5 Cruise Line Collaborations That Could Actually Happen

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Entertainment brand Disney launched its own cruise line in 1998. Richard Branson’s brand, Virgin, followed suit in 2020. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if other large brands followed suit?

Today, we’re taking a look at what it would look like if more massive companies threw their sailor hats in the ring and launched their own cruise line.

Which of these new cruise lines would you like to see become a reality? Perhaps you should let them know, because if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

1. McDonalds Cruise Line – McFloat

A luxurious cruise ship adorned with the iconic McDonald's logo and colors, sailing on a serene ocean under a clear sky. The ship's exterior is grand and modern, showcasing a playful blend of McDonald's branding with nautical design

From the moment you catch sight of this majestic vessel, with its golden arches gleaming against the horizon, you know you’re not in for your typical cruise experience.

The ship, aptly named the “McFloat,” boasts an aesthetic that can only be described as “fast food chic,” complete with a supersized slide that looks suspiciously like a giant French fry. It’s a sight that promises fun, food, and a hint of the absurd.

The pool area on the McDonald's cruise ship, vibrant and inviting with a large pool shaped like the McDonald's logo. The deck is bustling with guests enjoying the sun on red and yellow loungers under matching umbrellas, embodying the fast-food chain's theme.

Imagine lounging by a pool shaped like a giant Happy Meal, complete with a ketchup slide and mustard whirlpool.

The pool area on the McFloat is a splashy paradise where the sun always shines, the water is as sparkling as a freshly poured soda, and the poolside bar serves up McFlurry cocktails and Big Mac sliders faster than you can say “I’m lovin’ it.”

A cozy and modern cabin inside the McDonald's cruise ship, featuring a comfortable double bed with bedding in McDonald's colors, red and yellow. The room is well-appointed with maritime decor and a wall art of the McDonald's menu items, creating a unique stay experience

After a sun-soaked day, retreat to your cabin, where the comfort of McDonald’s meets the luxury of cruise accommodation.

The beds, as soft as freshly baked buns, are dressed in red and yellow linens, and the walls are adorned with art that pays homage to the greatest hits of the fast-food world.

And yes, the mini-fridge comes stocked with all your favourite dips because, at sea, every moment is a potential nugget moment.

A dining venue on the McDonald's cruise ship, elegantly designed to resemble a classic McDonald's restaurant but with a luxurious twist. The space features large windows with ocean views, sophisticated furniture, and the iconic golden arches, offering guests a high-end dining experience with a familiar touch

Step into a dining experience that redefines “fast food” as “fancy food.” The McDonald’s Cruise Line’s premier restaurant serves up gourmet twists on classic menu items.

Picture a Filet-O-Fish, but with artisanal brioche and handcrafted aioli, or a deconstructed Big Mac served with a knife and fork. It’s a place where culinary elegance and playful nostalgia collide, all while offering stunning views of the ocean.

Thanks to Sail Away for the inspiration behind this cruise line.

2. BMW Cruise Line – C Series

A sleek and modern cruise ship exterior, inspired by BMW's luxury design aesthetics, glides over calm seas. The ship's hull features BMW's signature silver and navy colors, exuding elegance and advanced engineering

First impressions matter, and the first BMW C Series ship doesn’t disappoint. With its sleek design that would make a sports car jealous, this ship cuts through waves like a hot knife through butter—or should we say, like a BMW cruising down the autobahn.

The pool area on the BMW cruise ship showcases a luxurious and minimalist design. The infinity pool, set against the backdrop of the sea, follows clean lines and a monochromatic color scheme, reflecting BMW's sophisticated style.

This pool is designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life, like a perfectly engineered backstroke or the art of doing absolutely nothing in style.

Inside the BMW cruise ship, a luxurious cabin awaits, echoing the high-quality materials and sophisticated design of BMW's automotive interiors. The space balances comfort and style, offering an immersive brand experience.

Retreating to your cabin doesn’t mean missing out on the luxury. With interiors inspired by BMWs top-of-the-line vehicles, you’ll half expect your bed to rev up and take you for a spin.

And with smart technology at your fingertips, you can control everything from the lighting to the temperature, ensuring your cabin is as cool as the other side of the pillow.

A dining venue on the BMW cruise ship that mirrors the elegance and performance associated with BMW. The restaurant boasts sleek, modern furniture and ambient lighting, providing a high-end gastronomic experience at sea.

Prepare your taste buds for a culinary journey where the dishes are as finely tuned as BMW engines. The menu, designed with precision and innovation, offers gourmet dishes that’ll make you want to take a photo faster than you can say “Michelin star.”

The ambience, inspired by luxury cars, means you’ll dine surrounded by elegance—just don’t try to buckle your seatbelt at the table.

3. Coca-Cola Cruise Line – S.S. Fizz

A vibrant and iconic cruise ship exterior embodies Coca-Cola's classic red and white color scheme, with the unmistakable Coca-Cola logo emblazoned on the hull. The red funnels and decks are adorned with the brand's signature style, making a bold statement on the serene blue ocean.

Welcome aboard the S.S. Fizz, Coca-Cola’s bubbliest venture yet, where every moment promises to pop with excitement and refreshment.

And yes, rumours are true – the horn does play the classic Coca-Cola jingle, ensuring you’re always in the right spirit as you sail.

The pool area on the Coca-Cola cruise ship features a unique, soda-pop themed design with a pool that mimics the effervescence of a fizzy drink. Red and white deck loungers and umbrellas complement the Coca-Cola branding, creating an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and entertainment.

