14-Year-Old Child Goes Missing From Cruise Ship After Seemingly Disembarking Alone

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A 14-year-old boy has gone missing from a cruise ship in Germany after being permitted to disembark the ship alone – though after an extended search he was found.

Caribbean Princess Cruise Ship

Aydin Brown, from the US, left the Caribbean Princess alone when it was docked in Warnemunde, the port nearest Berlin, on 4th July.

He should not have been permitted to disembark alone, as he is a child, but it’s unclear how this mistake happened. He was found by authorities on 6th July.

Photo of Aydin released by German police

It’s reported that he had an argument with his grandmother on the ship before deciding to leave, though it’s unclear whether this is true.

He failed to return to the ship before it had to leave port, with CCTV footage appearing to show him at the train station, accompanied by a stranger.

Family members had been posting updates on social media, concerned that he may have been lured away from the ship and potentially even abducted.

It appears this was not the case, as reports from the authorities suggest that no crime had been committed.

Brown’s mother had flown to Germany to assist police and to be reunited with her son – reports are that Princess Cruises arranged the flight for her.

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  1. We had group of people with a disability we wear in port he just walked of ship when they wear set things up, we looked of rail saw him at port called him back on ship they just walked back on.

  2. What happened to the man who was lost in Cozumel in April? Never heard a word after mid April not even on his go fund me page

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