Symphony of the Seas Vs Titanic

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Before Wonder of the Seas was launched in March 2022, and before Icon of the Seas took things to a whole new level, Symphony of the Seas was once the world’s biggest cruise ship.

Symphony of the Seas

So, you may be wondering how Symphony of the Seas compares to the Titanic. After all, with a name like ‘Titanic’, she must have also been a pretty big ship, right?

It’s true that the Titanic was once the largest ship ever built. But not anymore. Over a hundred years have passed since the Titanic was built, and Symphony of the Seas would make the Titanic look tiny in comparison.

In the article, we’ll take a look at Symphony of the Seas Vs Titanic, considering not just the sizes of these two ships, but other features such as the accommodation, the facilities and the cost of each ship.

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Is Symphony of the Seas Bigger Than the Titanic?

The Symphony of the Seas size is almost five times that of the Titanic in terms of volume. She is 34% longer and 36% taller, accommodating 6,680 guests compared to just 2,435 guests on the Titanic.

The following table shows how the Symphony of the Seas compared to Titanic in terms of size…

TitanicSymphony of the Seas
Tonnage (volume)46,328 tonnes223,081 tonnes
Length269.1 metres361 metres
Height53.3 metres72.5 metres
Beam (width)28.2 metres66 metres
Passenger Decks918

The best way to visualise how Symphony of the Seas compares to the Titanic in size is to take a look at this video…

Can Symphony of the Seas Sink?

It is technically possible that Symphony of the Seas could sink, but it would be highly unlikely. Cruise ship technology has progressed immensely since the Titanic sank.

In theory, a rogue wave could cause Symphony of the Seas to capsize and this could result in the ship sinking. However, the ship would sink slowly enough for all passengers and crew to escape. Unlike the Titanic, modern cruise ships always have enough lifeboats for everyone.

Facilities on Titanic Vs Symphony of the Seas

While people are often interested to compare the size of Symphony of the Seas compared to the Titanic, I think it’s also interesting to compare the facilities and life on board. This shows just how far cruising has come over the past 100 years or so.

Swimming Pools

The Titanic had one swimming pool and it was only accessible to first-class passengers. Symphony of the Seas has four swimming pools, ten hot tubs and three water slides.

This video shows what Titanic’s swimming pool would have looked like.


Titanic had a decent gym with a rowing machine, exercise bikes, punch bag, two electric camels and an electric horse. The gym on Symphony of the Seas has a good selection of weights and exercise machines, but no electric animals.

Titanic gym
The gymnasium on the Titanic


The Titanic had a 30-foot-long squash court where guests could play racquet sports. On the Promenade Deck guests could also play shuffleboard, quoits, dominoes and chess.

The Symphony of the Seas sports court is mostly used for basketball and volleyball, although the ship also has facilities for mini golf, rock climbing, surfing, ice skating, zip lining and laser tag.

Rock climbing wall on Symphony of the Seas
Rock climbing wall on Symphony of the Seas


On the Titanic, guests could enjoy a Turkish bath, steam room, electric baths (that apply heat to the body via electric lamps), massages and a trip to the barber.

Tickets for the Turkish Bath on Titanic

The Vitality Spa on Symphony of the Seas also features heated stone loungers, saunas and a refreshing fog shower.


Titanic had four restaurants – the A la Carte Restaurant, the Dining Saloon, the Verandah Cafe and Cafe Parisien. Symphony of the Seas has 20 dining options with three main dining rooms, nine complementary venues and eleven speciality dining venues.

Cafe Parisien
Cafe Parisien

Best Suites

The best suites on Titanic were the Deluxe Parlour Suites. These had two large bedrooms, two walk-in wardrobes, a private bathroom and a spacious sitting room with a faux fireplace and writing desks.

First Class cabin on Titanic
First Class cabin on Titanic

The best suite on Symphony of the Seas is the Ultimate Family Suite. This has a floor-to-ceiling Lego wall, 85-inch TV, three games consoles, an air hockey table and a private jacuzzi on the balcony. Oh, and there’s a slide to get from the bedrooms to the living area.

Ultimate Family Suite
The Ultimate Family Suite


On Titanic, the bed linen was changed every day. This is despite there being no laundry aboard due to limited fresh water supplies. On Royal Caribbean ships like Symphony of the Seas, bed linen is changed weekly unless you request it to be done more frequently.

The Cost of Titanic Vs Symphony of the Seas

Cost to Build

The Titanic cost $7.5 million to build. This is equivalent to around $200 million in today’s money with inflation. By comparison, Symphony of the Seas cost $1.35 billion, over six times as much as the Titanic in relative terms.

Ticket Price

The cheapest ticket on Titanic cost £7 (equivalent to £700 today). The cheapest ticket on Symphony of the Seas is $423 (equivalent to £300).

Staying in the Ultimate Family Suite for Christmas week on Symphony of the Seas costs $85,000 (£61,600). That’s still cheaper than the most expensive First Class suites on Titanic which cost up to £870 (£79,000 in today’s money).

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Zip lining on Symphony of the Seas
Zip lining on Symphony of the Seas


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To Conclude

Symphony of the Seas is a much larger ship than Titanic. In fact, almost all ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet are larger than Titanic.

Cruise ship design and technology has come a very long way over the past century, with ships like Symphony of the Seas featuring far more facilities and activities for guests to enjoy. The cost of building a mega cruise ship has increased, yet the relative ticket price has actually come down.

This means that cruising is not only safer than ever before, but also much better value for money.

If you want to see more Titanic vs Royal Caribbean comparisons, check out my guide to Wonder of the Seas Vs Titanic.

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