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Watching the live webcams on cruise ships can be a fun way to see where a cruise ship is. Many cruise ships have a camera on the bow and some also have one on the stern, giving a live feed of what the ship’s captain can see.

cruise ship camera

Here’s an example of what you might see from a cruise ship webcam.

Webcam Caribbean PrincessCaribbean Princess Webcam

Not all cruise ships have cameras that are available for the public to view online. In fact, many cruise lines have stopped their webcam services too, which is a real shame.

Still, I’ve searched the internet to provide this list of all of the cruise cam feeds live right now.

Just click the links to view the live cruise ship camera in real time.

Tip: You can also view the live webcam feed while on a cruise ship! Just find the correct channel on your in-room TV to watch it. I like to do this every morning when I’m in an inside cabin so that I can see what the weather is like before I get dressed.

Norwegian Cruise Line Web Cameras

bridge cam

Princess Cruises Webcams

Princess Cruises webcam

Cruise lines that don’t have active webcams


Carnival Cruise Line hasn’t offered live cameras since early 2020 when cruising was paused worldwide. It’s not clear why they haven’t brought the live feeds back.

Costa Cruises

Unfortunately the Costa Cruise webcam pages have been taken down recently, but without an explanation. I’ll add them if they go live again.


Cunard is another cruise line to have stopped showing the webcam unfortunately. It doesn’t look like they’re coming back.

    Disney Cruise Line

    Unlike most other cruise lines, Disney Cruise Line has never had a public webcam feed from Disney cruise ships. You can, however, see DCL cruise ships on various port webcams such as Port of Miami, Port Canaveral and Galveston.

    You can view Disney cruise ships on port webcams here.

    Disney Wish webcam

    MSC Cruises

    MSC Cruises removed its webcams in November 2019. While some websites appear to show MSC Cruises webcam footage, this is not live, it is simply a screenshot from a few years ago when the webcams were last online.

    P&O Cruises

    P&O Cruises used to offer webcams, but then “temporarily” removed them during the global shutdown in 2020. And, well, they’ve never come back. I’m starting to think that when they said it was temporary, they meant permanent.

    If P&O webcams come back online, you will be able to view them here.

    Royal Caribbean

    Royal Caribbean stopped offering live web camera feeds to the public in early 2020, coinciding with the global shutdown. All webcam pages have been redirected to Royal Caribbean’s homepage. It’s not known whether Royal Caribbean will have live cameras in the future.

    cruise ship webcam

    Final word

    I hope that you found this page to be useful. I know, it’s a shame that many cruise lines have got rid of the live ship cam. Hopefully, they bring them back soon! And in the meantime, you can still enjoy NCL webcams and Princess live cameras.

    While you’re here, you may also be interested in the live cruise ship tracker that enables you to see exactly where each cruise ship is on a map of the world. Those still work!

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