The 13 Best Cruise Magazines in the UK

Can you call yourself a true fan of cruising if you don’t spend every moment thinking about it, planning it, and reading about it in the latest cruise magazines?

Cruise Mummy holding a copy of World Cruising's magazine

Of course you can – but cruise magazines are still a great way to keep up to date with the latest cruise information (when you aren’t reading this blog).

They have in-depth articles and features that explore all sides of cruising, and are great for a quick read or a lazy afternoon lounge wherever you are – including on a ship.

But which magazines are the best, and what do they cover? Well here’s a look at 13 of the best cruise magazines you can read when you next need your cruise fix.

1. World of Cruising

World of Cruising magazine

World of Cruising is one of the most renowned and popular cruise magazines in the UK and further afield too. Every issue brings you some great cruise deals (including some exclusive offers), plenty of tips on getting the most out of your next cruise, and features on destinations, ships and more.

It’s a good length, with enough variety to keep it interesting from cover to cover, and the occasional celebrity interview on their own cruise preferences. You can find the magazine in some high street stores in the UK (WHSmith tends to have stock) and it’s often available to buy in ports, otherwise, you can order it online for digital or print subscriptions.

  • Cost: £4.95 per issue / £28.50 per year
  • Frequency: 8 times a year
  • Print or Digital: Both
  • Where to get: Select stores in the UK, cruise ports, online

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2. Cruise International

Cruise International magazine

Cruise International is another popular cruise magazine produced in the UK, featuring interviews, cruise destination advice and tips on the best ship for you, including guides to river cruising.

It’s aimed at both newbies and experienced cruise passengers who want to get some inspiration for their next cruise. It’s another magazine that is sold in select newsagents around the UK, or you can get a digital or print subscription to save money and have it sent straight to you.

  • Cost: £5.25 per issue / £21.95 per year
  • Frequency: 6 times a year
  • Print/Digital: Both
  • Where to get: Select stores in the UK, online

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3. Your Holiday & Cruise Magazine

Your Holiday Cruise Magazine

Your Holiday & Cruise Magazine is less well-established than World of Cruising and Cruise International, but just because it is new doesn’t mean you should discount it.

It features in-depth reviews and guides to ocean, river, and even barge cruising, with tips and destination breakdowns along with interviews with prominent cruise industry names.

It’s free to read online, or you can order a print version to be sent to you if you can’t find one in cruise terminals. It’s worth noting that the subscription actually costs more than buying the magazine individually, which is uncommon with magazines.

  • Cost: £4.95 per issue / £11.90 per year
  • Frequency: Twice annually
  • Print/Digital: Both
  • Where to get: Cruise ports, online

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4. Into The Blue

Into The Blue magazine

Several cruise travel agents produce their own magazines as a marketing tool. They are normally still worth a read, since the agents will put a lot of effort into producing a quality magazine that tempts you to book, and then they’ll fill it with special deals and offers only available through them.

Into The Blue is one such example from Bolsover Cruise Club. Sign up and you can get the magazine sent to your home every quarter for no charge, or you can read it online. The magazine covers upcoming and brand-new ships, popular destinations and more. Just be aware that you may get better deals if you shop around.

  • Cost: Free
  • Frequency: 4 times a year
  • Print/Digital: Both
  • Where to get: Online

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5. Blue Horizons

Blue Horizons magazine

Blue Horizons is another cruise magazine produced by a travel agent – this time ROL Cruise. You get it by subscribing to the agent’s Cruise Miles programme, which gives you the chance to earn cruise miles which can be put towards bonuses and gifts when booking through the agent.

The magazine is one of the few monthly cruise magazines, and so it’s a good choice if you want a regular fix of updates, reviews and news. Again, expect it to be deals-heavy with fewer editorial pieces than bigger magazines, but you might find a few interesting gems to read.

  • Cost: Free
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Print/Digital: Both
  • Where to get: Online

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6. YourCruise

Your Cruise magazine

YourCruise is the monthly cruise magazine produced by CruiseKings, another cruise travel agent.

You should think of it as more a brochure than a magazine – it has a few pages of editorial content at the beginning that’s worth reading, but primarily it’s an advert to try and get you to call and book.

It has a good overview of each of the cruise line’s campaigns so you know which ones have goof offers on at the moment.

Again, it’s free and it’s monthly, so there’s no harm in signing up if you just want something to read and to give you ideas for your next cruise, whoever you ultimately book with.

  • Cost: Free
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Print/Digital: Both
  • Where to get: Online

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7. Cruise Ahoy

Cruise Ahoy magazine

The last of the cruise travel agent magazines that you can sign up for is Cruise Ahoy from Jetline Cruise. It’s a monthly 32-page magazine, so it’s not huge, but you do get tips from cruising experts, destination guides and a look at any new ships that are due to launch.

