14 NCL Haven Butler Requests You Can Make

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If you book a Haven Suite on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship, you’ll be able to enjoy the services of a butler.

But if you’re new to suites or to having a butler, it might be a bit daunting. What can you ask them to do? Are there things which aren’t their responsibility?

A waiter in a formal suit pours champagne into a glass for a couple enjoying a sunset on NCL cruise ship balcony, with a serene ocean horizon in the background.

Don’t worry – the whole point of a Haven Suite is to relax, and so I’ve looked through forums and cruise groups to see what kind of things others have asked of their butler so you know what your options are.

NCL Butler and Concierge Services Explained

When staying in a Haven Suite, you don’t just get a butler, but you also have access to a special Concierge. It can be a little confusing, but the butler is mainly responsible for any in-suite requests, while the Concierge handles everything else about your cruise – speciality dining reservations, reserved seating in the theatre, excursions etc.

The courtyard of a Norwegian Cruise Line ship, showcasing an inviting pool with blue lights and partially submerged loungers, flanked by rows of striped cushioned deck chairs on a wooden deck, with multi-level balconied suites providing a view of the serene, upscale area.

So, when it comes to what a Norwegian Haven butler does, it tends to be handling requests related to your suite and your experience there, rather than the rest of your cruise. However, always feel free to ask your butler for help with any aspect of your cruise – they might pass on your request to the Concierge if it’s more their area, or sometimes they’ll just do it for you.

NCL Haven Suite Deals

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It’s important to know that there isn’t one butler per suite, so while you can ask your butler for anything, bear in mind they will be looking after a few different suites at once, and they aren’t at your beck and call 24/7.

A smiling steward in a vest and bow tie arranges a vibrant bouquet of tropical flowers, including red ginger and yellow orchids, aboard an NCL cruise ship with a view of the sea through the window.

Unique Haven Butler Requests

Here are some of the things you can ask your Haven Butler to do for you:

1. Unpack Your Luggage

One of the most common requests is for the butler to unpack your luggage on the first day of your cruise. They’ll make sure everything is put away neatly, and your formalwear is properly hung to protect it, before hiding the suitcases for you – leaving you to just enjoy your suite.

a woman unpacking a suitcase on an NCL cruise

Understandably, some people aren’t a fan of this service and prefer to unpack their own clothes and underwear. They won’t do it without you asking, for that reason.

2. Bring Snacks

Butlers will bring snacks to your room, sometimes on request or sometimes without you even needing to ask. You can tailor the requests, though – a lot of people like to ask for M&Ms, others prefer chocolate-coated strawberries, or maybe you’re a cookie person.

Five fresh strawberries offered by NCL onboard, dipped in dark chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate, elegantly presented on a rectangular white plate against a minimalist background.

Sometimes, they can get a little eager, though, as this review shows…

We also asked for cookies once and suddenly there were cookies every day and we couldn't keep up so we had to put a stop to that! lol
Review: Cruise Critic

3. Serve Meals

If you would rather eat in your suite than attend a restaurant, your butler will be able to serve you instead.

They can also visit multiple restaurants for you, if you want to eat from different locations, though they’re only human – don’t expect everything to arrive at the same temperature.

“the butler has always set out all the dishes, cutlery, linens, etc the way one would expect in a full service room service meal.”
Review: Cruise Critic

Also, if you dine in-suite, all of your courses will usually be served at once. It’d be unreasonable to expect a butler to trek back and forth to each restaurant to serve courses one at a time.

A family enjoys a meal together on NCL haven balcony with a clear view of a colorful waterslide and a picturesque port town in the background.

4. Draw You a Bath

One of the best ways to relax at the end of a long day exploring a port is with a hot bubble bath, and if you want, your butler will happily draw it for you, making sure it’s at a good temperature.

Of course, you’re perfectly capable of turning on a faucet yourself, but if you want to feel pampered then this is a nice touch.

Modern NCL haven bathroom featuring a large soaking tub with ocean view, marble vanity with dual sinks, and plush towels, blending luxury and nautical charm.

5. Shine Your Shoes

Butlers are trained in shining shoes, and while NCL isn’t a very stuffy cruise line, you may still look forward to putting on your best clothes for a nice formal night around the ship. Ask your butler to shine your shoes before the evening and they’ll look as good as new.

Close-up view of a person's hand buffing a shiny black dress shoe with a white towel, capturing a moment of professional shoe shining service.

6. Remove Your Coffee Machine

Haven Suites all come with a Nespresso coffee machine in the room, but not everybody drinks coffee – and those that do might have particular tastes.

A sleek modern kitchenette in NCL haven, featuring dark wood cabinetry, a marble countertop with coffee machine and shiny stainless steel appliances, adjacent to a cozy sitting area with plush chairs.

If you’re not going to use the Nespresso machine, you can ask your butler to remove it for the duration of your cruise. It’ll free up a bit of desk space which might be useful, or you might just prefer the suite to be a little less cluttered.

