Fire On World’s Largest Cruise Ship Causes Power Outage

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A fire broke out on Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas while it was docked in Costa Maya, Mexico.

The cruise line described the fire as “small,” causing a “brief” power loss, and being “quickly extinguished.” No injuries were reported among passengers or crew members.

Icon of the Seas Aerial

The power outage affected lifts, air conditioning, service stations, and cabins.

Some passengers reported hearing an explosion, which added to the initial panic and confusion, and the emergency code of “Bravo Bravo Bravo” went out over the address system onboard.

During the incident, guests who were ashore were unable to re-board the ship, as the security and ID scanners were also affected.

The crew quickly restored power and resumed normal operations. At no time were guests called to their muster stations, which shows you that it must’ve been a small fire that the crew were able to contain.

As the incident happened during a port visit, and with it being resolved so quickly, the schedule of the cruise wasn’t impacted and Icon was able to continue sailing as planned.


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