Dive into the pop-themed pool where the water is as sparkling as a freshly opened Coke. The soda fountain jets might not spout actual Coca-Cola, but they’ll certainly add a fizz to your swim.

Poolside loungers in Coca-Cola red and white invite you to relax. And for those feeling adventurous, the poolside bar serves up Coca-Cola inspired cocktails – because what’s a vacation without a little mixology magic?

A cozy and refreshing cabin on the Coca-Cola cruise ship, designed with the brand's iconic red and white color scheme. The interior features comfortable seating, Coca-Cola branding, and maritime portholes offering views of the sea, creating an immersive brand experience.

Your cabin on the S.S. Fizz is a cosy haven of nostalgia and modern comfort. With vintage Coca-Cola posters adorning the walls and a mini-fridge stocked to the brim with every Coca-Cola variant you could imagine (and perhaps some you couldn’t), you’ll wonder if you’ve sailed back in time.

A dining venue on the Coca-Cola cruise ship is designed to evoke the classic American diner of the 1950s. Red booths, checkerboard floors, and Coca-Cola memorabilia create a nostalgic and vibrant setting for guests to enjoy their meals with a view of the ocean."

This dining venue is a throwback to the classic American diners of the 1950s, complete with jukebox tunes and a menu that creatively infuses Coca-Cola into every dish.

From the Coca-Cola glazed ribs that’ll have you licking your fingers to the Coca-Cola chocolate cake that’s as rich as the company’s history, each bite is a reminder of why this brand captured the world’s heart. And yes, the waiters do roller skate to your table, adding a dash of delightful diner authenticity to your dining experience.

4. Nike Cruise Line – Swoosh of the Seas

Exterior of a futuristic Nike-themed cruise ship cutting through the ocean waves at sunset, showcasing a prominent Nike swoosh logo on its hull.

Imagine stepping onto a vessel where every detail, from the hull to the top deck, is infused with the spirit of both competition and relaxation—a paradox only Nike could navigate with such flair.

As cruisers approach their Nike-themed floating palace, they’re greeted by the sleek design of the ship’s exterior, complete with a giant swoosh that seems to whisper, “Just Do It – embark on this cruise, that is.”

Luxury pool deck on a Nike-themed cruise ship with Nike swoosh-shaped pool, surrounded by stylish loungers and the Nike logo displayed prominently.

The Swoosh of the Seas pool deck is where the magic really happens. Sun loungers are decked out in Nike’s finest, ensuring you’re lounging in style and comfort.

The only challenge here is trying not to take the “Just Do It” mantra too seriously. No diving allowed.

Interior of a Nike-themed stateroom on a cruise ship, featuring a contemporary design with Nike merchandise, black and white decor, and the iconic swoosh logo.

Nike knows that even the most dedicated athletes need to rest, and the cabins are a testament to this philosophy. With bedding that feels like you’re sleeping on air (Max), and decor that subtly nods to Nike’s storied history, the rooms are a haven of comfort.

It’s where you can dream of victory, or just a really good breakfast, surrounded by the elegance of minimalism with a dash of motivational spirit.

Nike-themed dining area on a cruise ship, with modern furnishings and walls adorned with dynamic Nike imagery and inspirational slogans.

The dining experience on board is nothing short of inspiring. Imagine sitting down to a meal where even the chairs encourage you to “eat wisely and hydrate.”

The menu, designed for those who like their cuisine with a side of wellness, features dishes that are both nutritious and delicious. It’s not just about fueling the body but about elevating the dining experience to a sport in itself.

5. Lego Cruise Line – The Brickliner

Colorful Lego-themed cruise ship exterior with a playful design of oversized Lego bricks in bright primary colors, cruising on a serene ocean under a blue sky.

From the moment you step onto The Brickliner, you’ll feel like you’ve been shrunk down and dropped into a world where everything is made of Lego – except the water, thankfully. That’s still just water.

Charming Lego-themed stateroom on a cruise ship, with furniture and walls resembling giant Lego pieces, creating a cozy and imaginative environment.

In the cabins, everything from the beds to the walls pays homage to the humble Lego brick. It’s all the fun of stepping on a Lego without any of the pain – unless you dive into bed too hard.

Vibrant Lego-themed pool deck on a cruise ship, with a Lego brick-inspired pool, surrounded by large Lego figures and colorful deck chairs, under a sunny sky.

The pool, designed to look like it’s surrounded by giant Lego bricks, is both a swimmer’s dream and a foot’s worst nightmare – visually, at least.

Around the pool, you’ll find life-sized Lego minifigure lifeguards (don’t worry, there are real ones too), and a waterslide that guarantees you’ll make a splash, quite literally, into a world of fun.

Dynamic Lego-themed dining room on a cruise ship, featuring tables and decor made of colorful Lego blocks, with whimsical Lego chandeliers hanging above.

Dining on the Lego cruise ship is an experience that tickles both the taste buds and the imagination. It’s a place where you half expect the food to snap together like Lego pieces. And yes, the chefs do wear hats that look like Lego chef hats, because of course they do.

Will these become a reality?

Huge brands love to collaborate with cruise lines. On MSC Cruises ships there are Lego-themed play areas in the kids club and Costa cruise ships have bright orange Aperol Spritz-themed bars as well as Nutella cafes.

But when it comes to building a whole new brand-themed cruise line, maybe not. Although it would be pretty cool, right?

Which brand would you like to see launch a cruise line? Let me know in the comments.

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