Onboard Entertainer Sues Cruise Line After Assault During Performance

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A cruise entertainer is suing Royal Caribbean after being assaulted by a guest during one of their performances.

Quantum of the Seas sailing in the ocean

Ben Murphy, an Australian magician, was performing a magic show on Quantum of the Seas in March 2023 when a member of the audience tackled him, causing him to hit his head on the stage.

While the incident took place over a year ago, it’s now emerged that Murphy has filed a lawsuit against Royal Caribbean Group, Royal Caribbean Cruises, and against the man who assaulted him.

The lawsuit has requested a jury trial, and is progressing towards a court date.

As part of the lawsuit, Murphy is seeking $75,000 USD for damages.

During the show, Murphy was sitting on the edge of the stage with a female guest, performing a trick, when a man rushed the stage and pushed him over. It’s not clear whether the man and the female guest knew each other.

Murphy did continue that performance and performed again multiple times during the rest of the cruise, though it isn’t clear whether he continued to perform for Royal Caribbean.

While not confirmed, several guest reports claim that the man was permitted to continue his cruise, and was not arrested by the security staff onboard. Murphy did comment on this, stating that he felt the guest should not have been allowed to continue on the cruise.


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