The Best Adults-Only Cruises For 2024 With Marella

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The cruise industry has definitely shifted in the last 10 years or so, and cruises are aimed more at families than ever before. Not all cruises, though – several cruise lines are still more suited to adults who prefer to sail without the kids’ clubs, or the teens hogging the hot tubs.

Marella Cruises offers the best of both worlds – some ships are family-friendly but there are also plenty of adults-only cruises you can enjoy. And the itineraries are exceptional.

In this guide, I’ll explain the perks of adults-only cruising and highlight some of the best itineraries you can enjoy with Marella.

Discover Marella Explorer 2’s adults-only cruises

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Which ships are adults-only?

Marella Cruises has one ship that is exclusively for adults – Marella Explorer 2. This ship doesn’t have any of the family-friendly features you’ll find on the rest of the fleet, such as the kids’ clubs.

There are sometimes cruises on the other ships that are for adults only, but these are occasional itineraries. Only Marella Explorer 2 is adults-only year-round for the cruise line.

So that’s the cruise ship to look at if you definitely want a cruise that has no kids onboard.

The benefits of adults-only cruising

There are plenty of great benefits to choosing an adults-only ship if you want to cruise, the first being the atmosphere onboard.

I love cruising with my kids because I enjoygiving them all kinds of exciting experiences, and I know I can trust them to behave.

But not all kids on cruises do behave, and so family-friendly ships can often have kids running around at full pelt, sometimes misbehaving by running up and down hallways outside staterooms, and maybe being loud during dinner.

Marella Cruises Couple

Choosing an adults-only ship will mean you don’t have to worry about this (or at least, it really should – I can’t promise all adults behave!). You know that the pool area will be a little more relaxing, dinner will feel a bit more sophisticated, and you should be able to relax in your room as long as people aren’t getting too tipsy and then stumbling along the halls.

The fact that the ship is also designed for adults means that the crew can focus more on providing high-quality service, and there is more space to unwind onboard.

The best adults-only cruises for 2024

Adriatic Affair

Experience the delights of a voyage across the Adriatic Sea, exploring the picturesque and captivating ports nestled in this enchanting region. Embark from the majestic walled city of Dubrovnik and savour delightful stopovers in Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro. Additionally, relish a day in Ancona – a hidden treasure amongst Italy’s cruise destinations, boasting exquisite Gothic architecture and a bustling harbour.

Greek Mystique

Another captivating cruise departing from Dubrovnik, this journey commences with a visit to Souda, serving as your gateway to the charming town of Chania in Crete. The highlight of your voyage awaits in Piraeus, where you’ll indulge in tours of the ancient marvels of Athens. Delve into the rich history of Olympia from Katakolon before making your way back to Dubrovnik, with delightful port days in Corfu Town and Kotor along the way.

Canarian Flavours

Arrecife Lanzarote

Escape for some winter sun among the beautiful Canary Islands, with plenty of chances to unwind on the beach or sample the amazing food and drink of the region.

Your cruise begins in Las Palmas before sailing to Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Madeira. It’s then onto La Gomera, for a more stripped-back day, before finishing with one of the big hitters – Tenerife.

Tropical Treasures

Jet off to the Caribbean to explore thrilling island destinations and tropical weather, perfect for escaping the cold of home during winter.

You’ll visit historic ports in the Dominican Republic, Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire during this cruise, with plenty of exciting excursions to try if you want to delve into the storied past of these destinations. Or just hit the beach and order a rum cocktail – it’s up to you.

Mediterranean Medley

Barcelona in Christmas season

Experience the Mediterranean’s finest attractions without the bustling crowds in this thrilling itinerary. Departing from Palma, embark on a round-trip adventure that encompasses the vibrant city of Valencia and the cultural delights of Barcelona in Spain.

Next, venture into France, where Toulon acts as your gateway to the glamorous Cote d’Azur, followed by a stop in Livorno, offering the opportunity to marvel at the stunning architecture of Florence or the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Final word

Just because only one Marella ship is for adults only, that doesn’t mean you’re limiting yourself in scope. There are still plenty of fantastic itineraries you can choose from on both sides of the Atlantic – you really are spoiled for choice.

Don’t forget that, with Marella, you get an all-inclusive cruise fare that covers your flights, overseas transfers, drinks and tips – incredible value when you realise you don’t have to pay a penny extra for your cruise if you don’t want to.

Discover Marella Explorer 2’s adults-only cruises

Fantastic value with flights, transfers, drinks and tips included!

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