We ask for the coffee machine and accompaniments to be removed and it always has been. We appreciate the counter space and neither of us drink hot drinks.
Review: Cruise Critic

7. Clear the Mini Fridge

When you arrive in your Haven Suite, the Mini Fridge will already be stocked with a selection of drinks, but just because you’re in a Haven Suite, you don’t get to enjoy them for free.

If you’d rather use the space for your own drinks, just ask the butler to clear the fridge for you, and they’ll take away all of the chargeable drinks.

8. Bring Fitness Equipment

Have you ever considered making use of that beautiful balcony space with a bit of sunrise yoga? Ask your butler if they can bring you a yoga mat – it’s not a common request but they should be able to fulfill it, and you can start your day the zen way.

Hi!  I asked for a mat from the gym and my butler delivered.
Review: Cruise Critic

9. Emergency Clothes Cleaning

While you will still need to go through the proper processes to get a full load of laundry dealt with on an NCL cruise, if you have a clothing emergency – even the most refined of us can accidentally spill something sometimes – then you can ask your butler to take care of it.

A cheerful crew member operates a large industrial ironing machine, pressing white linens in the laundry room of NCL haven, with a focus on impeccable onboard service.

They may not guarantee a full laundry service but they’ll be able to remove the mark before any permanent stain takes hold.

Not only did the butler see that it was cleaned so there was no stain, but I had the slacks back later the same day.
Review: Cruise Critic

10. Tailor Your Room Service Requests

Room service is something you can enjoy in any cabin on an NCL cruise. But if you have a butler available to help, you can tailor your requests and they’ll do what they can to resolve it for you.

A professional waiter in a formal suit serves a seafood platter accompanied by a bottle of red wine, enhancing the fine dining experience in an elegant cruise ship restaurant.

You can’t ask for anything, but minor adjustments to existing dishes, or having something prepared a certain way, would be a reasonable request.

i also asked him if my room service pizza could be cooked a little longer.
Review: Cruise Critic

11. Make Towel Animals

Towel animals are not the job of a butler – your room steward would take care of that for you. But if you do want towel animals in your room, you can ask your butler and they will see to it that it happens.

You might not see your room steward if you’re out during the day a lot, so asking your butler in-person or via a note to pass on the message will usually see to it that it happens. Perfect if you’re travelling with kids.

A steward in a white shirt and vest skillfully folds a white towel into an intricate design on a bed in a well-lit NCL haven cabin, showcasing meticulous housekeeping services.

12. Help Host Parties

Some of the best suites on NCL ships are easily big enough to host a small party, and your butler can help prepare the suite for it if you want them to. Whether it’s the addition of a few decorations, or making sure there are canapes served, they’ve got you covered.

When we arrived with the group, not only was there orange juice, there was a fruit platter, canapés, and other snacks and he had rearranged the furniture in the living area to make more room for people to mingle and snack
Review: Cruise Critic

13. Find Lost Laundry

Sometimes you can send a bag of laundry off to be cleaned and something can go a little wrong. It’s not just at home where those pesky socks can wander off.

Yet if it happens while you’re in a Haven Suite (or in this case, a Norwegian Jade suite with butler), just let them know…

I'd noticed one of my socks was missing from the laundry and mentioned it to him.  About 30 minutes later he returned with my missing sock.  I was quite surprised and pleased.
Review: Cruise Critic

14. Seek Urgent Assistance

Quite a unique one this, but your butler will basically try to help with anything you ask, even a serious and urgent incident.

This story from a cruise passenger maybe doesn’t shed the best light on the normal Guest Services team, but it shows how a butler can take charge of a situation:

I frantically called my butler and he was the cavalry and arrived with three medical officers to assist.
Review: Cruise Critic

Tipping a Haven Butler

Your Haven Butler (along with the Concierge) is not included in your regular gratuities when you cruise with NCL – the expectation is that you will tip them separately.

A waiter in a formal vest and tie presents a silver tray with a rolled banknote, symbolizing the discreet and appreciated gesture of tipping for excellent service.

Because of that, your butler is likely to go above and beyond to help you as much as possible during your cruise. They want to impress you so that you, in turn, want to reward them for the service offered.

As a guide, guests tend to tip between $100 and $300 per week for their butler. If you don’t use them much, then don’t worry about tipping a lower amount – they will likely be kept busy enough by other guests, who will hopefully tip the higher amounts. Tip what you feel is right for the amount of time you keep your butler busy.

Final Word

Haven Butlers are really helpful, and will do everything they can to make your suite feel special – so don’t be afraid to ask.

Some people can feel uncomfortable asking the butler to do too much, but remember that this is their job – so they expect you to lean on them with a few requests.

At the same time, the more you use them, the higher you should aim to tip, as a thank you for the service.

And don’t panic about your request seeming a little too unusual. As long as you aren’t expecting something unrealistic, they will be happy to help if they can.

NCL Haven Suite Deals

I recommend booking with luxury specialists Panache Cruises for the best service.

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