Ambassador Cruise Line Drinks Menus & Prices (2024)

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Britain’s newest cruise line, Ambassador Cruise Line offers great value cruises from the UK.

But how much are the drinks on board Ambassador Cruise Line’s ships? Well, you’ll be pleased to learn that they’re actually pretty cheap!

Ambassador Cruise Line Drinks Menus & Prices

In this guide, I’ll show you how much you can expect to pay for drinks on an Ambassador Cruise Line cruise. I can also show you the actual drinks menu for 2024 and beyond so that you can check that your favourite drinks are available.

By the way, I can highly recommend that you try the frozen strawberry pina colada!

Ambassador Cruise Line Drinks Prices

The drinks prices on Ambassador Cruise Line are very reasonable. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that Ambassador Cruise Line is the cheapest cruise line for drinks. The prices are cheaper than what you would pay in many pubs or bars in the UK.

Here’s a top-level look at the prices…

Ambassador Cruise Line Drinks Prices:

  • Glass of wine (250ml) – £7.25 to £7.60
  • Draught beer (pint) – £4.95
  • Bottle of beer (330ml) – £3.55
  • Spirit (40ml) – £4.25 to £6.05
  • Mixer – £1.25
  • Cocktail – £6.00
  • Mocktail – £3.85
  • Soft drink (330ml) – £2.55
  • Fruit juice (250ml) – £2.55
  • Coffee – £2.25 to £3.45
  • Tea – £2.25
  • Bottled water – £0.65

Read on to see the full Ambassador Cruise Line drinks menu (excluding the wine list).

Ambassador Cruise Line Drinks Menu

While most other cruise lines have different drinks menus in each bar, Ambassador Cruise Line has opted to keep things simple with a single bar menu for all of the venues.

That said, there are some drinks, such as draught cider and some gins and whiskeys, that are only available in certain bars.

Ambassador Cruise Line wine and cocktail menu
Ambassador Cruise Line cocktail menu
Ambassador Cruise Line spirits and beers menu
Ambassador Cruise Line soft drinks and coffee menu

The Ambassador Cruise Line Drinks Package

When you book a cruise on Ambience or Ambition, you can choose to add all of your drinks to your bill and pay for them at the end of your cruise. Alternatively, you can buy a drinks package in advance that will give you unlimited drinks for a set price per day.

In fact, Ambassador Cruise Line offers four different drinks packages. If you’re thinking of buying one, be sure to check out my guide to Ambassador drinks packages to work out which one offers the best value for you.

Alternatively, you can use my free Ambassador drinks package calculator.

All you need to do is enter which drinks you would like in a day and it will work out how much they will cost, as well as advising you on which is the best package to go for.

Get it here for free…

Ambassador Drinks Price Increases Since 2023

Ambassador Cruise Line’s drinks prices increased by around 20% in 2023 with the launch of Ambition, compared to when Ambience launched last year.

That seems fair though, after all, the price of many things has increased during this time. Originally, the drinks were incredibly cheap – even cheaper than most pubs on land.

Now, the drinks prices are still very reasonable, and certainly cheaper than most other cruise ships.

Below, you can see the drinks prices from 2022…

Ambassador Cruise Line Bar Menu 1
Ambassador Cruise Line Bar Menu 2
Ambassador Cruise Line Bar Menu 3
Ambassador Cruise Line Bar Menu 4
Ambassador Cruise Line Bar Menu 5


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  1. What are the minibar prices in your cabin???

  2. Hi Jenni,
    Would you know how much they charge for ice creams/gelato on the Ambassador cruises?

  3. Hi, are cocktails included in the Explorer package and do they count as one alcoholic drink or two ? Many thanks D

  4. Do all Ambassador rooms have tea & coffee making equipment? Are drinks free with all regular meals (ie: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) if you do not purchase a drinks package?

    • Yes they do. You get tea, coffee and water for free at all times as well as fruit juice at breakfast time.

  5. I can’t see any information on still wine availability?

  6. Do the Ambassador Drinks Packages include a glass of wine when dining or just drinks from the bar?

    • Yes, it includes wine in any bar or restaurant. Jenni

  7. Gin & tonics are priced individualy on Ambassador menu.

  8. Hi are u sure a gin & tonic counts as 1 drink?

  9. How much to dine in the speciality restaurant please ?

    • Hi Susan. You can dine in the Indian restaurant, Saffron for £15 and the fine dining restaurant, Sea & Grass for £25. Jenni

  10. Which cruise lines have the best range of non alcoholic beers, wines and spirits?

    • Hi Dennis. That’s a great question! In my experience, most offer at least one type of beer as well as red and white wine. I’m working on an article about cruising sober so will be sure to include that information there. Look out for it in the next few weeks. Jenni

  11. Does a gin and tonic count as two drinks on ambassador drinks package

    • No, it will be one.

  12. you mention 24 hr limits ?
    6am to 6pm thats 12 hrs ??

    • Sorry yes, I meant 6am to 6am.

  13. Drinks Package,what is the daily limit?

    • Hi Reg, you can have 15 drinks every 24 hour period (from 6am to 6pm). If you want more then you’ll have to pay for them but you do only pay half price. Hope that helps! Jenni

  14. Hi, you did a great résumé of the Ambassador drinks prices but when detailing whether you could take drinks onboard the Ambassador Line wasn’t even mentioned. What is their policy please?

    • Hi Maureen. Unfortunately, Ambassador Cruise Line doesn’t allow guests to bring any alcohol onboard at all.J enni

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