5 Celebratory Reasons To Book A Cruise

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You don’t need an excuse to book a cruise – sometimes you just want to treat yourself to a break.

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But when you have an excuse, then you absolutely should make the most of it and get yourself booked onto a special itinerary to celebrate!

Cruises with Marella are the ideal way to toast the latest big milestone in your life, with some wonderful perks to make your celebration feel even more important and valued.

So, let’s take a look at five reasons you might be looking to cruise, and how Marella could be the perfect option.

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Birthdays – All Inclusive Food & Drink

A birthday is a fantastic reason to book a cruise, and Marella’s all-inclusive cruise fares help to make those birthday treats feel even more special.

Whether it’s a big milestone birthday or not, you deserve to be spoiled. And when you sail on Marella, you can enjoy the perfect relaxing getaway, with all the food and drink you could want.

Marella has a great range of included dining venues onboard each ship in the fleet. There are some charged speciality venues too, if you want something a little different, but the included venues are excellent and still make for a great occasion meal.

Plus with Marella, your cruise fare includes a wide range of drinks – not just soft drinks and basic teas and coffees, but alcoholic options as well. So you don’t need to pay extra to enjoy that glass of wine or your favourite beer.

A birthday getaway with an all-inclusive cruise fare is the ideal birthday present for your loved ones (or for yourself). So why not get it booked?

Honeymoons – Everything Taken Care Of

Cruises make for idyllic honeymoon options – the chance to escape with your new spouse and explore the world is a magnificent way to kickstart married life.

Marella’s cruises are particularly special since everything is taken care of. When planning a wedding, there are all kinds of little details to worry over – you don’t want your honeymoon to become equally tricky to manage.

Because Marella’s fly cruises are all managed by TUI, the entire process is seamless. You just turn up at the airport, and everything is easy. You’ll be flown to the airport nearest your ship, and then whisked to the port on included transfers.

Fancy a hotel stay? That can be arranged, and you’ll still have all the details organised by TUI for you, so you don’t have to worry about getting between the ship and your hotel room.

Take away the stress of honeymoon planning with a Marella cruise, and just enjoy the holiday of a lifetime that will be as memorable as the big day itself.

Anniversaries – Great Value

A cruise to celebrate your anniversary is a fantastic idea. There is one downside though – you’ll want to do it every year!

So it’s a good thing that Marella’s cruises offer such great value.

The all-inclusive fare helps to keep costs under control. You don’t have to worry about paying extra for drinks on your sailing, and gratuities are included too. Once you pay your Marella fare in full, you don’t have to pay a penny extra if you don’t want to.

Marella makes it easy to spread the cost too, and low deposit offers are regularly available.

Why not mark each year of happiness with a magnificent Marella cruise holiday?

Retirement – Exciting Destinations To Explore

Marella’s cruises are great for all ages – cruising is no longer just aimed at those in retirement age.

But if you are retiring, then a Marella cruise is an amazing way to celebrate, especially with so many exciting destinations to choose from.

Marella offers cruises around the Mediterranean, and across the Atlantic in the Caribbean and around Central America.

You’re flown right into the heart of the destination too. There are no cruises from the UK, but instead flights from regional airports get you into the action so that you get more time to explore each part of the world.

If your dream in retirement is to travel, discover different cultures and explore the history of the world, a Marella cruise is a great choice.

Family Reunions – Ships To Suit All Ages

If you want to go somewhere special with your family for a big get-together, consider a cruise.

You get plenty of spacious public areas where you can all relax together, but you can each have your own staterooms when you need a bit of downtime.

There’s plenty to keep everyone entertained too, whether you’re gathering around the pool or trying out the various leisure facilities onboard – family minigolf tournament, anyone?

Marella Cruises Kids Pool

Marella’s fleet includes family-friendly ships if you’re travelling with kids, as well as an adults-only ship if your reunion is for the grownups only, meaning you’ll have no trouble finding a ship with the right vibe for your group.

If you want to bring the wider family together with a special trip, an all-inclusive Marella cruise could be just the solution to keep everyone happy.

Final Word

When you’re planning a special treat for yourself or your loved ones around a celebration in your life, cruises are one of the best options.

You get to travel around the world while enjoying a floating, moving resort hotel – letting you see different ports as you sample amazing food and drink.

Marella’s all-inclusive fares, wide range of destinations and great service make them a popular choice for any kind of celebration, so definitely consider a Marella sailing if you’re looking to mark a notable event with a fun holiday.

Explore Marella’s range of all-inclusive cruise deals

Big savings available – all fares include flights, tips, drinks and more!

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