndySchool Consultancy are truly redefining the future of education with this extraordinary project. This exciting endeavor is sure to shape the next generation of well-rounded, culturally-aware, and globally-minded individuals.

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