Cruise Ship Rescues 27 People From Small Boat in Caribbean

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On Sunday afternoon, the Carnival Paradise, during its 5-night Western Caribbean cruise, emerged as a symbol of hope in the vast blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

As the ship was travelling west from Cuba to Roatan, Honduras, the alert crew spotted and quickly rescued 27 people stranded at sea.

people rescued on a small boat by Carnival Paradise

A Timely Intervention off Cuba’s Coast

Around 2:30 pm, a time usually spent enjoying the sea, the bridge crew of Carnival Paradise noticed a distress signal from a small, overcrowded boat.

The boat, about 20 miles southeast of Los Cajuelos – the westernmost tip of Cuba, was equipped with a makeshift sail that was ineffective.

Recognising the immediate need for help, the ship changed its course, fulfilling the maritime tradition of assisting those in danger.

people rescued on a small boat by Carnival Paradise

The rescue operation involved the safe transfer of 27 Cuban nationals from their inadequate vessel to the safety of the Carnival Paradise. Each person received essential supplies such as food, water, and medical care.

They promptly coordinated with the US Coast Guard Sector Key West to ensure all appropriate measures were in place for the well-being of the rescued. Officials in Roatan were notified as part of the standard procedures for maritime rescues.

Carnival Paradise

Ensuring Safety Without Sacrificing Schedule

The admirable rescue mission was carried out without impacting the cruiser’s eagerly awaited schedule. Since Carnival Paradise was set to travel at relaxed speeds that day, there was sufficient time to perform the rescue without major delays.

The ability of the ship to adjust its speed ensured it stayed on course to arrive in Roatan as expected, maintaining the promise of an exceptional cruise experience.

Carnival Paradise: A Legacy of Lifesaving

Carnival Paradise is celebrated not just for its delightful vacations but for its heroic history. This Fantasy-class ship, a veteran of the fleet, has a notable history of maritime rescues.

One significant example was in May 2019, when Carnival Paradise rescued a sailor near Cozumel after his vessel began sinking.

2022 saw the ship involved in two more critical rescues near Cuba, highlighting its steadfast dedication to saving lives.


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