Again, each issue is packed with exclusive offers so expect it to feel more like a glossy booklet of adverts than any serious journalistic endeavour, but for something that you can receive free every month, it may provide a couple of hours of entertainment.

  • Cost: Free
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Print/Digital: Both
  • Where to get: Online

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8. International Cruise & Ferry Review

International Cruise & Ferry Review magazine

Cruise & Ferry Review is a magazine that is more aimed at those in the cruise trade, but it still has enough that is consumer-friendly if you are really passionate about the industry and want to know more.

There are only two issues produced each year, focussing on both the cruise and ferry worlds, with articles that look into the ship-building experiences, life on-board, destinations and details of existing ship refurbishments too.

It has companion magazines too, including Cruise & Ferry Interiors and Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning. A subscription from the company itself forces you to buy all at once for a hefty sum (£96) but you can buy just the Cruise & Ferry Review from third parties.

  • Cost: £12.50 per issue / £25 per year
  • Frequency: Twice a year
  • Print/Digital: Both
  • Where to get: Online

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9. Ships Monthly

Ships Monthly magazine

Ships monthly is not a magazine about cruising, but it is about all things shipping, which does include some cruise content. If you only care about cruises then it’s probably not the magazine for you, but if you’re someone who is interested in shipbuilding and ship design then it may be absolutely fascinating.

Features are written by true experts and cover new ships being launched along with classic ships, and the harbours and ports which host them.

  • Cost: £4.80 per issue / £49.68 per year
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Print/Digital: Both
  • Where to get: Select stores, online

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10. Shipping Today And Yesterday

Shipping Today And Yesterday magazine

Shipping Today And Yesterday is another long-running magazine that is dedicated to shipping of all kinds, not just cruising. It covers a wide variety of cruise ships, naval vessels, ferries and more, with expertly-written features and guides.

The magazine is fantastic for nostalgia, covering some of the most famous ships of history (including classic cruise ships), but it doesn’t shirk from modern shipping either, so you’re just as likely to read about the latest modern cruise liners as you are about traditional Princess or Cunard ships.

  • Cost: £4.50 per issue / £51.50 per year
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Print/Digital: Both
  • Where to get: Select stores, online

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International cruise magazines you can read in the UK

The following magazines aren’t UK-based publications, but you can get them delivered in Britain or read them online so they may be of interest to you…

11. Cruise Industry News

Cruise Industry News magazine

Cruise Industry News is a US-based cruise magazine which looks at everything to do with cruising from a more trade-aligned perspective, but it is still a good read for consumers who are keen to know more.

The magazine looks at new ships, refurbishments, destinations, onboard experiences, the growth potential and business strategies of cruise lines, itinerary planning and a whole lot more. You can read it online, but a subscription does include international delivery of the print edition.

  • Cost: US$110 per year including shipping
  • Frequency: 4 times a year
  • Print/Digital: Both
  • Where to get: Online

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12. Cruise&Travel Magazine

Cruise&Travel Magazine

Cruise&Travel is a luxury cruise magazine from Australia which looks at the best ocean and river cruise lines for those who want a more premium holiday experience. It includes reviews of luxury hotels too, perfect for anyone planning a cruise and stay getaway.

The magazine is available as a print edition for Australia and New Zealand-based readers, but can be read digitally by anyone around the world on the website or through your e-reader device (including your phone).

  • Cost: AUS$5 per issue
  • Frequency: 4 times a year
  • Print/Digital: Digital-only for UK readers
  • Where to get: Online

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13. Porthole Cruise and Travel

Porthole Cruise and Travel magazine

Porthole Cruise and Travel magazine is another US-based publication that has been running for over 25 years. In that time it has covered a huge range of ship reviews, destination guides and features on life on board, giving cruisers some excellent tips on making the most of their next cruise getaway.

As it’s a US-based guide, any deals and adverts will be irrelevant to UK readers, but you can still enjoy the good quality editorial content, and if you’re inspired then you can contact your own travel agent and find out what equivalent deals are available.

  • Cost: US$19.99 per year / $24.99 for two years
  • Frequency: 6 times a year
  • Print/Digital: Digital-only
  • Where to get: Online

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Final thoughts

There is a good selection of cruise magazines available to UK readers, with the best ones being those that are independent and that focus more on writing interesting, thought-provoking and inspiring guides to all aspects of cruising life, like World of Cruising.

The free magazines from cruise travel agents are decent, but tend to be packed with a lot more adverts – don’t expect them to keep you entertained for more than an hour at a time.

Subscribing to them alongside a chunkier magazine is probably the better solution, although expect a lot of other marketing communication from the travel agents too.

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