Donald And Daisy Only – Disney Bans Rubber Ducks From Cruise Ships

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Disney Cruise Line has confirmed that guests are not permitted to hide rubber ducks around the line’s cruise ships, essentially banning a popular practice.

Rubber Duck

This news comes from a post on planDisney – the official website where the general public can ask any questions about all kinds of Disney vacations.

When someone asked the question about whether ducks were allowed on Disney ships, a panellist on the site replied with the following:

I’ve been hearing rumblings that guests are being discouraged from hiding ducks onboard Disney Cruise ships, so I called the friendly agents at Disney Cruise Line to ask if they had an official policy that I could share with you. I was advised that guests cannot hide things, such as rubber ducks in staterooms or public areas on the ship.

I know that this is a popular thing to do for many cruisers onboard, but it sounds like it’s being discouraged and as you said, Crew Members are removing any ducks they spot around the ship.

The practice of hiding ducks is not exclusive to Disney, and is popular across many cruise lines.

Typically guests hide small rubber ducks in public areas of the ship so that they are easily discoverable, but not intrusive.

The ducks will usually have a tag encouraging guests to either keep it, or to hide it again for someone else to find, once they’ve taken a photo. The tag will often have a Facebook group where guests can share their finds.

While a lot of people enjoy hiding or finding ducks, it seems like Disney Cruise Line doesn’t want to encourage it. While the Disney Cruise Line cast members (crew) are unlikely to punish guests for hiding ducks, they will confiscate the ducks once discovered.


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4 thoughts on “Donald And Daisy Only – Disney Bans Rubber Ducks From Cruise Ships”

  1. Absolutely stupid. People obviously have nothing better to do. I hope the other cruise lines ban them as well.

  2. What’s the point of this? seems like a daft childish thing to do. Who knows what’s possibly stuffed inside them?

  3. I wonder if they’d have a different view if guests hid little Mickeys around the ship.

  4. I can see why as on some cruises it’s getting out of control. Told on a recent (non Disney) cruise that housekeeping had removed over 2,000 ducks in one week alone. Popular activity I know, but when you see on some cruise Facebook groups people saying they taking 100 or 200 ducks to hide and then multiply that by potentially hundreds of other guests taking part and it soon gets out of hand. Last cruise also had people posting pictures of where they’d ‘hid’ the ducks which seems to defeat the original aim.

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